Birthday Surprise

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A few years had passed since I met and rescued Lyssa from the side of the road on a cold freezing night after being dumped there by her asshole ex. She and I have been together since, and our romance blossomed. So much to where about 2 years after she moved in with me, I proposed, and she said yes. We chose to have a small wedding, just some immediate family and a few friends. We had a small outdoor wedding on the beach, we had a beach wedding. It was pretty cool. My boss gave me the week off with pay, and paid for our honeymoon, a trip to Hawaii. We had an amazing time, took in a lot of the sights and attractions, and our honeymoon suite, the room was amazing. A big hot tub in the room, a huge walk in waterfall shower. And a big King bed. We took advantage of all of them, making love in the shower, the tub, the bed, and just about anywhere we could think of in the room, even on our balcony. We were so not ready to go back home, that week went way too fast. Even the plane ride home seemed like it was over fast, and that was with a couple stops along the way. We got back home, got my pickup from the airport parking and went home. Dragged the luggage in the house, got out of our clothes and just crashed in bed. For someone who drives a truck for a living and is used to running long hours, I was tired, We just stripped down to our birthday suits and went to bed.

A few months after we got home from our honeymoon, Lyssa started staying home a little more, mainly because she was settling into the role of step-mom, and was spending more time with my kids, and she's such a natural. Also because she was overseeing a remodel done in our home. When I bought the house, I had seen a lot of things I had wanted to do, not just with the house, but the land around it, my big project had been building a shop where I could park my truck and toys. So after we got home, we decided to remodel much of the house, upgrade the electrical layout of the house to be more modern, remodel the kitchen and master bathroom, and a few other things. And with me having to be on the road, it made sense for Lyssa to stay home, although it got pretty lonely in the truck. While I was away, Lyssa was in contact with the various contractors who were doing much of the work and their offices, she met Camryn, she does sales and book work for one of the contractors we had hired. Seems like she and Camryn were in contact quite a bit, and they struck up a friendship and started hanging out. Camryn was single, having been recently divorced, guess her ex thought she wasn't enough for him, and was sneaking out on her, and she went to visit him at his office and caught him in his office banging away at his receptionist. Smart woman, she got out and took him to the cleaners. Also, one of the things we had put in was an 8 person hot tub, had that put in a room down in the basement.

A few months after all the remodel was finished, we had a party and invited friends over, and it was at that time when I was introduced to my lovely wife's new best friend. Camryn is 5'6” of beautiful dark chocolate, her ebony skin just glowed. Her personality just lit up the room too. She and Lyssa stayed together most of the night, and stayed to help clean up after the party was over before going home. She gave Lyssa a kiss, and leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, and I smelled her amazing perfume, not sure what it was, but I loved it. Found out later that Lyssa helped her pick it out on one of there retail therapy sessions.

That following Sunday was hard, I had to head back out on the road that day, going to near Tampa, Fl with my next load, and was going to run down sound most of the week. Friday night I came rolling back home, pulled the truck in the yard, hit the remote for the shop to park the truck. When I came in the yard, I saw Camryn's car parked by the house, which really wasn't unusual, she was there quite often when I would get home, usually not this late, but it also was a Friday night. I walked in the house, most of the lights were off, took my bag to the bedroom, thinking they might be there watching a movie, but no. I searched the house, then went downstairs to the hot tub room, where I got quite the surprise, I expected to see my wife and her friend sitting in the hot tub, maybe having a drink or 2 while there, but what I saw when I walked in took me by surprise, and cause a huge rise in my pants.
I walked in to see them both from what I could see, naked, and they were kissing and caressing each other. And my guess would be touching each other under the water because they were both moaning. Part of me wanted to strip and join them, but I figured I'd let the ladies have their fun. So I went back upstairs as quietly as I could, and went to my bedroom, unpacked, took a shower, and got in bed naked, and fell asleep shortly afterward. About an hour or so later, I awakened to my beautiful wife, taking my cock in her mouth, going up and down, and had one hand near the base of the shaft, stroking and twisting. I guess she was still wanting more after what she and Camryn had done in the hot tub. I reached down and put my hand on the back of her head, just resting it there, while she continued sucking my cock. When I did she looked up at me, with a very lustful look. I asked her if she just wanted to suck it or did she want to ride it too? She let my cock slip out of her mouth with a pop, and lustfully said, “I want that hard cock in my pussy....I've missed it...and you.” And she slowly crawled up my body, reached back and grabbed my hard cock, moving it between her legs, and slowly rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips and clit....she started moaning as she did, I thought she was going to cum just from that, she has in the past. But she did that for a few seconds before lining the head of my cock with her pussy, then slowly lowered herself onto me, as my cock slipped effortless

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Notes Lyssa and her girlfriend decide to surprise Bryce for his birthday.
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