Golf League

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The golf league ends each round with a stop at the 19th hole. A table of guys hanging out and having a few drinks before heading home for the evening. The weekly ritual is alway a fun time and the staff at the 19th hole are usually the same and always up for contributing to the laughs of the table.

We sat and Kate quickly came over, “Same as usual?”, she asked and we replied, “Yes, please.” And we all watched her walk away with her long tanned legs and black golf skirt and black golf shirt sized one too small so as to accentuate her breasts. She was always flirtatious and super sexy with a tanned body, piercing blue eyes and brunette hair, always in a pony tail. She returned and set the beers down. “Peroni”, as she handed me the frosty beverage. “Thank you!”, I said and she replied, “Quite welcome!”, as she retreated to another table.

A few rounds go by and the golf crowd dwindles down. I left with Dennis, my long time drinking buddy from the golf league. We both can’t go home until the we know the little ones are in bed. Kate comes back and asks, “Another round?” And we say, “Yes, can you join us this week?” She looks around the near empty patio and says, “Yeah, probably.” And we say, “Great, put your drink on our tab.”

A few minutes go by and she joins us. We start chatting about nonsense when Dennis gets a text that his little one is throwing up and that he has to go unexpectedly. He apologizes to Kate and me and we reply, “No worries!” And Dennis runs off.

As I take a sip of my Peroni, Kate says, “Well, I’m glad he is gone!” And I inquire, “Why? What did Dennis do?” And she goes onto say about how a few weeks ago he was hitting on her and wouldn’t stop, even after she asked him to. I kinda defended him with a half-hearted, “Well, he does sometimes drink to excess.” And she said, “Yeah, but he was super obnoxious.” And I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say, “Can’t help it I guess”. And Kate chimed in, “I wouldn’t have minded if it were you. I’ve always thought you were the life of the party and super cute to boot!” I almost spit out my beer at this comment and didn’t quite know what to make of it so I went along and said, “Yeah, you’d probably reject my advances anyway.” And she quickly snipped, “Only one way to find out, lets get out of here.”

I paid the tab and followed her out. She walked to her Land Rover and said, “Follow me home, I’d like to see your advances.” And I jumped into my BMW and followed her. Not sure why but she was super sexy and I loved the innocent flirting we had between each other. We arrived at her condo and she opened the door. I followed her in, a bit nervous as I was wondering if she was just fucking with me.

She walked over to the fridge and pulled out two cold beers. She bent at the waist when she did and spandex covered ass pulled just below the skirt line to give me a good look. She handed me the Corona Premier and said, “Sorry, its all I have. I know you like Peroni.” “Ahh, that’s fine.”, I replied, “I liked the view when you pulled them out of the fridge.” As I began my clumsy attempt at advancing with her.

“Oh, you did?”, she said. “Would you like to see it uncovered?” And I was surprised at how easily this was going and said, “Yeah, sure.”

Kate stepped back and put her beer on the table. She began a slow strip tease and danced slowly in the entry way to her kitchen. She looked at me and said, “I have dreamt about this for a while. I was always interested in you.” As she pulled her black Michelob Ultra golf shirt off and exposed her beautiful tits wrapped in a shiny red satin bra with lace trim. The bra was super sexy and held her tits with perfect cleavage. Cleavage so good it prompted me to leave larger than necessary tips. She tossed the shirt at me when it was off and said, “Stay dressed until I am naked, I want to undress you.” And I nodded an approval.

She worked her hands down to the golf skirt. She put both thumbs into the waistline and pulled the elastic band outward and downward. Shaking her hips as she lowered the skirt down, it pulled the underwear liner down with it and exposed one strip of pubic hair, nicely trimmed and clean around it as if it was shaved recently, possibly even waxed.

She let the skirt drop to the floor and she stepped out of it with her white Keds and she kicked them off as she did. She then lowered her bra strap, one by one and pulled the bra off. Her tits sprang free and bounced as they settled back into place. They were super perky and firm and her large areola with erect nipples stuck out from her c cup breasts.

Naked she gave a quick twirl and asked, “Do you like?” And I nodded yes as I couldn't resist any longer and went in for a kiss. She accepted openly and wrapped her arms around me and I gave her a kiss. She moaned and said,”I have wanted this for a long time. I am so glad you made your move.” I kissed her neck and nibbled her ears and worked my way to sucker her erect nipples as she stroked my hair and pressed me into her bosom.

Her hands lowered down to my shorts and she undid my belt, button and zipper anbd reached inside. “Oh, wow, I like what I feel! Can’t wait to feel that inside me!” And I felt myself get harder with that statement. My shorts fell to the floor and i stepped out of them, casually flipping my flip flops off as I did. Kate pulled me away and raised my shirt over my head and sucked my nipple she pulled it over my head and tossed it aside. Continuing to lick and suck my chest and nipples, she lowers herself and get on her knees while staring up at me, the piercing blue eyes locked onto mine, she puts her thumbs into the waistband of my red Calvin Klein Black trunks and pulls them down. My stiff cock springs out as my trunks fall to the floor.

Without looking away, her hands take my cock and begin to stroke it. She says, “Beautiful cock. Can’t wait to have it inside me!” And I just smile as she place

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Notes The golf league ends with a few beers and I get something extra from the waitress
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