Watching You Masturbate

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You sit back on your bed. Shorts are your ankles. Blacket over your flattened post-op never do well being cold, never have. I was invited to watch you play directly by you, moments ago. I sit back on one hand propped stiffened behind me. You ask if I'm ready. I enthusiastically affirm yes. Sure as the Sun just set tonight I await to see how you make yourself Cum. I'm permitted to see the following.... You tease your cock from the sheath it rests less easily than before your meds. It begins to make a fuller appearance juicy as my mouth waters awaiting i can taste it.Using your first two fingers of your right hand you stroke along it's length. You then ask me, pick up my jaw from my barenaked body and hand you the buttplug and apply lube to it and use my hands to warm it somewhat more. Rather than that delicious puckering asshole of your i am known regularly to feast, suckle and lick clean of yours.... you slowly place the tip of the plug on to the entrance of your front hole. Before pressing beyond the entrance you lay over on a couch nearby and drape your holes and cock and plug and manly legs over the arms of the couch. Barely at much an angle I can see you struggle to press it fully despite how wet and juicy your inner front hole and the plug's lube are....You point down between those muscular thighs knowing what i saw drool down....I am given a taste of absolute gold in the form those delectable juices you expunged around the plug.

To Be Continued.....

Written by liltaste
Cargado June 3, 2021
Notes A transgal permitted to watch a fellow transperson (ftm) get themselves off sexually....
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