The Mrs. likes the help!

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I finished up the sprinkler repair and it was a super hot day. I was dripping with sweat and the only relief came after the fix when I was adjusting the head and was able to allow the water to spray me in the face and cool me down a bit. I shut the system off and headed to the truck where I tabulated the bill. I finished it and walked it up to the mailbox by the front door. I was about to drop the invoice in the mailbox when I noticed The Mrs. in the living room.

She was laying on a yoga mat, naked and watching porn. Some good threesome action where two women played with one man. She had a vibrator, the big wand kind, pressed against her clit while she pulled a dildo inside and out of her. I was mesmerized and I stood there silently watch her play with herself. Occasionally taking the fake cock out and putting it in her mouth and sucking it off before reinserting it in her and then playing with her tits. I was shocked she was doing this in broad daylight. And the thought of watching live porn in front of video porn was turning me on. I felt myself getting a little hard watching it all. I leaned in for a closer look and accidentally kicked the planter on the stoop which fell over. I jumped back and tried to hide between the window and the front door but was not doing a good job of it.

I peeked back into the window after a few minutes and I am staring right at her stomach. Busted. I turn beat red and look upward and see her beautiful tits before I meet her eyes. She has the dildo in one hand shaking it at me as if scolding me and then she smiles and walks the few steps to the door. I was frozen: Should I stay? Run? And before I could do anything she peeks her head around the corner of the slightly opened door and says, “See anything you like?” And I respond, “Yeah, sorry.” She says, “Don’t be sorry. I don’t mind, I love having people watch me play with myself. You want to watch more?” I sheepishly say yess and she opens the door for me to come in.

I walk in and she says, “Sit over there.”, as she points to a chair right near the tv and she resumes her position on the mat. She presses play on the DVR and the porn continues. She leans back and spreads her legs while watching the porno and I marvel at her nicely shaven pussy. She rubs the dildo between her slit, working herself into a horny state and I feel my cock getting harder when she presses the silicone dildo inside her wet pussy. She pulls in back and forth and returns the vibrator to her clit and leans her head back as she, from what I assume, builds into an orgasm.

The porno has a woman sitting on a guys face while the other woman rides his cock and they are kissing to complete the love triangle. I cannot help it but I have to adjust my growing bulge and stand to do so. When I do, The Mrs. says, “Make yourself comfortable. As much as you want.” And I adjust my stiff cock and sit back down, not really sure what she meant by that. She inserts the dildo all the way in and leaves it there as she presses the vibrator against her clit and I see her back arch as she releases an orgasm. She pulls the vibrator away and quickly rifles her slushy pussy with the dildo and her tits are giggling up and down as she works herself over.

I am super turned on and my cock is bulging out and aching to be touched. She pulls the fake cock out and licks it clean as she relaxes from her climax. She rolls to her side and is facing me when she reinserts it. She gently rocks against the dildo and stares at me. “Go ahead, I know you want to.”, she says. And this time I undo my belt and drop my pants to my ankles and begin to rub my cock through my Hanes tighty whitey’s. “You can take it out if you want.”, she says and the ache my cock was having is released when I pull it out and into freedom and begin to slowly stroke it. “Nice cock.”, she says as she continues to fuck herself with the dildo.

“Thanks”, I say as I am now stroking a bit quicker and palming my tip and feeling quite horny. “I bet you wish you were fucking me”, she says. And I cannot contain my emotion and reply, “Yes, yes, I do wish I were fucking you!”

She says, “Well, I do like fucking the help so you are in luck. Follow me.” And I nearly trip as I try to get out of the chair with my pants still around my ankles. She walks into the Master Bedroom and then into the Master Shower and she turns the water on. She says, “Get undressed and come in”, as she takes the shower wand and starts rinsing her tits. I quickly undress and walk into the shower. My stiff cock bouncing and swaying as I walk in and shut the door. “You are a dirty one!”, she says as she takes the wand and starts rinsing me off. She grabs the soap and lathers up her breasts and body and then turns to me and grabs my cock. She lathers me up and jerks me off and I cannot contain myself and I squirt a load onto her stomach. “Oh, a quick shooter!”, she says and feeling embarrassed, I say, “Can’t blame me? I was watching you and got very excited!” “She replied, “That’s okay, a young man like you should be able to recover quickly.”, as she continues hand washing my body rubbing her hands over my muscular body felt great. She rinsed herself and the sight of the soap rinsing off her breasts got me horny again and I could feel myself getting hard again.

She rinsed me off and saw my semi hard cock and said, “My, my. Just in time!” As she shut the water off and handed me a towel. She dabbed herself dry and said, Follow me.” And I followed her command. She walked onto the back deck that extended from her bedroom which overlooked the canyon but was very close to her neighbors.

“Have a seat.”, she said, pointing to a lawn chair and I sat down naked. My cock returned to soft. She climbed behind me and leaned her breasts against my back. She reached for some suntan oil and put some in her hands before reaching around and grabbing my cock. A few quick tugs and I was hard

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Notes The Mrs. wants action from the help!I had to agree, it was quite fun!
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