Meet at airport

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I was going from Greensboro North Carolina to Denver Colorado Met a husband on the airplane He sit right beside me
On the plane I was watching Game of Thrones on my phone
And my dick got hard and this guy look at my dick and talking to me and he going to head home It’s his 10 wedding anniversary
Invite me but I said no Dennis start talking about do you want to surprise his wife and are we going to have fun and drink then I think about it and say yes when we land in Denver airport a check in my hotel and he came to pick me upI went to his house his wife was halfway drunk we all start drinking I was fucked up yes they were so drunk they start kissing each other husband and wife Oh and after a while he start licking har pussy take parents off I feel like I was watching porn I see her very nice perky breast and I pull out my dick jacking it when close to her but she said no but I was still jacking my dick dick
Then I went close to her again she said no then again she said no then after that oh I was about to sleep she start sucking my dick slowly using a tongue on my dock like a hurricane I never had a blow job like that before Then I start kissing her husband was fucking her like doggy style She said she wanna ride me then she came top on me start riding then I was working on her on couch And a husband start licking my balls he was bisexual it felt so good Her husband trying to his dick with my dick in her pussy he was fucking she was going crazy and then she squirted all over Then me and her husband kissing her first and she start sucking ducks slowly as hell Oh and she Deep Throat and I come in her Throat that felt so good And her husband did same thing We meet every six months now oh and I love my life now that feels so good They teach me lotta things

Written by shan291
Cargado June 30, 2021
Notes Airport can be fun
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