How does Tinder work?

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The day started off like so many others, the boring routine of an uninspired life at a meaningless job. I came home and poured a glass of wine, unhooked my bra and pulled it out from my silk blouse and sat on the couch. I was bored and lonely and tired of what felt like a drying up pussy since my breakup with my boyfriend a few month ago. I pulled out my iPhone and spun up Tinder.

For months I toyed with the idea of hooking up on this site but eventually chickened out. I flew a few swipe lefts and a few swipe rights but never followed up on it and never seemed to get any interest. Probably because my profile picture was horrendous. So, tonight, I went into the bathroom and applied some make up and took a few new selfies. I showed a tad more cleavage than usual and thought they came out pretty good. A little photo shopping and the pictures turned from ordinary to extraordinary. I uploaded the new profile pick and scanned the app, again, swiping left and right with frequency.

I came across Scott and saw a very attractive professional and swiped right. I put my phone down and went to the kitchen to pour another glass of wine. My notifications were pinging fast and furious while I was away and when I returned I found several new inquiries who apparently liked my new profile picture and there was an interest from Scott.

I ignored the others for now and messaged him through the app. He messaged back right away and commented on my new profile pic. I told him I liked his pic and profile as well and he shot right back and asked if I wanted to meet for a drink this evening. I said I was not up for going out but he could head over to my place if he liked. I said he would be over in 30 minutes. I felt safe with a stranger coming over as my apartment had a doorman and visitor names were logged with ID and I sure that would turn away most creeps in this world. I quickly tidied up my apartment and freshened up a bit as well. I took off my pencil skirt and put on a pair of tight fitting Nike Epic Lux running tights, a white tank top and I kept my blouse on but had it unbuttoned so it draped around my athletic frame.

The doorman rang and I said he could let Scott up. He rang my doorbell and I opened the door. He was cuter in person than on his profile pic and wore a white button down untucked with khaki pants and Chuck Taylors. His chest hair buffed out at the top of his shirt and he wore a whale tale necklace. He came in with a bottle of Pinot Noir and I asked if he wanted a glass of that to which he accepted. I opened the bottle and poured him a glass. He took a sip and we headed toward the couch. He sat on the opposite side and I asked him, “So, you Tinder a lot?” And he said, “In the beginning yes but I have dropped off a lot over the past year. It got kinda lame and I found most of the dates to be just okay so now I pick and choose better or wait for someone to choose me. How about you?” I replied, “This is my actual first hook up. I got out of a relationship 6 months ago and toyed with the app for a while but never responded to anyone. I redid my profile pic today and got like 40 likes and I did swipe right on you and now you are here.” “So first time, eh?”, he said. “Yup, I am a bit nervous but figured what the hell!”, I replied.

“So you know how the app works, etc.?”, he asked and I said, “Yeah, I’m vaguely familiar. We hook up and see where it goes, right?” “Yes, exactly”, he replied. And he set his glass down on the table and wormed his way towards me. I arched backward and set my glass down as well and soon he was on top of me and he began nuzzling my neck before coming in for a kiss. He smelled great and his soft tongue was dancing with mine and we enjoyed a long and wet kiss. I laid back and felt the weight of him on top of me. I maneuvered to get a more comfortable position and soon my legs were spread to the side and I could feel his stiff cock rubbing against my spandex leggings. I couldn’t tell how big he was but the stiff cock pressed against my pussy got me a bit excited.

As he stroked up and down on me, I could feel my wetness build from within. I unbuttoned his short and he helped pull it all the way off. His necklace dangling as he dry humped me. I sucked on his nipples and he gently glided between my labia’s. He pulled my shirt off and tugged at my cotton tank and finally freed me of it. He pressed his hands into my black satin bra and kneaded me. I heaved my chest into his grasps and he played with my tits for a few minutes until he reached around and with he flick of a finger, unclasped my bra. My tits freed from the bra, they spilled to the side and he went down on them and sucked my nipples hard. I couldn’t help but press his face into my tits as he nibbled and sucked my nippled. The string of electricity that is hardwired from my nipples to my pussy got my juices flowing.

I pressed my hips upward to show him I was eager and he pressed back into me and I felt his cock rub against my pubic mound. Moaning with each dry fuck, I knew I was wet inside and began an urge to have my insides filled with his cock.

We kissed as he pulled my Nike spandex tights down and they snapped off my ankles with a spring like action. I parted my legs and rubbed my shave pussy and clit for a moment as he undid his belt and lowered his pants. She was wetter than I could remember. His red Calvin Klein Black trunks had a small wet spot on the front and I could tell Scott was excited too from our pre-game activities. The outline of his cock was nice and appeared to be 7 inches and thick. It nestled nicely to the left. I reached up and rubbed him through the satiny fabric and got a good feel of him before I pulled his trunks down as unleashed his cock. It sprang out and bobbed up and down from its new found freedom. A small clear gleam of pre-cum glistened from the tip, I stopped it with my finger and brought it to my lips

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Notes Being new to Tinder, I got everything I wanted!
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