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I got home a couple days ago after 3 long weeks on the road. Now I don't normally go out that long, but there was a lot of freight that needed to be moved, and my boss asked me as a favor to do it, with the promise of some much needed time off and a bonus after I got home.

So after a couple days of just resting and getting some minor things tackled around the house, Lyssa and I decided that we would get started on some yard work, and landscaping. My boss gave me the next week off from work, and I took an additional week off using some vacation time. So I got the yard tractor out of my shop, and called and ordered some landscaping rock and mulch to be delivered to the house, we got the yard mowed, and weeded, and trimmed the bushes and trees. And got a lot done in just a few hours.

While we were working, we noticed a moving truck and a few vehicles come down the road and go in the driveway of the place across the road from us. Our old neighbors had moved out a few months ago, they were an older couple, and moved to be closer to their family. And we watched as we saw the new neighbors start to move in. We finished up our work in the front yard, I put away the mower and the yard tractor, we went in and cleaned up, and decided to be the friendly neighbors and go introduce ourselves to our new neighbors. The day before my daughter had been at the house and she and Lyssa were doing some baking, and we had a bunch of banana nut muffins, so we put a few on a paper plate and wrapped it with saran wrap, and walked over to meet our new neighbors.

As we walked up, they noticed us, and came over as the movers were taking things in, and we introduced ourselves. “Hello, we're your across the road neighbors, I'm Bryce and this is my wife Lyssa.” “Here, as a welcome to your new place gift, we brought some muffins, hope you enjoy them.” “We're Steve & Robin, and thank you, those look very good.” “So nice to meet you, said Robin.” Lyssa went in the house with Robin, and they talked as Steve and I got acquainted. They had moved away from the east coast, wanting something quieter from the big cities. I couldn't blame them, having driven out on the east coast in the semi, I know just the traffic sucks out there. I know Lyssa and I needed to get back to our yard work, but after she and Robin came back out, I asked her if we should invite them over for dinner tonite. Especially after moving, I know how I never liked to cook, and it's so much easier to either go out somewhere or if someone invites you to dinner. Lyssa agreed, and after we would get done with our yard work, we'd head to town to get what we needed for dinner.

We walked over to Steve & Robin, and I asked, “would you like to come over to our place for dinner tonite? Say about 7? We understand how tiring it is with moving, and getting things put where you want them, and how you really don't want to cook. So we'd love to do the cooking tonight. So how does grilled chicken sound? I make a really good Lemon Pepper grilled chicken.” They agreed and said “7 it is.” We worked out what kind of side dish we should have with dinner as well, said our goodbyes and headed back home. I went in the house and got some boneless chicken breasts out of the fridge and put them in a big bowel and added my marinade, covered it and put it back in the fridge, then I went back to the yard work, while Lyssa went into town and got groceries for our dinner tonite. She picked up a couple bottles of wine that go well with the chicken. When she got home, she started working on getting some of the things ready for dinner, shortly after she got home, I went in the house, showered and started getting the grill going, so everything would be ready for our guests.

About 6:30, Steve and Robin came over, I was in the middle of grilling the chicken out on the deck, when they got there. I don't usually drink beer, but I had some on hand, and offered one to Steve, and he and I talked some more while I was grilling the chicken. I noticed that he kept sneaking glances at Lyssa, and truth be told I was doing the same with Robin. Lyssa had been checking out Steve as well, and I seen Robin taking some long looks at me as well. It was such a nice evening, that we decided to have dinner out on the deck. The wine went perfectly with the chicken. Shortly before Steve & Robin came over, Lyssa had gotten changed, she was wearing a peach colored tank top, and khaki shorts. Her 44DDD breasts definitely filling out the tank top. She looked amazing. I was just wearing blue jean shorts and a t-shirt. When Steve and Robin came over, I thought my eyes were about to bust out of my head, she was wearing a very low cut tank top, showing lots of cleavage, and short shorts that really accentuated her voluptuous backside. I started thinking, I am going to enjoy these neighbors. Steve dressed like me, jean shorts and a t-shirt. Lyssa was bringing dishes to the table, with help from Robin, and Steven and I brought the chicken to the table. I poured us each a glass of wine, and toasted to new neighbors.

After dinner, we took our dishes and leftovers to the kitchen and put away the leftovers, and gave Steve and Robin a tour of our home. Starting with the yard and talking about the plans we had for the yard, like we were thinking about putting in a pool, and other things we wanted to do with the back yard, showed them the big shop that I had built where I keep my truck when I'm home and the toys, like the yard tractor, lawn mower, 4 wheelers, and the like, then we went back to the house, showed them the living room, and downstairs to the den, and where we have our hot tub. Robin noticed it right away and said, “that looks like fun, we'll have to join you in there sometime.” I had a naughty thought come into my head, and tapped Lyssa on the shoulder and asked, “should we tell them about the rules for the hot tub, about no clothes allowed?” She

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Notes Meeting new neighbors and what ensues from there.
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