The Lawn Boy - An Introduction

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The Lawn Boy - An Introduction
Mid-July, Friday, late morning. The sky was a clear blue that only Texas skies can be and without a cloud. No breezes stirred the air and the sun was nearing its high point of the day. It was a hot day. It was a very hot day. It was too hot a day for mowing a lawn, but that was what I was doing. My clothes were soaked with sweat. In May I had the idea that mowing lawns and doing yard work would be a good way of earning some extra money for when I went off to college in September. (I had a football scholarship at the state university.) But now, in July, I was beginning to rethink that idea.
I finished the mowing and the edging, cleaned up the cuttings, and put my equipment in my pick-up truck. When I went to the back door to get my pay, the lady of the house, the doctor’s wife, held the door open for me and invited me in. She closed the door and pointed to a chair. I was happy to sit down in the coolness of her kitchen. She was a woman in her mid-forties, I guessed, with short dark hair and an attractive face. Her figure was nicely rounded and her clothes, tight fitting button front blouse and snug shorts, made a good show of her big tits and nicely rounded ass.
“You look like you could use this,” she said, smiling as she handed me a glass of lemonade.
I drank half of it down in one gulp, caught my breath and finished the rest. As I tipped the glass up to get the last of it, the ice cubes felt good on my nose and upper lip. When she held out the pitcher offering a refill, I waved her off, breathing deep to get my breath again.
“You look like you could use a shower too,” she said. I nodded and she led me out of the kitchen, down a hall and into the bathroom.
“Give me your clothes and I’ll put them in the washer,” I must have looked a little funny at her because she added “It’s all right. There’s no one here but me. The doctor does surgery on Friday and usually gets home late. After he finishes his surgery at the hospital, he usually goes back to his office and screws his nurse. At least that’s what he did when I was his nurse.” I took off my tee shirt, cut-off jeans, under shorts, and my low top sneakers and handed them to her.
“There is shampoo in the shower if you want to wash your hair,” she said over her shoulder as she walked down the hall. I got into the shower stall and, after enjoying the first blast of cool water, I gave myself a complete scrub down, hair and all. When I was finished, I stepped out of the shower and stood on the small carpet. As I was drying myself, she pushed the door open and walked in. On impulse, I held the towel in front of me.
“Turn around,” she said with a short hand gesture. I turned and she took another towel from the rack and began drying my back, starting with the shoulders.
“You have a nice build,” she said. I raised my arms to dry my hair and my shoulder muscles flexed.
“From all the weight lifting. Coach says if you’re going to play football, you’re going to lift weights.”
“Smart coach,” she said.
Her toweling moved down my back, to my waist and hips, and finally to my ass. She seemed to enjoy rubbing my ass cheeks. When she was done, she dropped her towel and said “Turn.” I turned around to face her. She took the towel from my hands and dropped it too. We both looked down at my semihard cock.
“Well,” she said. “What have we here?” She looked up with a small, wicked smile playing on her lips as she took my cock in hand and gently stroked it a few times. She quickly had a full blown hard-on in her hand. Without a word, she kneeled on the carpet in front of me, rolled back my foreskin, and ran her tongue around my red cockhead. Taking my cock into her mouth, she began moving her head back and forth in slow short strokes. This began the best blow-job I had ever had. Truth to tell, up to that time I hadn’t had all that many blow-jobs, but her mouth on my cock felt so wonderful that I couldn’t imagine anything feeling better. Her stroking motions got longer and faster as she took more and more of my rock hard cock into her mouth. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load. It happened fast and without warning. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact, instead of pulling away, she held my deflating cock in her mouth. When I finished cumming she let it slide slowly out. With my load of cream in her mouth, she gave the end of my dick a little lick and a quick kiss before she stood up. She moved to the sink and rinsed out her mouth and then turned back to me.
“I like the taste of cum,” she said, “but you may not.” She stood in front of me now, so close I could feel her big soft tits pressing against my chest. I was about six inched taller than her. She reached up and put a hand on the back of my neck, pulling my head down as she lifted her face to mine. Our mouths met in a long, wet kiss. She let me know with her tongue that there was more to come than just a kiss.
When the kiss ended it, she stepped back toward the bathroom door. “Go into the bedroom,” she said softly, pointing to the right as she entered the hall. She turned left and said “I’ll be back in a minute. I have to put your clothes in the dryer,”
The bedroom was large. A king size bed was the biggest piece of furniture in the room. There was also a big dresser with a mirror, a vanity, and a couple of chairs.
“Lie down,” she said when she entered the bedroom. As she began taking off her clothes, I stretched out in the middle of the bed and turned on my side to watch her undress. The blouse came off first, showing me the white bra that held her D cup tits. She peeled down her shorts and panties at the same time, stepping gracefully out of them. Her cunt hair was dark and thick. To show her best feature last, she reached behind her back, released the bra hooks, and shrugged the bra straps off her shoulders. Her hands went to her bra cups. She pulled them away slowly and tossed the bra onto the nearby chair. Her tits sagged of course but not as much a

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Notes He mowed her lawn, he edged her walk, and he took care of her bush.
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