Fuck with cheaters

Story 1: Chapter1
  • Story 1: Chapter1
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You shouldn’t have done that Aaron.” Alexia yells running after an angry Aaron.

“Stop defending him Alexia.” Aaron yells back at her, turning to stare at her.

“Why won’t I defend him Aaron, huh, tell me why? I can barely recognize my boyfriend anymore, and you’re here spurting such nonsense from your mouth.” Her chest heaved up and down, her eyes glaring holes into him.

“You call what I’m saying nonsense, Alexia. I caught your boyfriend with another woman, I was only trying to protect you as your twin brother. That’s why I did what I did.” Aaron defends, equally glaring back at his sister. He knows the reason why he did what he did, he knows the reason why he acted out of anger without investigating the whole thing, he knows why he did it and it’s not definitely because he wants to protect his twin sister, it’s because of something more, something more that he can’t explain.

“Protect me, you disfigured my boyfriend’s face Aaron.” Alexia exclaims having a look of unbelief. Aaron opens his mouth to speak but Alexia stops him from speaking, “Don’t you even say anything, Aaron. That girl is James cousin, and I know her, so I don’t want you poking your nose into my relationship with my boyfriend, I trust him and most importantly, I love him.”

Those simple words, *I love him* pierced Aaron’s heart, he hates to see her in love with someone else, she should be loving him and only him, not some idiot motherf!cker who doesn’t even deserve her love. “Cousin, you think she’s really his cousin. Come on Alexia, stop being a fool and open your goddamn eyes, James is cheating on you and that girl is definitely not his cousin.’ Aaron utters, rubbing his forehead tiredly.

“Aaron, I don’t care if you think James is cheating on me, I never asked for your opinion, so do me a favour and stop poking your nose in my business. Stop, please!.” She eyed him then walked away

Written by sluttybitchog
Cargado June 3, 2021
Notes Fucking spree with cheaters. I had to choice than to fuck my boss cheating wife. She got a big ass
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