The Step Mom - Pt 06

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Nick checked his phone when it buzzed. “Julie.” the lock screen said. “See?” with a pic attached. Nick tapped the notification and Julie’s message popped open.

His eyes grew wide when he saw the pic. He looked cautiously around to make sure no one was watching and tapped on the pic to make it full screen. His heart jumped. “Holy fuck,” he said out loud.

Nick was no innocent. His ex and he had exchanged some racy pics via text before but this was his step mom. He clasped the phone against his chest, shielding it from passersby, and looked cautiously around once again.

He pulled over to the wall of the mall and looked at it again, closely this time. The pic was of Julie, standing in the dressing room and she had lifted the hem of her dress up to expose her ass. He pinched out the pic to zoom in. It was too dark to tell but he was pretty sure there were no panties present. It could have been his imagination but he thought he could see an outline of her pussy from behind. He started walking faster to The Bay.

Julie felt a sudden rush of tingles when she hit “send”. She just provided documented evidence of her exhibitionistic playing for her stepson. It was risky, taboo even, but she had faith it would be safe with him.

The “Read” notice under the naughty pic indicated he had both received and opened the pic. She watched her phone, waiting for the bubble to signify he was responding.


“Oh oh,” she thought. “Did I go too far?”

She sat back in the bench though and continued where she left off. She slowly pulled the door open and spread her knees apart. Her right hand circled her clit again and she slipped two fingers of her left hand inside. She could see onto the floor again and now there were more people shopping. Her phone dinged. The message from Nick popped up on her lock screen. “Two mins!” it read. She smiled.

Nick felt that familiar feeling between his legs again as he walked hurriedly to The Bay. He was quickly scanning the horizon when he got there for the “Change Rooms” sign. He saw one on the wall behind the ladies dresses department and made a bee-line for it. He slowed as he got close so as not to alarm anyone.

It was then he saw Julie. She was sitting on the bench with the door to her change-room wide open. She was naked and both fingering and playing with her pussy. The shoppers around him were somehow oblivious to her. He made an effort not to stare, to draw the attention of folks nearby to what he was looking at, and he managed to do so for the most part but man, did he want to stare.

Julie was lost in her play for the moment. She could feel the tingles growing stronger and the wetness was definitely on the rise again. She kept glancing up but her body was taking over and making her eyes close. She felt the orgasm pushing higher and higher. She had to cum.

People walking around made Nick nervous. “She’s gonna get caught!”
he thought. “I’ll text her!” He was typing the text “You’re gonna get caught!” when he heard her little cry, the one he’s already come to know she makes just before she cums. He looked up.

Julie cried out, suddenly realizing where she was again. She opened her eyes and saw Nick sixty feet away gazing at her. She was about to smile and wave but the orgasm had other ideas. It hit her like a ton of bricks.

Nick watched as she opened her eyes and saw him, and he was about to shake his head laugh as he saw that devilish smile start but it was quickly replaced with a look of surprise. She lunged forward and grabbed her pussy. “Oh my God!” he heard her gasp. “Holy fuck she’s cumming!” he said quietly.

Julie lost control for a moment. She was enjoying the playtime and was in complete control but when she opened her ayes and saw Nick, she lost it. The sudden KABLAM! of an orgasm threw her for a loop. The intensity rocked her groin hard. She had to stabilize herself - her naked self - on the bench. She grabbed her pussy with the hand already fingering herself, feeling the gush of wetness produces by the orgasm, and held onto the door frame with the other. She squeezed her
thighs together tightly, trying to regain control of her body but the waves kept crashing into her from the inside. She realized this must be how Nick felt running down the hall last week with his cock pouring cum through his fists. She just couldn’t stop it!

Nick watched, his heart pounding, and his cock now aching. The more she squirmed on the bench as her orgasm washed over her, the harder he got. He felt the wetness seep out of his thickening cock and he so wanted to reach in his pants and grab it. If not for his current location he most definitely would have. He watched Julie close the door a little once she gained some control over her body. For the first time, he let the thought of fucking her creep into his head. “Whoa dude,” he thought but he couldn’t erase it. He’d like to be in that change room right now as a matter of fact.

She managed to close the door enough so no one would know EXACTLY what she was doing, but she knew Nick did, and that made her happy.

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