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Massage The Prostrate

Ok everyone, this is a subject some of you may not want to think about and for others, you will think it is a great thing to do! The prostrate is a tiny gland tucked about 3.2 inches on the inside of your butthole. Many do not think of this gland or the importance of its good health until it is too late. Prostrate cancer is very prevalent in males over the age of 60 and can lead to death if not caught early. However, did you know that massaging it regularly can help with its health and functionality?

So, how do you massage it? I learned of this about 10 years ago when I heard about a toy, for males, called the Athenos Prostrate massager. It was a slim plastic device that had a little handle on the end. Its directions were simple: Relax, insert, and do male kegels (clench your butt cheeks) and breath. The first time I did this it was kinda weird. Weird because it was the first thing I put up my but except for an occasional finger. By the way, your finger can massage your prostrate as well. In fact, I would recommend trying this first as it will allow you a chance to actually feel your prostrate: a little “pillow” on the front part of the inside of your colon. While your finger is in your ass, press it toward your balls/cock. You will feel the little “pillow” which is your gland.

Anyway, back to the toy. I inserted it with some lube. Again, it was the first time so it felt weird and it was a little “deeper” than my finger could reach but not too much. I sat back and relaxed. I thought I would be a bit more aroused with a hard on but wasn’t. I breathed and kegel Ed and enjoyed as the toy rubbed against my prostrate. Before long, clear pre-cum began leaking out of my cock. I lapped it up and ate it and enjoyed rubbing it into my cock, which became hard.

After a few strokes, I came and shot an extra large amount of cum across my stomach. It was cool to see how much cum came out of me and I felt a sense of relief and pleasure when I finished.

Flash forward a few years and I have found better and more pleasurable prostrate massagers. The one I enjoy now if the Alpha Pro 10x Vibrating Massager.

To look at it may be a bit daunting so if this is your first time, I would stick with the above method until you get used to it. Once you don, you will enjoy this one for certain.

To do this these days, I have become more experienced and like to relax and enjoy my massage for a long period of time. The longer you go with your massage, the better in my opinion. So make sure you have time to do it right.

I first wash up and clean and make sure I am alone for the period of time I hope to “get off” on. I place a towel across the bed and grab my toy. I lube it up nicely and insert it into me. The toy I have now is not that daunting and goes inside me nicely. I grab the remote and start with a gently pulsing and vibrating action inside me. I kegel while doing this and breath to relax and enjoy the sensations. I then press the massage button which activates a series of beads at teh tip of the toy that rub against my prostrate. This action, combined with my kegels, gets my cock leaking pre-cum. I let it build until a steady stream leaks out of me. I no longer touch it, I just let it leak out of me and down my shaft and balls. I then take the vibrating off and let the beads massage my prostrate. The beads rub up me and more pre-cum leaks out.

I then turn the toy fully off and let it rest inside me. I breath and stop my kegels and enjoy the toy filling my ass and breath some more. The pre-cum slows and when it does, I turn it back on to vibrate mode but only with a bit more intensity. I enjoy my hole absorb each vibrate of the toy and relax. I turn the massager on again and my cock instantly begin pumping pre-cum out my tips and down my shaft. I let it leak and marvel at the amount of clear sticky pre-cum that leaks out of my. I reach down and can feel the soaked towel before I turn it off the toy again. I then pull the toy out of me and relax. My breathing slows and I relish in the joy of pleasure and relaxation I am giving myself. I rub the tip of the toy between my balls and ass and allow my pre-cum to coat the “shaft” of the toy. I press it into me again and slide it in and out of me, presenting I am being pegged by my wife. I enjoy my self pleasure and return the toy into my ass. I turn the massager to high and let it box my prostrate kill a speed bag. Pre-cum leaking out of me again, I grab my cock and I start stroking. The pre-cum provides a sticky lube that gets me hard in a few strokes. I stroke myself and within a minute or two, the combination of the prolonged self pleasure combined with the toy vibrating in my ass, I feel strong and robust ropes of cum splash onto my stomach, chest and face. My ass clenches against the toy and drains my prostrate of every ounce of cum.

I pull the toy out and shut it off. I leave it on the towel and I rub my hands up against my balls and shaft and play with my softening cock. My other hand pulls the cum that landed on me up to my mouth where I taste myself. I often finish this and drift into a long and relaxed nap.

Sounds crazy to eat your own cum but it really tastes good, especially when you have milked your prostrate clean-trust me!

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Notes Highly recommend a prostrate massage.
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