A rude awakening

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A Rude Awakening

I heard the front door closing quietly and I instantly knew that Emma had dragged aanother unsuspecting soul into our lair. I lay still, face down on the bed and listened to the low voices as she led him into our small kitchen. A fizz, a gurgle and a grateful thank-you followed.

You’re going to need those fluids, I thought to myself. Emily will drain you dry. In fact, you’d better keep hold of the bottle. I smiled to myself, remembering the men – and the boys – who had staggered from our shared apartment over the years. They’d been simultaneously dazed and delighted by Em’s fierce lovemaking. And on the occasions where I’d ‘accidentally’ walked in on them and then joined in…well, they’d had no chance. Together, Emily and I gave no quarter and left all cocks limp and raw.

Em’s voice was getting closer. I listened out for the guy’s voice, wondering if she’d found herself a bodybuilder, a braniac or just a guy who’d admitted to being well hung. But I couldn’t tell. He kept his voice low. Emily had warned him that I was in bed, I guessed.

“You’re sure?” I heard him say. I imagined him peering around the bedroom door to see me lying motionless beneath the quilt.

“Oh don’t worry about our Annie,” Emily said. “She’s taking sleeping pills for her insomnia.” I heard her getting closer. The quilt was drawn back, leaving my bare legs exposed beneath my bedtime tee shirt. I hoped my butt was covered at least.
No such luck, not with Em. She lifted my tee, exposing my left cheek to this complete stranger.

What the hell are you up to, Em? I thought. A resounding smack and a sharp, sudden pain in my cheek answered my question. I hoped it was too dark for the guy to see me flinch. I had to bite into my lower lip to keep from crying out.
You bitch! You’re going to pay for that later, I promised.

“See!” Emily announced cheerfully. “She’s dead to the world.”

So will you be when I get my hands on you, I decided.

“Okay,” the guy said, stepping closer. “It just feels a bit…weird.”

Now that I could hear him, I could make out the deep timbre in his voice, coupled with a soft accent that I couldn’t quite place.

“Come here, you great big beautiful stud!” Emily growled. I heard the kissing start. Moans muffled by mouths clamped together. Small, wet sounds made by tongues dancing. I smiled. Part of me wanted to peek, but if I moved now, the guy would think Emily and I had been conspiring to make him look like a fool and that would be end of her tryst.

The mattress moved as the pair lowered themselves onto it, probably in a sitting position. Clothes rustled and fell softly to the floor.

“Let me get that,” Emily muttered through a kiss and I knew her bra was giving the guy some trouble.

Stop using three-hook bras, you silly mare!

She moaned and I heard gentle murmurs of appreciation from his busy mouth as he suckled her nipples. His fingers brushed across her skin, drawing little ‘uh-huh’ sounds from her throat.

Then came the jingle of a belt being released. A zip was drawn down and after a moment of clothes being adjusted, he gave a deep groan. The mattress creaked and I knew that Emily had gone down on him. Her little moans of delight were rhythmic. I imagined her busy little tongue circling the head of his stiff cock, licking the swollen bulb; perhaps sampling a sticky drop of precum. Then she engulfed him with her wet mouth and he released a long, appreciative groan.

As I listened in wicked, wanton silence, I felt a peculiar tingle between my legs. One of my hands was lying on the bed close to my hip. Did I dare move it? My fingers twitched, keen to explore my pussy, to confirm that I was getting wet. But to reach myself, I would have had to lift my pelvis – and that would have been seen. No, for now I had to suffer in silence.

His groans had become louder, mixed in with the occassional ‘oh, baby’ and ‘oh, yeah’. Little wet sounds escaped from her mouth as she slid her mouth up his shaft, then back down again. I heard her throw him a dirty, slutty chuckle. Then they were kissing again, but urgently this time. Her weight lifted from the mattress and clothing slid across smooth feminine skin to land on the floor.

I imagined Emily naked, standing before this horny guy. Her wonderful little pussy, shaved to perfect smoothness would be glistening with moisture by now. She loved sucking cock – it really got her juices flowing.

She gasped. More wet sounds. Was he stroking her lips? She groaned deeply and I heard something brushing the carpet. Her feet, I guessed, would be much further apart by now. Rhythmic wet sounds accompanied by gasps from Em.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes, shove them into me, baby. Feel how wet I am? My pussy’s dripping for you. It wants you, baby. Oh, God it needs you to fill it. Rub me…yeah, just there…” her voice wobbled as he touched her swollen clit. Her knees were probably trembling about now too.

“God, you are so wet…” he muttered.

“You too,” she giggled. I’d been right. Precum was on the menu.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he murmured. The little wet sounds continued and I could hear Em’s breathing accelerating. She was close to orgasm.

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Do me, baby. Fuck me with those beautiful fingers. Pinch my clit. Harder. Squeeze it oh mygod oh my god yessssss. Oh yesssss!” She let loose a long drawn-out groan that must have emptied her lungs.

The wet sounds slowed and Emily shuddered, all the while calling out her appreciation for the orgasm he’d gifted her.

“Oh, oh, oh. Wow, yes, oh no, too much, whoa, whoa. No, don’t take them out yet, baby, just don’t move. Shit, that was good!”

They kissed, a long murmuring lip rubbing, tongue dancing kiss that set my juices running. They trickled down my lips and hung near my clit, shivering as a large, sticky drop that moved as they shifted position.


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Written by Annie Oakfield
Cargado June 16, 2021
Notes Housemates Annie and Emily have an agreement. If one brings back a hot guy, the other must stay in their room until the sex stops.
But when Emily decides to bring her date into Annie's room, there's no way she can ignore the action ... is there?
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