The Step Mom - Pt. 07

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Julie emerged from the dressing room, fully clothed and looking all in one piece, regardless of the massive orgasm she just had. She was carrying the two “must have” dresses she had tried on before things went south, literally. She walked to the cash, paid for them, and walked over to Nick.

“Any luck,?” she asked, noticing he was carrying a couple of bags.

“Not as much as you I guess,” he replied, smirking.

“Hush you!” she said, winking.

“Ready to go?” Nick asked.

“Yep,” she said. “I need a swim.”

“I need a cold shower,” Nick thought.

Nick followed her out of the store and into the parking lot. When they got in the car Nick asked, “How long have been doing this?”

“Masturbating in general you mean, or publicly?” she asked, grinning. “Never mind,” she continued. “Both started about the same time, when I was 14.”

Nick’s eyes grew wide at first but then realized that was about the age he started. He remembered his first time masturbating very well. He found a magazine in his dad’s night table drawer. It was called “A Nudist Way of Life” or something similar. He remembered seeing many men and women playing volleyball, naked, at the beach. He couldn’t get over the naked breasts and the patches of black hair between the women’s legs. He’d never seen anything like it before. He didn’t know why at the time but he felt the need to play with his cock, which he called a “dink” back then. He just flipped it up and down with his finger, never getting hard, and then freaking out at the electric shock that ran through his body after several minutes. He didn’t know what it was but he knew he wanted it to happen again.

“Really?” he said to Julie. “What did you do?”

She smiled. “I have an older sister,” she explained. “She was masturbating under the sheet in our bedroom in her own bed. I didn’t know what masturbating was at the time but it appeared she loved it because she did it every night. I figured it out and tried it at school one day in the shower stall after gym class. I made myself cum in the shower, surrounded my all my friends at school. I had the curtain closed but oh my God I wanted them all to watch me. I’m not sure why but, that’s my thing,” she said.

“Wow,” Nick said out loud.

“You like that idea?” she asked, coyly, pulling out of the parking lot and into traffic.

“I do,” he replied. “I do it in the shower at the gym at school. Every time.”

He felt the arousal return. The pic from Julie, seeing her in the change room and talking to her now was putting him in a state.

“Mmmmm Nicky boy!” Julie smiled.

Nick adjusted his growing cock in his pants. Discreetly he thought, but Julie saw him.

“Turned on Nicky boy?” she asked.

“Hard not to be,” he replied.

“Why don’t you ‘do it’ now?” she asked.

“Seriously?!” he asked.

“We have twenty minutes til we get home, unless I make a detour or two,” she said.

“Mmmph” was all he could muster.

He undid his pants and put his hand inside. He was firm and dribbling pre-cum. He ran the wet glob around the head with his fingers and grew harder rapidly.

They came to a red light. Julie quickly peeled her tank top up and took off her sports bra, exposing her tits to Nick and anyone else who cared to see. She put her tank back down but it left little to the imagination. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and peeled her panties down, and off.

“Maybe this will help,” she said, smiling.

Nick was hard now. He pulled his erect cock out of his pants and it stood straight up in his lap. He wrapped his right fist around it and stroked it slowly. The fingers of his left hand lightly stroked the underside of his balls.

Julie played with her once again wet pussy at the red light. Slipping a finger inside, then sucking on said finger.

“Oh my God,” Nick moaned.

Both he and Julie looked down at his cock. Pre-cum was flowing from the swollen head and dribbling into his fist.

“Don’t cum,” Julie commanded.

“Ahhhh,” Nick muttered.

“At least until we get home,” she added.

Nick edged his cock all the way home. And Julie took a few of those detours she talked about earlier. He was close to cumming several times, and almost came by accident when he was close and Julie drove over some uneven pavement, which caused a vibration from below. When they pulled in the driveway he was as hard as possible. His cock was almost purple with engorgement. The ache was almost too much to take.

“Take your pants and boxers off,” Julie started.

“What?!” Nick asked.

“Take em off Nicky boy.”

Nick was obeying her order while she walked around the car. She opened the passenger door and reached for his pants, making a “give em here” motion with her fingers.

Nick complied.

“Follow me,” she said. “Actually, I’ll follow you. We’re going around back.”

They lived on a low populated street and the closest house was a hundred feet away. Something that certainly allowed Julie to spend as much time as possible naked outdoors, and today it was Nick’s turn.

Nick got out of the car. Julie had barely moved from the passenger door and Nick was almost pressed against her when he stood up. A million thoughts went through his head.

“She’s not wearing panties.”
“I could fuck her against the car right now.”
“She could take me in her mouth and I’d cum in an instant.”

“Let’s go Nicky boy,” she said. “Through the side gate.”

Nick gave his cock a few slow strokes standing next to Julie. It took all of his power not to grab her. He stepped around her and walked towards the gate.

Julie grazed his naked hip with her fingernails as he brushed by her. She followed, watching his muscular legs and ass as he walked. Imagining his hard cock bouncing in front of him with each step. She undid her skirt and pulled it off while walking behind him. She peeled off her tank again and walked naked behind him, carrying all the discarded clothes.

Nick opened the gate a

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