Bra shopping should always be this much fun!

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Although I am 28, I always find myself in a bra that is not fitted properly. I try them on and accept, unwillingly, how they make me appear. I was tired of this and knew I had a better set of boobs than I was able to show off to the rest of the world.

My girlfriend and I were talking this over one day when she recommended that I go get fitted for a bra. She had a friend at a local big name women’s wear store and texted her for availability. We settled on Thursday evening and I put it in the calendar.

I walked into the store in the mall around 8:30p and met Kelley. She was a petite brunette, no more than 25 and had a very bubbly personality. “Hi, you must be Kate?”, she said and extended her hand for the greeting. I shook her hand and replied, “Yes, I’m Kate, nice to meet your Kelley! So, how does this work?”

She said, “Follow me”, and I followed her to a rack of bra’s. “First, what styles do you like and what do you want your bra to say about you? There is no wrong answer and there are many varieties: work bra, sports bra, fun bra, sex bra. All bra’s have a place!”, she said as I perused the selection. “Well, first, I need them for work. Then for fun, I guess. I wear sports bra’s when I work out and think I am okay on that front.”, I replied.

“Great, next, do you want a comfort bra or one that can push you up, showing off your cleavage?”, she asked. “I have not had any luck with pushing these up.”, I said as I pushed my small boobs together. Kelley laughed and said, “I understand. I have a bit of the same trouble”, as she pushed her boobs tougher, which already looked good in her tight white tshirt, “but I can help you there!”

“Come with me.”, she said, “Let’s get some measurements.” And she led me to the. Back of the store and into a fairly large dressing room where she locked the door behind us before saying, “Can you take your top off for me? I need to measure you.”

I unbutton my silk blouse and take off my underwire bra and my boobs fall out. Still perky but not large my nipples spike erect as the cool air conditioning hits my naked body. “Oh, those are lovely!”, Kelley says and she reaches in for a touch. She cups my boobs and I enjoy the warmth of her hands as she moves me up and down. “Ok, turn around”, she says and she pulls out a measuring tape and pulls it around my chest, just under my boobs. “32”, she says as she grabs for a few different cup and presses a B cup against me, which appears too big. She then takes an A cup and presses it against me and it seems too small.

“Have you always had no tan lines?”, Kelley asks and I reply, “Yeah, I hit the tanning bed and go in naked. I hate tan lines.” “Me too, but I haven’;t tried the tanning booth naked yet.”, she replies, “Have you always had a hard time finding a bra that fits right?” I say, “Yes, for the most part.” She continues, “Well, I can see why. You are a half cup which has not been available until recently. Were you aware?” “No, I had no idea.”, I reply.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back!”, she says and unlocks the door and walks out. Standing there topless, I gaze at myself int he mirror and like the reflection. I rub my hands across my boobs and my rub my erect nipples. The feeling is erotic and I enjoy my touch so much my hand wanders down and rubs my pussy through my black yoga pants. I close my eyes and imagine my boyfriend rubbing me over and am startled when I hear the door open quickly where Kelley catches me with my hands on my pussy and tits.

“Enjoying yourself?”, she says as she hangs several bra’s on the hanger and re-locks the door. Blushing, I say, “Um, sorry. I guess you think I’m a freak for touching myself in a dressing room?” “No, not at all, it happens moire than you know. Shopping for bra’s should be an erotic experience.”, she says as she grabs a lace bra, unclamps it and asks me to raise my arms.
She places the bra onto me and tightens the straps on the red lace and I marvel at just how good I look in a bra that actually fits! She stands behind me and cups my boobs and perks them up just a bit and readjusts the straps. The touch of her on my boobs further increases my erotic feeling and I breathe deep to exhale the sexual energy I am feeling. She runs her hands over my shoulders and down to my hips and ask, “Do you like?” “Very much!”, I say and feel her hand rise up across my stomach. “You look amazing!”, she says and keeps her hand gently stroking my skin and brushes me under my boob while her other hand lowers down and brushes agains my pussy. “What are….”, I try to ask but notice her gaze toward me in the mirror and her look is purely sexual. I just stand there and gaze at her. She never stopped and soon her hand was cupping my boob and grinding the ace into my pert nipples while her other hand has pressed into my slit and strokes me.

I let her rub me for a while and she can feel my heat building between my legs. I close my eyes and enjoy her touch and try to control my breathing. She switches hands and I gasp as I am beginning to build excitement. I let her play with me for a moment before I can’t take it any longer. I turn and we embrace in a kiss. She smells like lavender and soap and tastes like strawberry. She cups my ass and pulls me close and I pull her closer to my by the small of her back.

I enjoy the kiss and the slight moans we are making with each other. I feel her unclasp my bra and it slides off my shoulders. She lowers down to suck on my stiff nipples and I rub the back of her brunette pony tailed hair and enjoy her sucking on my rock hard nipples. I lower my hand and rub her slit through her black jeans and the warmth of her pussy is evident as it warms the fabric of her jeans. She moans as I rub her harder, wanting to have more of her, she raises her leg and places it on the small seating area of the dressing room. I have full access to her jean wrapped pussy and grind away. Her heat building with eac

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Notes Make sure you get sized right for a bra! The experience is so much fun!
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