The Good Pet

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Her knees knocked as she stumbled across the bare, hardwood floor. With a steadying breath, she focused on her toes and inched toward the shadow in the corner. Even though the sun peeked through open curtains, his presence cast the room in a faint darkness.

“There is fine enough.” His baritone, the harshness of the command – it only caused her knees to tremble more. She froze, her eyes glued to the hardwood. “Are you scared?” His question caught her off guard and her head jerked a bit before she remembered his rule and forced it back down.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered the truth. Her stomach swayed when she heard him rise. The steady clomp of his soles against the floor sounded her internal warning bells. But she forced every nerve twitching and urging her to run to remain still. He paced the area around her, forming a jagged misshapen circle. His cologne, the intoxicating mix of sandalwood and musk, swirled in her nose making it hard to focus.

She fought the urge to take a peek at him through the strands of dark hair blocking her vision. “Don’t think about it,” he warned and she stiffened before dropping to her knees. Her vision centered on the laces of his military-style boots. Heavy. Dark. Intimidating. Much like the man who wore them and stalked around her like the wild animal he tried to keep caged inside.

“You’re a fast learner, My Pet,” he said. He rested a hand on her head, his palm covering her scalp and she sucked in a breath while preparing for what was to come. Her world went black as he slid the mask over her eyes. The increasingly familiar sound of his zipper coming down inches from her face started her heart and the pulsating between her legs.

His fingers gripped into her cheeks as she stared up into darkness with pursed lips. “Open up, Sweetheart,” he ordered despite having her face locked in his hand. She tried anyway and he sucked in a breath before shoving her head away.

Steadying her balance, she returned to an upright position on her knees with her mouth open wide. She parted her lips wider when his hand pressed into her nape. “I missed you,” he whispered to the air over her head and she moaned against his length as he inched further into her mouth.

His taste coated her tongue as her nose settled against the nest of thick curls. “That’s a good pet. Take it all.” Her clit throbbed at his words of encouragement. She stuck out her tongue, giving him access to slide in further. With each moan, each tug of the hair, her core ached with anticipation. With flared nostrils, she slurped on his length until his eager strokes deepened and slowed.

“Such a good pet,” he said and yanked her off by a handful of hair. Cloaked in darkness, her bare feet slapped against the floor as he tugged her to her feet and across the room, where he threw her to the ground. Senses muddled, she landed against something soft. She didn’t have time to try to regain control of her senses before his fingers trailed over her opening. “Did you miss me?” he asked while inserting something round and smooth inside her.

“Yes, sir,” she muttered the truth. She had yet to see his face or know his real name, but in the weeks since their last encounter, she had grown to miss him. His touch, gentle but firm. His taste coating her tongue as he fucked her throat and told her how beautiful she was. But his thick cock stretching her walls is what she missed most of all.

His hands gripped into her thighs, pulling her to the edge of the soft, strange surface. He flicked her clit with his tongue and her head fell back. “You did miss me,” he whispered against her slick folds before slurping her throbbing bud into his mouth.

“Yes, sir,” she moaned as he suckled her clit. Her thighs quivered and hips bucked, but he kept her in place, his nails digging into the flesh of her inner thighs.

“Give me what I want,” he said before running his tongue between her cleft. He kept lapping and licking, traveling further south until his tongue flicked over her tight rim. “Good, My Pet,” he said through a moan as the orgasm ripped through her.

He continued lapping at her clit, not relenting until she begged, “please fuck me, sir.” A light chuckle escaped his throat and she winced behind the blindfold while her stomach cinched into a firm ball.

The ball detonated into a fiery storm of passion when the tip of his thick dome nudged at her opening. “Show me how much you missed me,” he said while sinking into her slowly. Her walls fluttered and gripped his dick, pulling him in deeper. She arched her back and rocked her hips, trying to convey with her body what her mouth dare not say. That despite how hard she tried, she missed him and all the rewards that came with being a good pet. His good pet.

Written by naughtylizab
Cargado June 15, 2021
Notes She hates herself for loving being his good pet. His fuck slut. His completely.
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