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I live in a neighborhood that is very vibrant, friendly and fun. I was out walking my dog one day when I saw Laura struggling with a ladder. I stopped by and asked f she needed help and she quickly set the ladder down and grabbed my dog. I put the ladder away in the rafters of her garage and she thanked me for the help. “Anytime!”, I replied and went on my way.

The next day, same walk but without the dog, I saw her struggling with some boxes from the house to the garage. I asked her if she needed help and she managed to get the one box in but asked for help with the others. I went inside and grabbed a box, which was fairly heavy, and when I lifted it, the bottom blew out and emptied the contents onto her kitchen floor. Mostly textbooks which caused the weight but also a vibrator which began to hummm when it hit the floor and turned on.

Embarrassed, Laura ran over and retrieved the toy and quickly turned it off. Turning dark red, she said, “Sorry about that” and I replied, “No worries. Why you getting rid of it?” She turned another shade of red and said, “Didn’t know it was in the box.” “Oh, well good thing the box broke so you could find it!”, I said, “Why don’t you see if it still works?”

She gave me a sly look and said, “Well, I can see if it works but you may need to help.” I dropped the empty box and said, “Sure. I’d be happy to.”, and I took the vibrator from her and pressed the power button. It purred to life and I checked the speeds and the bead movement and the rabbit function and said, “Looks like it works from here but it may not work in real life conditions.” She said, “We better make sure” and shut her front door.

I walked over and placed the vibrator on the end table and walked Laura to the couch. I pulled her top off and admired her lace bralette that held back her tiny tits. I pulled her shorts down and she kicked them off and I admired her pink satin tanga panties. Her hips pulled the waistband high enough to expose a small camel toe and I asked her to sit as I reached for the vibrator. She sat back and I turned the vibrator on. It purred with a low pulsing sound and I rubbed the inside of the thighs with it, careful not to touch her pussy just yet.

She leaned back and rubbed her tits through the lacey bralette and I could see her nipples poke through as she enjoyed the building excitement going on inside her. She parted her legs and opened them wider and I gently rubbed the vibrator over the outside of her panties and pressed into her camel toe. She moaned as I played around her, stroking her inner thighs, then her slit and I changed the vibrations from time to time just to mix it up. Her panties were getting wet as her excitement built and I noticed the light pink satin turning a darker shade with each pass of the vibrator against her slit.

I pulled her panties aside and rubbed the vibrator between her labia’s and soaked up her juices that were increasing. I worked her labia’s between the vibrator and watched the vibrator begin to shine with the juices she was coating it with. I worked it upward and pressed it against her clit and Laura nearly exploded. She grabbed my hand and pressed the vibrator into her clit, obviously wanting this moment. I pressed it into her and stared at her as she closed her eyes and rubbed her tits with her free hand while keeping the vibrator pressed agains her clit. She arched her back and began shaking her hips as her first orgasm released. She let go of the vibrator and I pulled it from her clit and placed the tip between her legs.

I changed the speed to start the rotating beads, and changed the vibration to the shaft of the dildo which caused it to move in as rotating manner and I slide it easily into her. Once buried completely inside her, I turned the rabbit ears on and pressed them against her clit. Laura pulled her hands back and began rubbing her long brunette hair while the vibrator worked its magic on her pussy. She let the excitement build and bucked her hips again when the second orgasm pushed out from her and she let out a loud, “Ohhhh, fuck! That feels awesome!”

I pulled the vibrator out of her and inserted a few fingers and pumped her wet pussy slowly. She grabbed my hand and pushed my fingers into her while she rubbed her tits with her free hand as she tried to wrestle the bralette off. I pulled out of her and helped her remove her top and she lurched forward for a kiss which was a bit violent yet passionate.

She let off me and asked me to stand up, which I did. She quickly did away with my belt and shorts and pulled them down, along with my underwear in one motion. My cock sprang out and was already semi hard from watching me get her off and she quickly grabbed hold and started jerking me off as she stared not my eyes and said, “I want a real cock inside me now!” And with that, she stood up and hopped up and wrapped her legs around me.

Her tiny 5’3” 120lb frame was no problem and her legs wrapped tightly around my torso while her arms squeezed around my neck. My boner could feel the heat from her eager pussy and with a slight adjustment, my cock tip found it way easily into her wet hole. She eased her grip around me and slid down my pole. “You feel great!”, she said, “You fill me nicely” and I replied, “You pussy is so wet, it was easy to get in there.” And with that she slowly hopped up and down on my cock while we kissed passionately. I walked with her attached to me over to the wall and pressed her tiny frame between me and the wall, offering more support for me to ram into her better.

As I sped up the pace, I could feel her wetness leaking out of her and down my legs. The thought of her wet pussy juice spilling down me was super erotic and I couldn’t wait to taste her. I pulled away from the wall and pulled her off of me and set her down. She had none of it and grabbed my cock and led me to the kitchen table where she bent over the table and said

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Notes Helping a neighbor takes a turn for the better when a vibrator falls out of her moving boxes
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