Pleasure To Please

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I like to welcome all the ladies in the need of foreplay & getting laid!
I'm in this to give women the pleasure of lust & not to get paid!
Just to get this out the way, I do not do or lick ass holes or toes!
And now you know the limitations, anything else is good to go!
Many believe I was playing, but I assured them it's my motherfucking duty!
To help please all races, any sized titties, and the ones with big booties!
I don't discriminate; however, I ask you to come ready & clean
So, I can give you the long oral treatment when I get in between!
Your sexy ass, small or thick, & me wanting to lick them luscious thighs!
Steady kissing & working my tongue all around till you roll back your eyes!
Then, I slowly kiss up to a nipple; my hands are taking a body test!
Grasping, rubbing your neck, until I come around masticating your breast!
Now, my hands find the hips until I firmly grab the cheeks of your ass!
Your mind will be contemplating on how to make this evening forever last!
Once I teased your body with my mouth, my hands, & your mind,
I insert just my tip, pushing to the rim, as your hips sensually start to wind!
Casually, you working your grind as I passionately thrust my dick to fully fit!
You tell me to fuck you harder, the sexy moans, we're equally loving this shit!
I can feel you wetter, the adrenaline is pumping from your sexy ass sounds!
The pace is getting faster & faster! Legs wide open! The pussy I pound!
I continue fucking nonstop, I'm fully aroused, & I see your legs starting to shake!
You scream, "DON'T STOP!" I'm giving you all the stamina my dick can take!
I can feel the load as we both explode in an orgasmic bliss of lust!
And without another sound, we both lie down, grading each other a plus!

I opened my eyes to realize my dick is rock hard and this story was all a dream!
The story of my life! Damn!

Written by jtimes3
Cargado July 1, 2021
Notes This is a poetic story of what I would do to please a woman in need of pleasure! I have many others to share but wanted to break the ice with the first one I came to. I'm really looking forward to seeing how many will enjoy my work! I want to share at least 1 a week. I will also take requests for those wanting a certain sex poem for themselves. Till next time ...
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