Date night with the lecturer

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I had been waiting so long for this night and I still had a couple of days to go, college was almost done and I couldn't wait to get it over with, it had been even harder this year with studying from home and procrastinating had become my best friend from how I felt.

Hand in day came and went and I only had 1 class remaining, we had to give individual speeches in regards to how we felt moving forward and I was nervous, I made myself up to look smart and treated it like a proper interview, straightened my hair, little bit of make up on and put a nice top on to look presentable while I still wore my pyjama shorts and slippers.

The zoom chat kicked in and we were all nervous but when he spoke to us I felt better, we got split up into individual rooms and told to wait our turn, 5 minutes maximum, I sat and waited patiently, made myself a cup of tea and tried to calm my nerves, the time came for me to start and them he popped on my screen, looking tired, bored but excited to see me, "hi sir, you ok?" Sipping on my tea, trying to stop myself from biting my lip, "much better now seeing you, are you all set for our date on Monday?" He asked but sounding excited in his voice but trying to keep calm, "I cant wait, no one knows right? Don't want you to get into trouble" I said being cautious and a little flirty, if he was to get into trouble because of me it wouldn't be for this chat, it would've been if we were caught fucking in his class room before, the thought still makes my heart race with the rush, "don't you worry about me, you don't need to do this today you already passed and I know your feelings about moving on, I'll see you on Monday".... he turns the chat off suddenly and leaves me on edge, his speciality.

Monday arrives and I cant wait, we are meeting for lunch and I get showered and sort my hair out, little bit of make up again to hide my blushing face and I decide to pick out a black strappy sun dress that is low in the cleavage my dress stops 3/4 down my legs, with a split in the sides that goes above my knees, feeling casual but feeling sexy which is good.

I head into town and he wants to meet me at the college which I thought was strange but I went with it, when I turned up he had smart trousers on, a nice white shirt opened at the top a little, smart shoes and the biggest smile ive ever seen, I couldn't hide my grin when I saw him, I was always used to seeing him casual dressed but he looked even better dressed smart, "hi, how are you? You ok?" He asks me, i must look nervous, he walks towards me and hugs me and gives me a kiss on the cheek, "hey, im ok... are you allowed to do this?" I ask worried incase someone sees us together, he wraps an arm around me and walks with me in town suddenly I feel relaxed,"of course it is, your not my student anymore.... plus why are you so worried now? You didn't seem nervous the last time we met alone" he had a huge smile on his face with that cheeky look that drives me wild, I can feel my face go hot with blushing and just giggle back at him.

We go for some lunch and have a couple of drinks, the day seems to fly by and he takes me by the hand and we walk outside, getting some fresh air after all the laughs and flirting that had taken place, I loved it, felt amazing to be so relaxed around someone like this and he seemed to enjoy my company which was also a good feeling, "let's get a taxi, we've had a couple of drinks so I can't drive now, is that ok?" He asks me, I feel great and say yes instantly, we stop a taxi in the street and both of us get in, he tells the driver an address and I assume its maybe a restaurant or a bar thats outside of town and I relax.

Next thing the driver pulls away, we are sitting looking at each other in the back of the taxi, im starting to feel shy again for some reason and he grabs me and starts kissing me so passionately, such a good kisser, I can feel between my legs starting to ache and I try and control myself, he's running his hands through my hair and im holding onto his face and gasping for breathe with every chance I get, I start to moan with what he's doing, he runs a hand up my leg and under the split in my dress until he reaches my bum, "your not wearing any underwear!?" He stops kissing me and looks shocked, "I thought it would be a nice surprise, is that ok?" I'm a bit worried how he might react but he kisses me again and rubs my thigh and my bum all the way in the taxi.

We eventually stop and I realise we are at a house, his house actually and im gobsmacked but he has worked me up so much I just go with it, he pays the driver and I hear, "enjoy your night you two!" I turn round and see him giggling with the driver, my face goes red again.

We get inside and hes a gentleman, getting me a drink of water showing me around, and then leads me to the living room, its stunning, large bay window with a view over the city, I barely get a chance to sit down and he is sitting next to me kissing me and grabbing my breasts, I moan out loud and undo his trousers, lust has taken over and I cant help myself, he drives me wild and I love it.

I get his trousers undone and see he is bulging, I slide my hand inside his boxers and feel how big he is in my hand, it feels bigger from when we had sex before but I want to taste him, I stop kissing him and get down onto the floor on my knees, I take his cock out of his boxers and lick the tip while I play with him with both hands, start putting the head of his cock in my mouth and hear him moan and grab onto the couch already, I tease him and get him wet enough to play with, I take his cock out my mouth and start to lick his balls while I rub the head with my hands and I feel his body tensing up and he tries to hold it together, "your even more of a tease with that fucking tongue than I thought" he says while moaning louder now, "do you.. want me.. to stop?" I say in between licks of his balls, "don't you fucking dare" he giggles.

He really is tr

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Notes We had a quick fling before but he wanted to treat me tonight... im glad I agreed to it now
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