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I started working Door Dash when the pandemic hit and was quite busy despite the fact that I hated the job. Sure the tips were good but the running around and often grumpy people didn’t make it a fun job per se. I did find there were certain houses I frequented more often and one condo, in particular, that I seemed to go to often. I noticed the address this fine summer evening and ran to Jae’s, a fine sushi place, and picked up the order.

I drove over and parked and walked hop the two flights of stairs to the condo and knocked. She opened the door with her head peeking out from around the side and said, “Oh, good, you’re here! Come in, I have to grab my wallet for a tip.” She always paid an extra tip in cash and said she used to work in the service industry and tips shouldn’t be taxed. When I walked in, it was much different than the other times I had been there.

First, she was wearing a bathrobe. She was usually dressed in yoga pants and a tight top and I loved to admire her firm little ass as I followed her to get my tip. She opened her purse and pulled out a $20 and handed it to me and said, “I know you have come here often and I like when you are my Door Dash, I find you very cute.” I replied, “Well, thanks for the tip. I have to say that I enjoy your generosity!”

As she handed me the $20, her hand gently grasped mine and pulled it toward her and placed my hand in the inside of her robe, just above her breast. “I can be very generous!”, she said as she guided my hand down to her breast where I could feel her satin bra. I froze and didn’t know what to do, almost thinking I was being set up. She must have sensed my fear and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.” And with that she stepped back and undid her robe and let it fall off her shoulders.

She looked more amazing in her red satin corset, black sating panties, black satin garter belt that was attached to black nylons. Her breasts heaved into perfect cleavage as the satin corset pushed her breasts together. “Fuck, you look so hot! Better in that outfit than you do in your tight yoga pants!”, I said. And she replied, “I could tell you were checking me out with each visit.”, as she came in for a kiss.

She smelled better than she looked, if that was possible, and I was enthralled with the scent of her perfume which got my adrenaline running. I kissed her back and absorbed her scent. She wrapped her arms around me and melted into me. I couldn’t resist. I grabbed the small of her back and pressed her into me. My stiffening cock bumping into her pubic mound. She backed away after a few and began to undo her corset. She let her beautiful c cup tits out into the wild and they perked to attention after being released from the tight corset. “I want us to eat sushi off each other.”, she said and grabbed the bag and headed to the living room floor where she had a blanket spread out already. She unpacked the sushi and lands down, placing a few bite sized pieces onto her tits.

I walked over and knelt down and leaned in for a bite. I mouthed the piece of sushi into my mouth and closed so I could gently suck her nipple. “Mmmmm”, she meowed and I went for the other piece. She got up and pulled my shirt off and asked me to lay down. Laying down, she pulled off my shorts and placed three pieces of sushi on me: two on my chest, one on my belly button and she went in with a similar eat and suck motion which felt awesome when my nipples went erect.

She ate the one off my belly button and then licked the inside of it and it tickled so I kinda jerked my stomach forward. She laughed when I did this and began lowering my trunks as she finished. When my cock sprung out, she stopped laughing. “Oh my!”, she said, “What do we have here?” And she began rubbing my shaft and balls. I just looked down at her as she fondled me and began to rise to the occasion.

She grabbed my cock and began licking around the tip while eyeballing me. I love it when they stare at you while sucking your cock. Her tongue lapping at my tip while her hands stroke my shaft. She places her mouth over my cock and lowers down my shaft. I feel her tongue against my veiny shaft as she takes all of me in. I press the back of her head to bring her all the way down. She goes with it before pulling off and going back in quickly. Her spit is flailing around as she attacks my cock. Slurping and sucking and fucking my cock with her face is an intense feeling.

I pull her off me and she comes up for a kiss while continuing to stroke me, her spit dribbling off her chin, she gave me a wet kiss. I pull her up to me and have her sit on my face. Her glistening pussy just inches from my mouth, I pull her hips down and lower her sweet pussy to my waiting tongue. I lap at her labia’s and reach up to grab her tits. She enjoys the tongue lashing I give her pussy and I work my way to suck on her clit. She moans as I suck on her soft bead and I feel her wetness build as I add to it with my spit.

She jumps off me and spins around. Her pussy still at my face but now I have a better shot at her asshole and as I lick her pussy, I insert a finger into her butthole and slowly begin to fuck it. She lowers down onto my cock and starts sucking me off but I am focused on eating her out and fucking her asshole. Both moaning in pleasure as we eat each other’s privates, I feel her tense as she cums. Her wetness leaks out onto my face and I lap as much as I can.

I push her off me and get up. I have her kneel down and I enter her wet pussy from behind and start ramming her. Our skin slapping against each other. I fuck her for a bit and then pull out. I press against her asshole and she doesn’t offer resistance so I press my tip into her. It slides in and I let her tight ass expand around my cock. I start fucking her ass and she reached under and begins rubbing her clit. She reaches further back and fondles my balls which holds me inside her for a

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