The big catch up after so long..

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Things had been hard between them both since personal life for them both had changed, work had made them turn into passing ships in the night and they hadn't been on speaking terms for months.. she had a feeling he had found another love interest, even though they had been friends for 10 years, she could tell something was different.

After a one way phone conversation, she decided anyway to book a room and tell him when and were to meet her, she done everything she could to impress but not look to eager either incase she was rejected or stood up, bought new underwear that wasn't slutty but sexy, nice casual outfit picked out to hide it underneath, but as she got ready she instinctively shaved from top to bottom, exfoliated to make her skin baby smooth and moisturised to make it feel like silk to the touch.

She got to the room and made it there own, some music, some food ordered for later, drinks to help cool down, and then she waited patiently, and waited.. and waited... she looked at her phone constantly thinking should I phone him? Should I text him? Maybe he's stuck in traffic? Maybe he decided not to come?.. he was about 30 minutes late at this point and her heart started to sink, then her phone rang, it was him! "Hey, is everything ok?" She said trying to hide her tears.. "yeah, im ok I'll be 2 minutes and I'll be there, you ok?" He said but didn't sound right.. "em.. yeah! All good here, I'll see you soon".

The phone clicks off and she now feels sick with nerves, her mind racing on different thoughts, she took a few big deep breaths and had some water when there was a knock on the door, she looked through the peep hole and saw him standing there, she let him in quickly and she acted like it was there first meeting all over again, nervous giggles and awkward conversation.

He stood in the room with his back to her, black hair, tall and handsome, beautiful steel blue eyes and smile that could melt her heart every time, he turned round and looked at her still standing at the door, "get undressed.." he said in that tone she knew meant business, she quickly tried to get naked but he said no and sat on the large chair in the room, "show me up close how you strip" he kept looking at her and she was feeling shy but there was something about that night she wanted to show him that she was ready for anything he asked, she walked slowly up to him and straddled him, she slowly lifted up her tight fitted t shirt to show off the pale blue push up bra that was hiding underneath, he didn't budge from the chair as she threw the t shirt across the room and ran her hands over her breasts and through her hair, she stood up and turned round, her bum was near enough face level and she undone her tight slim fit jeans and bent over as she slid them down her silky legs,showing him everything. Once she had taken them off she ran her hand between her thighs and teasing him with the view, the French knickers were almost showing him more than she wanted at the time.

She stood up and walked to the bed, crawling on all 4's when she got to it, arching her back and sticking her bum in the air, looking like a cat stretching as she shows off her body to him, seeing that he hasn't reacted the way he normally would at her but hasn't stopped looking at her either, she lay on her belly, swinging her feet backwards and forwards behind her and balancing her head in one hand,"are you ok?" She asked calmly, " yes... I just want to enjoy you tonight" he says as he stands up and unzips his jeans and shows off his semi hard cock, she takes it in her hands and guides it into her mouth, making it wetter as it gets harder, sliding it to the back of her throat and gagging on it with big long strokes and gasps of air as she takes it out.

As soon as she feels he is ready, she takes his thick cock out of her mouth and stands up in front of him, kissing him passionately, she turns him round and puts him on the bed, taking his jeans off and sliding his boxers off, she straddles him and takes off his top, he has his face in her breasts and she feels him kissing them gently, she rubs herself against his cock, rubbing her clit against the material of her knickers against his cock, feeling how wet she was. She kissed him again and held him in her arms when she felt her knickers move and the cold tip of his cock was trying to get inside her swollen pussy..."you sure you want to do this?" She asked nervously hoping he would say yes, he looked at her and paused for a second," of course i do, I wouldn't be here if I didn't" and with that he slowly pushed his cock inside, she held onto him tight and moaned as he slowly made love to her and kissed her breasts, running his hands up and down her body with each thrust, using his hands every now and then to push her hips in the right place he wanted, she let him though, she would let him do anything, and he knew that, grinding her clit against him when his cock was deep inside her, seemed like forever but it was so good she didn't want to stop what he was doing, he started to speed up his pace a little bit and she grinded more on him but she couldn't hold it, she was moaning loudly and her pussy was tight, he kept going until she had her orgasm and let her juices flow down onto his balls, she kept kissing him as he started to grunt and moan as he shot his load inside her, she usually was worried about it but she wasn't thinking straight tonight and didn't care at this moment.

They both cuddled in that position until he rolled her onto her back, he climbed on top of her and kissed her damp, hot body, sliding off her knickers and unhooking her bra at the front to see her breasts better, she lay there smiling, still dripping between her thighs.

He worked his way up and down her body tickling, teasing, pinching, kissing until he got to her pussy were he didn't have to try much and slid 2 fingers inside her and rubbed her g spot, she had never met a man ever in her life that coul

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Notes She wondered if his heart was the same as hers, maybe this was there last time?
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