Heck Of A Thank You

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I was puttering around in my garage one afternoon, when my phone went off. I checked to see who it was, I noticed I had a text message from a female friend, whose name was Diona. She used to live across the street from my sister until about four years ago, when unfortunately, the house she was living in, caught fire. It was a very unfortunate situation, which left her, her parents, and her kids without a home. Funds were set up to help her out, and everyone in the neighborhood pitched in to help. We all donated money, clothing, old furniture, and anything else that would be helpful. Unfortunately, the house severely damaged and had to be demolished. The entire family stayed at a hotel for about a month, until they were able to rent a small apartment in a nearby town. They immediately started the process of rebuilding, but sadly the town where we lived in, was giving them a difficult time about the type of house that they wanted built. There was all kinds of zoning rules and regulations, and the town was making it very hard on them. I felt terrible, because his family had gone through enough, and now the town was making their life even more difficult. That was four years ago, and of course, they still haven't started rebuilding the house. It's a shame, and there are a lot of lawyers involved, so hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, the lot where the house was on, needed to be maintained, and I had been doing it for the last four years. I own my own landscaping business, and kept the grass cut, and the weeds down to a minimum. They are already had their hands full, and the last thing they needed was the town breaking their chops, because a lot wasn't neat.

Throughout the four years, Diona and her family would often reach out to me, because they wanted to pay me for my services. I refused to take any money from them, and told them to use it on the kids. Like I said, I owned my own business, and it wasn't a big deal to maintain the property. I had grown up across the street, where my sister was now living, and had often admired Diona when she would get home from work. She was about four years younger than me, with a killer body. She had blonde hair down to her shoulders, an amazing set of tits, and a nice firm ass, that you just wanted to bury your face in. She was a sweetheart above all else, having adopted two children, with one being extremely autistic. She was always on the go, and never took a moment to herself. That made me want to help even more with whatever I could.

As I was looking at my phone, I read her message and started laughing. She was once again insisting that they wanted to pay me. I messaged her back, with a smiley face, and told her that I wouldn't take her money. We went back and forth on it, and she insisted that they wanted to do something for all my help. I really didn't want them to spend any money on me, but knew if I didn't choose something, one of them would probably show up at my sister’s house, and drop money in the mailbox. I really didn't want that happening, because I would prefer they use the money for things that they needed, especially the kids. As we went back and forth, I finally relented, and told her she could buy me a cup of coffee and I would be happy. She agreed, and we set up a date for the following Friday evening.

The following Friday arrived, and after working, I jumped in the shower to get cleaned up. I told my wife that I was going out for a cup of coffee with Diona, and she told me to enjoy. She didn't really care that I went out with other women since we had such a great relationship and were open to having fun with others. Once I was ready, I swung by the address that Diona was staying at. I pulled up and parked my truck, before ringing the doorbell. She answered the door and looked amazing as she greeted me. She was wearing a tank top, which showed some cleavage, and hugged those amazing tits. With that, she had a pair of tights on, which showed off her amazing ass. You just wanted to throw her down and fuck her right on the front steps. Naturally I couldn't do that, but believe me, the thought crossed my mind as I complimented her. She thanked me for the complements and I could tell she was in a great mood.

We got ready to go, and she insisted on driving, so I let her. We hopped in her car and she began to drive. We chatted and joked around with each other, and before I knew it, we were pulling into the Chili's parking lot. I looked at her, and playfully scolded her, telling her that I had only wanted a cup of coffee. She smiled, and said I deserved more than that, as she parked her car. We then headed in, and were immediately seated. We ordered some appetizers, as well as a glass of wine, while we sat and chatted.

Our appetizers eventually arrived, with our meal soon after. We enjoyed it, and continued to chat. I did my best to complement her and say nice things, which in turn, made her smile and laugh quite often. Deep down inside, I was a bit nervous, because Diona was a popular girl in high school, being the cheerleader and all, while I was more of the nerdy type, focusing on my schoolwork and playing in the marching band.

We enjoyed our dinner, as well as each other's company, and as we were doing so, I looked around the place, as well as out the windows. Back in the day, I had a job just down the road, and was looking around, to see how much the area had been developed since then. The Chili's, as well as all the other stores that were in the area, didn't exist when I worked down the road. They had literally built everything in the last 10 years. We talked about it, and I even joked around about how familiar with the area I was. She asked what I meant, and I said that I used to frequent a hotel that was up the road, at the next exit. We were about a quarter mile from MetLife Stadium, and back when I first started dating, I had no her to take my girlfriends, so I would rent a room at t

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Notes A old neighbor wants to take me out as a thank you for all that I did for her and her family...
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