Pool boy

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I always clean this pool and nobody's ever home but I see this lady laying on a chair with her bikini on. I thought that was different but it doesn't fase me as I continue with my job... Next thing I notice is she in the pool naked and comes over 2 me and says. I saw you checking me out? Checking me out what do you mean? She pulls down my pants and sucks my dick and says your hard dick says other wise. Before I can even speak she is back on my dick sucking it. Don't you like me sucking your dick. In an out of her throat. Uhhhh I don't think we should be doing this I'm just here 2 clean your pool. I wasn't expecting anyone 2 be here. Well today is your lucky day isn't it!? She swims over 2 the stairs and motions me 2 come in. I jump in and swim over 2 her and she is standing on the ladder and she pushes my face into her pussy. She let's out a moan as she pushed my face into her pussy. See its not so bad is it?? I I I guess not!! Use fingers she says. So I obliged and she moans louder then she jumps into my arms and says let's go over 2 the shallow end entrance. We get over there and I lay her down on her back and I continue 2 eat her pussy. She then says I wanna suck your dick some more. After a while she then turns around and says don't be shy. I say what do you mean? Stick it in my pussy she says? Are you sure? Yes stick it in. So I lick her pussy and stick it in. I then grab her hair and arch her back and she says there yah go. Don't be afraid 2 slap my ass 2!! After awhile she leads us over 2 a chair and says lay down I wanna ride your cock . I lay down. She sucks my cock before riding me in reverse. She then spins around and starts riding me cowgirl. As she's riding me she says I bet you didn't think you'd be doing this today? I'm struggling 2 ansrew cause her grinding away on my cock feels so good. I struggle 2 get a nooo and she says your enjoying it thought aren't you. Aren't you enjoying it as she grinds harder and deeper. Your going 2 make me cum aren't you? How do I do that? She said you let me take care of that you just lay here and I'll do the rest... she starts riding harder and I can feel how wet she is getting. Fuck I love your cock she says. I'm going 2 cum all over this big dick off yours. Just like that she says. I start slapping her ass and at this point she's ready 2 cum. O baby I'm going 2 cum. She's rubbing her clit at this point then I feel something on my dick and her legs are shaking. Next thing I know she's sucking the cum off my dick! Good boy she says your a good pool boy you just made me cum! She then lays on her back. I eat her pussy some more before she says stick it in! I stick it in. I pin her arms over her head and she says I think you've done this before as she kisses me. You going 2 cum for me pool boy? Her pussy is so wet and tight at this point that it's becoming unbearable. It's OK you can cum in my pussy? What I said? It's OK just shoot your hot load inside me. I know you want 2. But no I can't but I feel her pussy tightening around my cock and somethings got 2 give at this point... that's it pool boy fuck me until you shoot your load inside me.... but but and then all of a sudden it happens. I said i wasn't going 2 but I did. I I I just came inside you... she gets up sucks the cum off my dick grabs the cum inside her with her fingers sucks them off and says so same time next week?

Written by makdaddy81
Cargado June 5, 2021
Notes I go to clean the pool and there is a beautiful woman there who is never there. She catches me staring at her and the rest as they say is history.
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