How We First Met

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It had been a long day, as an over the road truck driver, they can tend to be that way. I was heading back home to SE, South Dakota, and it was the middle of a very long and cold winter. I was about an home when I pulled off to make a quick stop at a truck stop for a cup of coffee and a quick bite to eat. As I was getting my food, I saw a woman sitting at a table, she had a thin jacket on, and a bag that looked like it had just a few clothes in it, I didn't want to intrude, but I walked closer and could see that she had been crying. I said hello, and asked if she was OK. She wiped the tears from her eyes, and looked at me, and shook her head no. I asked if she was hungry, and she said yes. She told me that her asshole of a now ex boyfriend dumped her and kicked her out of the car a few miles from the truck stop and she walked there in the cold, and she was just warming up. She had no money, and was very hungry. I told her I had to pay for my things, and said, go find something, and I'll pay for it. She grabbed a few things and a couple bottles of water, and we went to the counter to pay. After paying we sat down at the table again and talked. I introduced myself, I said “I'm Bryce,” “I'm Lyssa”, she responded. We continued in conversation and asked if she knew where she was going. She really had nowhere, her family kicked her out, and now having been kicked out by her boyfriend, she really had nowhere, and no friends near by.

“I'm heading back to Sioux Falls, I'm taking a little time off, but you're welcome to come with me if you'd like.” She sat and pondered, and after a bit, she accepted my offer. Seeing her thin jacket, I took my heavier coat off my shoulders, I was wearing a thick hoodie under it, and put my coat around her. She looked at me puzzled and said, “aren't you going to get cold?” “This hoodie is pretty warm, besides, it won't be that bad just walking out to my truck, and the truck is nice and warm too.” We got out to my truck, I unlocked the doors, and let her in. She got in on my side, besides wearing a thin jacket, she was wearing a cami, and a short skirt, and heels. Finding out later, that her boyfriend would not allow her to wear anything but short skirts, and he had to pick out her underwear she wore. He was quite the controlling asshole. We got in the truck, and she sat in the passenger seat as we drove the rest of the way back to Sioux Falls. I stopped by the office, and dropped my trailer, and parked my truck. I started my pickup which was next to where I parked my semi truck, got back in the big truck while I waited for my pickup to warm up, and finished paperwork before shutting the big rig off and plugging it in before Lyssa and I went back to my place.

We had about a 15 minute drive back to my house, and we talked some more along the way. I asked if she had anything to sleep in, and asked for ideas for food for the next few days. She said her ex forced her to sleep naked, and said whatever I chose was OK with her. I said to her, “I will never force you to sleep naked, if that's what you want to do, that's fine, but I won't force you to.” And asked, “do you have anything that you can sleep in if you don't want to sleep naked?” She just shook her head no, and showed me the clothes that she had, all skimpy, barely covering anything. I said to her, I think tomorrow we're going to go clothes shopping for you. I would have done it that night, but it was getting late, and I was tired.

We got back to the house, I gave her a quick tour of my house, I had a nice 4 bedroom place just outside of town, I had bought this plot a few years earlier, and was in the process of clearing land the previous summer to build a new shop so I could park my semi inside. As she was looking around the house, I was checking to see what we had in the house for food and was quickly making a list of things to get the next day when we went to the store. I quickly made the bed in the guest room across the hall from my room for her, making sure she had plenty of pillows and blankets. She asked if she could borrow a t-shirt of mine to sleep in. After looking in my closet, I found one that was nice and big, handing it to her, she went across the hall, closed the door, and a few minutes later, opened the door standing there in my t-shirt and panties. Now I hadn't really looked really closely at her up to this point, more so focused on helping her out, but she was gorgeous, she had beautiful auburn colored hair that fell a few inches past her shoulders, enchanting blue-green eyes, very full breasts, and a pretty sexy caboose too, and long slender legs that seemed to go on forever. I tried not to make it obvious that I was checking her out, but damn she was sexy. She leaned in and gave me a big hug, mashing her lovely breasts against my chest. I think she noticed I was checking her out, but I wasn't going to say anything, we said our good nights and she went to the guest room, and I went to my room. I closed my door most of the way, had my light on my night stand on, as I stripped off my clothes, climbed into bed, and started stroking my cock to relieve the hard-on I had from when I was checking her out. Naughty thoughts of her sucking my cock or her riding my hard cock went through my head as my hand seemed to fly up and down on my hard member, as I jerked myself to a release, cumming so hard it landed on my chest. As I was cleaning myself up, I saw her standing at my doorway, watching me, with one hand clutching at her panties, as she was rubbing herself. When she noticed that I had seen her, she quickly went back to her room. I finished cleaning myself up, and put on a clean pair of boxer briefs and shorts, then went to bed.

I woke up the next morning, went and made some coffee, and came back to check on Lyssa. She looked so peaceful as she slept. I wanted to see about breakfast, but also she looked so comfortable, I didn't want to wa

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Written by bigcountry57103
Cargado June 5, 2021
Notes A fictional story that I wrote, describing a trucker giving a woman a ride and how things went from there.
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