Emma and Josh

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London’s famous rain beat down on the floor to ceiling windows, as Emma curled up on the sofa, her head resting in Josh’s lap. Carefully placing her glass of red wine on the floor in front of the sofa, she reached back up and snuggled into his warmth, resting her hand on his leg. She felt his fingers gently stroke her side through the silky grey dress she had worn that night as she curled up next to him - her mind drifting back over how they had found themselves here.

Emma had known Josh since before University - friends at high school, they never really hung out until they found themselves at the same college. Although they studied very different subjects (Emma had a passion for literature, while Josh studied Law), they spent most of their free time together; the familiarity of childhood friendship bringing comfort so far from home. There had always been a shared attraction between the two - even as they had grown into the twenty-somethings they were now, the chemistry between the two of them was always electric. However, for so long, something had always gotten in the way: relationships, studying abroad, careers... so they had fallen into a comforting pattern of endless flirting, and not much more. She would send the odd flirty text, or they would occasionally share a sexy fantasy by phone. Emma had even gone so far as to send photos of herself in the mirror when she had been a little too drunk - but beyond this, the pair remained firmly just friends.

She was well aware that although they had stayed such close friends, they had both changed dramatically through the years. The Emma that everyone knew from University - a mousy, shy girl with a penchant for loose sweaters and long skirts - had grown into a beautiful woman. Her light brown hair hung freely to her shoulders, framing her azure blue eyes. Her skinny, slender body was now toned and defined from her obsessive running, making her tight, pert ass her favourite feature - even over her perky 32C breasts. With this came more confidence - even in her job as a college lecturer, she relished wearing tighter, more revealing clothes than even her teen years. She smirked at this thought, but glanced up at Josh and noted if she had changed a little, he was a complete reboot. The shy, skinny, anxious guy from University with a mess of wavy brown hair had truly grown into a man - thick shoulders, muscular arms, and legs that looked like they belonged on a rugby player. He wasn’t anywhere near as toned as Emma, but carried a sense of power and authority.

The only other thing that had changed was their social life - this was their first catch up in over a fortnight, and she had been looking forward to it for ages. Hitting the city after work, Emma had worn a figure-hugging grey dress, chosen specially to see if she could get a reaction from her best friend - and she wasn’t disappointed by the results. She was certain she had caught Josh trying to “rearrange” himself a few times that night, hiding a growing bulge in his fitted black suit. For most of the evening, Emma found every opportunity to drop things from her purse, forcing herself to bend over to pick them up - or sit in positions that just happened to let Josh gaze down her top, or up her skirt. It had been so much fun doing this, that she could hardly remember most of the evening before they agreed to head back to her apartment, for Josh to crash on the Sofa. So, there they were, finally curled up on the couch, finishing a bottle of wine, and lazily watching a classic sitcom from their time at University together.

Suddenly, a strange beep snapped Emma out of her warm reverie. Sitting up, she watched as Josh fished his phone out of his pocket. Emma whimpered as he took his hand from her side and toyed at the screen. “Oh, damn” he groaned. “My phone’s nearly dead. Do you have a charger? Without this I can’t get home tomorrow - my ticket and cards are all on here.”
“Um, maybe?” Emma replied. “You’ve got one of those Android ones though right? I only have iPhone.”
“Don’t worry”, Josh said, slowly rising to his feet. “I bet you’ve got a cable here somewhere. They’re really common - maybe your camera? Laptop? Vibrator?” Josh grinned and winked with the last suggestion.
“You dick!” Emma teased, swatting at him playfully, brushing off the tease. “Oh, I don’t know. I’ll have a look around, give me a moment.”

Emma begrudgingly stood up and headed to the Kitchen to check in her “drawer of random things”. After rummaging around for a moment or two, she realised she had no idea what she was looking for, and decided it was a far better plan to return to the bottle of wine. Passing a mirror in her hallway, she stopped to check her dress. Her chest peeked out over the top of the strapless dress, which was crumpled a little in the middle, and riding dangerously high up her thigh. Pulling the dress back into place, she turned, before thinking again and purposely sliding the top of the dress down just a little further, exposing the smallest hint of her lacy purple bra underneath. Winking at herself in the mirror, she wondered if this would get a fun reaction from Josh in the other room. However, as she turned and walked back in, she froze in the doorway and felt the red flush of embarrassment at what was waiting for her.

In the other doorway, Josh was stood with a huge grin on his face, a cable in one hand... and his other hand dangling a heavy pair of handcuffs by one finger. His eyebrow raised as he waved them at Emma.
“I found a cable! Your camera, just like I said. No Vibrator though, such a shame... but I did find these...”. As he said this, he dropped the cable onto the couch, and swung the handcuffs gently to and fro. Emma couldn’t believe he had found them.
“Oh... fuck you!” she half-jokingly called, pacing across the room, “They were a joke birthday present! Come on, don’t be a dick!”. As she reached Josh, she grasped for the handcuffs, but he swung his arm straight up in

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Notes Emma and Josh had known each other for years, but had never acted on the attraction they share. However, a discovery one night leads the pair to crossing a line once and for all...
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