Nikola, Sex and Science

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Nikola, Sex & Science

short story by Doris & Don Dawn

"The brain is the violin and the soul is the violinist. They both need to work together in order to make beautiful music." - Charles Ara

"Nikola, Sex & Science" is a short story like a side note to the epic novel "Astarte, the Adventure" from the series "Naked Beyond Space & Time."


"At Gilles & Juliette, every fifth exploration is on the house!" Writes and speaks the text in the hologram, idly rotating around a golden pyramid. This shiny billboard, well, not exactly a billboard because it is three dimensional (and round), is one of a kind. Or so you'll hear Gilles bragging on the terrace about every morning. Tourists, hikers and casual bikers, stop for a sip of coffee, a bite of croissant. They drink the crystal water from the spring and aim for the valley of the eternal shadow. Not before a last exercise in cordiality: "Yes, merci monsieur, your offer is enticing. The pyramid logo is really cool. Thank you!"
"This is no logo, sir. But a miniature hologram of the real one. We've got the pixel pyramid and every fifth exploration is on the house. Ain't that a deal?"
"Indeed it is. We'll keep in touch. Au revoir."
"À bientôt."
Gilles knows that the tourists are making a fool of him. Or they think that he's making a fool of himself. Whatever, what do they know, these citizens chasing for a shadow.
"The square silhouette over the valley baffles them, mon amour."
"Oui, Juliette. What a tourist attraction. Works great for madame mayor. The biggest business in the modern history of Peillon. Amazing, don't you find?"
"Easy to find things that amaze the many." Responds Juliette tossing a handful of pineapple cubes in the artichoke juice that she just poured in two coconut shells. "Here, lunch is ready!" After serving her man, she stretches herself out on the divan to rule the terrace, and the entire street ahead.
"Yes, dear, spread a bit wider if you can. It's more likely to catch new customers with your celestial charms. Hope you didn't shave..." He's bending to peep. "Oh mon Dieu, told you not to shave!"
"But I didn't. Look!," she spreads at 165 degrees, "didn't touch the hair around the pussy, just thinned the landing strip."
"Thinned? You call that a landing strip? It gives me the sensation that you're playing string theory pleasantries with me. I can barely see it. Why did you do that?"
"A guy told me that my pussy looks beautiful when smooth. He said something about the curvature of mons pubis and the modest pre-eminence of my clitoris." As she speaks, Juliette allows three fingers from her left hand to gently caress the geometrical parts that she described.
"Hey, monsieur! Would you mind sharing your lady with us?" Three bikers have halted their buzzers on the roadside. Each of them stands up, bike between legs, smiling his teeth out while exposing his manhood like an introduction for the lady. De bon ton et comme il faut.
"Ah, monsieurs, soyez les bienvenus! Did you know that at Gilles et Juliette..."
"...every fifth exploration is on the house!... Yes, hah, hah, we certainly know. You don't remember us, do you?"
"Well, no... not exactly..."
"Early in the morning, on our way to the valley of the shadow, we've stopped by for a hot coffee, a crisp croissant and this heavenly water from the spring. You told us about..."
"Sure. I remember now. Come up here with us."
The first to jump over two steps with every leap on the stairs has reddish-brown, long and rebellious hair. Up to the knee white cotton gaiters in flagrant contrast with a pair of black boots, hiking boots. And a green, dark green, rucksack strapped to his sturdy but somehow hobbity looking body. About eighty percent of named body covered in coarse ginger fur.
"Bonjour. I am Erik."
"Hi Erik. Have a seat." Responds Juliette invitingly. Her eyes involuntarily scanning for Erik's penis, still lost in a fiery pubic forest.
The second man seems to have an age. No less than twenty-two. No more than twenty-seven. Tall, athletic and blonde. So fair his hair that you'd say he's shaved all over his body. Hiking black boots, white cotton gaiters, kneepads, armpads, shoulderpads... and the rucksack... all black and white. The chain helmet, folded backwards around his neck, is hidden under the gear but we shall assume that this guy is sporting an all black helmet on the highway.
"Bonjour. My name is Sven."
"Oh, Sven. Hello Sven. What a wonderful dick you have! Like a weapon! Please, sit down." Juliette couldn't help herself.
The third biker is taking his time to reach the rustic roadway patio of Gilles and Juliette's. Short dark hair, vivid hazel eyes, a fully tanned and aesthetically pleasing body. No textile lines, no gaiters, no boots, no gear whatever. This man is completely naked. In his early thirties, probably. And all natural. He looks around.
"Buongiorno a tutti!... Ciao bella! Io sono Luigi."
"Ciao Luigi!," giggles Juliette, "vieni qui, siediti." She offers to share the divan with Luigi, who kisses her hand before making himself comfortable next to her. Buttcheek near buttcheek. The coziest divan of the entire Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur area.
"Would you guys enjoy a glass of pineapple juice?" Asks Juliette in a crystal voice while capturing the attention of her man with the tip of her nose. The guests nod in agreement and Gilles rushes to the kitchen.
Before he returns, Luigi has already seized the second. "He's submissive, your man. Guess that he loves cuckolding, your man."
"He does, dear. He is bisexual and very submissive when I want him to."
"Good. Sometimes I play the servile slut for Erik and Sven and..."
"Come on, Luigi, will you shut up? We're here to fuck the lady not to hear your gay stories," punches Erik with a nerve under his red moustache.
"This makes us three, I suppose..." Whispers Juliette in Luigi's ear.
"Voilà le jus d'ananas!" Gilles walks the five massive glasses on a cera

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Written by dorisdawn
Cargado June 16, 2021
Notes "The brain is the violin and the soul is the violinist. They both need to work together in order to make beautiful music." - Charles Ara //

"Nikola, Sex & Science" is a short story like a side note to the epic novel "Astarte, the Adventure" from the series "Naked Beyond Space & Time."
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