There can be only one Queen of the Dungeon

Story 1: There can be only one Queen of the Dungeon
  • Story 1: There can be only one Queen of the Dungeon
  • Story 2: Surprise
  • Story 3: What’s a party unless someone crashes it?
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“Where is she?” Beth inhaled deeply and looked around the crowded dungeon for the newest member of The Cage team.
“Problems?” Mistress Thea stalked up to Beth and she let out her breath as she stared at the Domme in Residence.
“Good evening Mistress Thea.” Beth replied. She rolled her shoulders back and planted her high-heeled boots firmly underneath her. Mistress Thea may be the Domme in Residence, but Beth was a badass Domme in her own right.
“I hear you have been having problems with one of your co-workers.” Mistress Thea started without much of a lead in. She was not only in charge of ensuring the safety of the public scenes at The Cage; Mistress Thea was also a homicide detective out in the mundane world. She didn’t take shit from anyone and she certainly didn’t pussy foot around subjects other people might find difficult. “You need to deal with it because it’s affecting both of your performances.” Mistress Thea locked eyes with Beth.
“I’m doing the best I can with her, but she is always late and when she is here, Sage spends most of her time flirting with the Doms and Dommes.” Beth ground her teeth. She hadn’t gone to Mistress Thea before because she didn’t want to appear weak. Beth had started out as a sub, but had quickly determined submission was not her kink of choice. She was all about dominance, but didn’t know how to apply it to a bratty sub co-worker.
“Don’t lie to me.” Mistress Thea’s unrelenting stare bore into Beth’s soul, making her feel like a gauche tourist sub looking for her first taste of the whip. She had to fight hard in order to keep her inner turmoil from seeping out of her pores. She had never been a natural sub, but that didn’t mean the struggle to maintain her authority wasn’t real. “Stop treating her like some newbie sub off the street instead of an employee who is not fulfilling her job obligations. As the supervisor, I expect you to deal with it or I will.”
“Yes Mistress Thea.” Beth agreed with a tight throat. They both knew that if Mistress Thea had to step in and discipline one of the staff members, Beth would lose face to everyone. This wasn’t the mundane world where it might not matter if Beth appeared weak. They were members and co-workers in the most exclusive BDSM club in Vancouver. It was a given that employees were provided with the opportunity to explore their sexual tastes, just not at the expense of the club.
“Good. Now I saw her helping Hartley set up a scene for Master Dillon on the other side of the dungeon.” Mistress Thea didn’t bother saying goodbye. She walked away and started to speak to another member of the club. Beth made a conscious effort to not let her shoulders sink. She had been avoiding dealing with the Sage issue because she had enough on her plate supervising the people who helped set up the scenes and the cleaning staff. She didn’t want to deal with Sage and her bullshit for another reason too. The other woman had quickly found her tribe amongst The Cage regulars and Beth didn’t want to rock the BDSM boat. Spotting Sage and Hartley sharing a laugh as they set a table with several implements from a kit bag Beth guessed belonged to Master Dillon.
“Sage you were supposed to be helping Noel with the suspension set up on stage number five.” Beth barked out. Her tone had both subs jumping and Beth inwardly smiled. She still had it.
“Yeah I know. Hartley just needed a hand getting Master Dillon’s kit in order for his scene. I said I could help.” Sage turned towards Beth and bit her lip. Too bad chicks didn’t do it for her or Sage would have looked like a little sub ready to be eaten. Beth held on to her temper. If that bitch was trying to play her, Sage was going to be very sorry.
“You are supposed to stick with the schedule laid out at the beginning of the night.” Beth knew she sounded like a bitch, but it wasn’t her fault Sage had brought her to this. “It’s fine to help out where needed, but if Noel doesn’t get the support he needs, the scene will be late causing the rest of the scenes on that stage to be late too. The Cage is the premier dungeon in Vancouver and we would like to keep it that way.” Beth could tell her words had hit home as Sage’s lower lip started to quiver.
“It’s my fault Mistress Beth.” Hartley jumped in to save her new friend. Beth was unaccountably annoyed by this development Sage really had won everyone over. “Sage said she was busy and I really needed the help.”
“Did you threaten to spank her?” Beth’s voice rang out.
“No.” Hartley’s brow furrowed.
“Did you threaten to punish her in any way if she did not help you?” Beth’s voice had turned needling.
“No Mistress Beth.” Hartley shook her head.
“Exactly, because it would have been against club rules.” Beth turned her full attention onto Sage. “Since you have not only disobeyed my authority, but you have wrangled another sub into lying for you I think a punishment is in order.”
“Yes, Mistress Beth.” Sage lowered her eyes.
“In order to make up for your indiscretion you will take your clothes off. Place your hands here.” Mistress Beth pointed to a wooden bench beside her. “Ass in the air legs wide and you will receive.” She thought for a moment. She wanted to punish the girl, but not make it impossible for her to work later. Also, this was a punishment, so no subspace for her. “Fifty strokes with the crop. Do you accept Sage?” She asked. Everything that happened at The Cage had to be consensual.
“Yes, Mistress Beth.” She flicked her gaze up to Mistress Beth for a second before staring back at the ground, cheeks blazing.
“Hartley since you were Sage’s partner in crime. Go and fetch my crop from my kit bag by the bar.” Mistress Beth instructed.
“Yes, Mistress Beth.” Hartley sent Sage a sympathetic look before springing to do Mistress Beth’s bidding. A small crowd had gathered to watch the drama. The audience only made Mistress Beth’s blood pump harder. This is what she lived for. Handing out punishments while others looked

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Written by P Nelson
Cargado June 8, 2021
Notes Welcome to The Cage.

It's the city's premier BDSM club where sin is celebrated and a cast of sexy characters live, work and fuck.

All names have been changed in order to protect the not so innocent. I know you want to spank me XXX….
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