friend with benifits

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maried mother of 5.. 35 years old... me and my hubby likes to have adventure sex... we had a besrfriend... a true bestfriend and his a guy... everytime me my husband and out bestfriend have a little drinking moment.. this 2 guy likes to play me when i get tipsy.. at first i feel awkward.. but when we did it the 2nd time 3rd 4rth most of the time tht we will dringking... the day wont be end if there is no 3 some happend.. its fun, so exciting suoper fun and so satisfiying... my husband only alowed me to have sex with our best friend only...

Written by leeyam84
Cargado June 14, 2021
Notes me my husband and our bestfriend
time to time we have our hot moments
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