Isabelle (The Pleasure Den Book One)

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“Welcome to the Pleasure Den, Isabelle.”

I turned and smiled timidly at the dark-haired beauty standing behind me. My nerves were revved up and my entire body was vibrating. Was I really going to go through with this?

“This is your first time at the club, correct?”

I nodded. My throat was dry and my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth. The woman stared at me for a moment before pointing to the chair to my left.
“Sit, please.”

I sat. Or, rather, I fell into the chair. Once I unlocked my knees, my legs were trembling too much to be graceful.

The woman poured a glass of water from the glass pitcher on the credenza against the far wall of the office. The wood was gleaming mahogany, the chair beneath me was plush leather and the laptop sitting on the desk was high-end. Everything in the room screamed opulence and why wouldn’t it? The Pleasure Den was the oldest and most popular erotic club in the city and they did very well. There was a three-month waiting list and the cost to fulfill my fantasy was embarrassingly expensive. Not that I couldn’t afford it. Thanks to my inheritance, I had plenty of cash. Of course, if my parents knew how I had chosen to spend my inheritance, they’d roll over in their graves.

I want to push the thought of my parents – my mother, especially – out of my head, but it lingered in my brain as the woman handed me the glass of water and sat in the chair behind the desk. I knew their reaction would be one of horrified incomprehension. My mother and father had a loving relationship based on love and respect and a desire to see each other succeed. They were equals in everything and if my mother did something my father didn’t approve of, they had a conversation about it. He most certainly did not order her to pull down her panties, raise her skirt and bend over his lap for a -

My mind skittered away from the word. I was on the cusp of having my deepest, darkest fantasy fulfilled and I still couldn’t say it or think it without feeling ashamed.

I jerked my gaze to the woman sitting behind the desk. She smiled. “Drink your water.”

I drank a few mouthfuls. It was blissfully cold and it eased the dryness in my throat and loosened my tongue from the roof of my mouth.

“Better?” She crossed one leg over the other, and the rasp of her nylons seemed very loud in the quiet.

“Yes, thank you.” My voice was a little hoarse but thankfully steady.

“Good.” She picked up a tablet from the shiny surface of the desk and scrolled through it. “Just a few formalities to get through and then we’ll get you started. All right?”

“All right.”

“Now,” she studied the tablet in front of her, “I see on your file that you’ve paid your invoice and signed the release form. I want to confirm that you have no questions about the release form.”

“No, I’m good.”

“Excellent. Tell me your fantasy.”

“Excuse me?”

She looked up from her tablet. “Tell me your fantasy.”

“I – isn’t it in my file?”

“Yes, but I want to hear it from you before we start. The Pleasure Den prides itself on clear communication with its clients.”

“I-I don’t think I can say it out loud to you. I don’t even know your name.” My voice had dropped to a whisper.

The woman gave me a smile that was almost sweet. “My name is Willa. Listen very carefully to me, Isabelle. The Pleasure Den exists to fulfill fantasies. We’re very good at what we do, but we have certain rules that we follow. This is one of them.”

I licked my dry lips and took another sip of water.

Willa leaned forward. “Perhaps it will ease your mind if I tell you that your fantasy is an extremely common one here at The Pleasure Den.”

“It is?”

“Yes. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Believe me, your fantasy is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to kink.”

I released my breath in a shuddering rush. “Other women ask for this type of-of fantasy?”

“Many women, Isabelle.” Willa’s voice was firm and reassuring.

“My mom was, um, a huge supporter of equal rights for women.” I don’t know why I was trying to explain myself to a woman I had only just met. “I am too, I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I am. I just…”

I had no idea how to finish my thought.

Willa smiled again at me. “I know. We have a wide variety of clients, Isabelle. There are women who are CEOs, officers of the law, judges, and doctors who request similar or identical fantasies to yours. Your thoughts on equality and women in general do not define you, just as your fantasy does not define you. They can coexist.”

“Thank you for, uh, saying that.”

“I mean it. Now, take a deep breath and tell me your fantasy.”

I breathed in big and deep and released it. “I want to be spanked. More specifically, I’m looking for domestic discipline. I want my husband to come home from work and punish me for something I’ve done wrong by putting me over his knee and spanking me and then making me have sex with him.”

I took another deep breath and clasped my hands together in a tight fist in my lap. Willa gave me an encouraging smile. “Good. You’re requesting vaginal sex only, is that correct?”

“Yes. No, uh, anal sex.”

“Okay, I just have a few more fantasy clarifications that I’d like you to confirm.” She scrolled on the tablet again. “You’re open to oral sex – both giving and receiving.”

She glanced at me and I nodded.

“Out loud please, Isabelle.”

“Yes, I’m open to oral sex.”

“Hand only spanking?”


“Your partner will use your real name in the fantasy?”

“Yes, please.”

“Good. One last question – all of our employees at The Pleasure Den are tested regularly and are guaranteed to be disease free. You’ve included your prescription for birth control in your paperwork and you checked ‘no’ to condom use. Do you still wish to go without a condom?”

“Yes.” I had thought long and hard – no pun intended – about whether I wanted to use a cond

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Written by Sugar Jones
Cargado June 3, 2021
Notes It’s the hottest, most exclusive sex club in the city. A place where clothing is optional, handcuffs are encouraged and happy endings are guaranteed. A place where women and men go to live out their darkest and dirtiest fantasies. Welcome to the Pleasure Den…

Isabelle has a secret. Smart, successful and rich, she spends her nights craving…discipline. A man with a firm hand who isn’t shy about putting her over his knee for an old-fashioned spanking when she misbehaves.
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