To be pegged or not to be pegged...heres my experience for you..

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penetrate myself’
‘I tried pegging as sort of a natural progression. I had experimented with self penetration when masturbating, and realized I liked it.

‘My first experience being pegged was with my now ex-wife. We had a very open sexual relationship when it came to trying new things, and she had voiced interest in pegging me, so we agreed together to try it.

‘As far as how it felt, there are a few things I remember. So, we didn’t have the proper equipment (like a strap-on) so we kind of had to improvise. I laugh now, but all we had that wasn’t going to be too extreme for me was one of those KY His and Hers lube bottles. They’re very phallic.

‘Even then, it was larger than anything I had used to penetrate myself. So, there was that initial discomfort, but it was mostly a very pleasurable experience.

‘Mentally, I think I had had some minor conflict, but mostly it was still me discovering a lot about my sexuality, which can oftentimes be stressful.

‘So, to finish, yes I mark it as a positive experience, and assuming I had a partner I trusted, it would still be an option for me.’

Written by dik4u2suk
Cargado June 30, 2021
Notes First time pegged by wife
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