The Con Behind the Mask

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By: Jill Shannon

"The defendant will please rise." The girl and her lawyer stood, anticipating the sentence she would receive. "You have been found guilty of third-degree murder for the death of Paul Donovan. Third degree murder in the state of Pennsylvania carries a sentence of no less than twenty years, with a maximum of forty. Taking into consideration the age of the defendant as well as all the mitigating facts of this case, I have come to my decision. Amber Donovan, you are hereby sentenced to serve twenty years for the crime you have been found guilty of. You will be remanded to the Lewisburg State Penitentiary for Women, to serve your sentence. You will serve a minimum of ten years, with the possibility of parole thereafter. I suggest you take advantage of the programs available to you. Finish your education and become a productive member of society when you reemerge." The judge looked at eighteen-year-old Amber with a glimpse of compassion, then quickly added, "Court adjourned." The judge then slammed the gavel down, stood from his bench, and left the courtroom.
Amber Donovan opened her eyes, rivulets of water slowly slid from her eyes and brow. Turning her head, looking at the calendar next to her, put a smile back on her face. 'Thirteen years, eight months and fucking twenty-two days, but today was special. Today Amber was leaving this place she had called home for so many years. She remembered how terrified she had been when she had first arrived. She only had God to thank for putting her in E-block. On her first day, three women became the mother she had always wished for. Rita, Stacy, and Maria took to Amber like the daughter they never had and never would. They had protected her, taught her how to survive behind bars, and encouraged her to suck up as much education as the government would pay for.
Amber had followed their instructions and when she walked out of the prison gates in a few hours, she would leave with her law degree in criminal justice. While studying to become a lawyer, she had taken on cases for other women in the prison. Knowing full well she was still learning, these women put their trust in her. Four of them were now free model citizens. The success of her cases had caught the attention of a firm in New York. The office of Markstorm, Rosenbrook, and Evansky were expanding their firm. Starting an intern program that would include a diverse group of lawyers.
"If you're going to stay in your rack all day, I'll gladly take your place and walk out that gate." Amber turned her head toward the bars of her jail cell to find Rita standing there.
"I was just thinking about how my life is going to change in a few hours. Rita, what if I can't handle the outside world? This has been all I've known for thirteen years."
"Get out that of bed, put your clothes on and get your ass to the cafeteria. You're not going to ruin our going away party." Rita said as she walked into Amber's cell.
"Thank you, Rita, for everything. I'm going to miss you." Amber's eyes filled with the tears she had been trying to hold back.
"Haven't I taught you anything? Show no weakness. Tears are a weakness. Now, let's get you sprung from this joint." Rita's faced showed the pride she felt for the woman before her.
Throwing her legs over the side of her bed, Amber sat up. "I don't know when I'll be able to get here to see you, but I'll call and send letters."
"You better. How else am I going to know how the outside world is doing?" Rita teased. She hoped Amber stayed in touch, but nothing was ever certain. Once people left, they wanted to move forward, not look back on where they came from. However, Amber was one of those special people. If you meant something to her, she made sure you knew it. "Now, get yourself all dolled up. You don't want to look like shit in your going away picture, do you?" Rita started to leave when she turned around, half in the cell, half out, "Oh, and it's supposed to be a surprise. So, looked surprised I'll see you there."
Amber stood outside the high rise building that housed her future place of employment: Markstorm, Rosenbrook, and Evansky. Amber squared her shoulders and made her way to the entrance, confident and ready to start her new life. This morning the women had not only surprised her with cake, but they had also given her the high-powered makeover she needed. Her chestnut hair had been artfully braided and twisted into a French knot, her makeup flawlessly applied to her sea-blue eyes. She wore a black Channel pencil skirt with a matching bolero jacket, a satin white blouse and a pair of Jimmy Choo heels finished her ensemble. Never having worn heels before, Amber was cautious as she walked. She held a leather briefcase in one hand and her Coach bag in the other. Amber had no idea how the women could have afforded the clothes they had given her, but figured Margret, the jail matron, had played a helpful role in acquiring the outfit. No one would ever know by looking at her in this outfit that she was an ex-con. Walking in, she went to the security desk. They directed her to the elevators that would take her to the sixty-fifth floor.
Stepping off the elevator, Amber had to hold on to the wall as the ride up had thrown her equilibrium off. Once she had her feet under her, she made her way to the woman sitting outside Mr. Markstorm's office. "Good afternoon, my name is Amber Donovan and I have an appointment."
The woman at the desk gave Amber the once over then picked up the phone. "Mr. Markstorm, your two o'clock is here." Listening and shaking her head as if he could see her she replied, "Yes Sir, I'll send her right in." She hung the receiver back in the cradle, then looked at Amber rising from her chair. "Before you go in, would you prefer an apartment by the water or the park?"
Amber followed her to the double doors. "Either, I'm not too picky."
"All right, this should be pretty easy then." She pushed the doors

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Written by Jill Shannon
Cargado June 7, 2021
Notes Amber has spent the last in a Women's Penitentiary. As she walks out the gates, she takes with her a law degree that landed her an internship at a prestigious law firm. But that will not help her when she meets Mikhail. The man that awakens her body n a way she has never experienced.
Mikhail wasn't looking for a woman the day he encountered Amber, but his attention was drawn to her the moment he set his eyes on her. From that point on, he was determined to have her, regardless of
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