End of a shift leads to erotic fun!

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Something about a guy in panties is the most amazing turn on ever! I was unaware that many men wore panties but the night I got off bartending and hooked up with this guy at the hotel bar, I was pleasantly surprised.

I finished work and he had been flirting with me all night. A typical businessman who was staying at the hotel and flirted casually as he watched the ballgame. Typically, I am not interested in these guys as they are in town for a few days and I typically have no time fro the bullshit they are spewing. However, Scott was different. He seemed very friendly and was very flirty as well. He cracked jokes about other patrons that were funny but not rude or condescending. He was in town for the week and always came down to the bar at 9p after working for the day. He ordered a Blanton’s on the rocks and by Tuesday I knew his drink and looked forward to his witty banter.

He was very friendly and flirty but was never overly seeking me to come back to his room with him. However, I found myself attracted to him after the second night and looked forward to the Wednesday session where I was a bit more forward with my flirtations than I had been on previous nights. I poured him his Blanton’s and he took a sip. I said, “Taste good?” And he replied, “Yes. Very good.” And I went right back, “I bet I know something that tastes better?” And he said, “Sure there were some things better than Blanton’s but not many. Why do you think would taste better?” I leaned in and said, “I know this is forward but I bet my pussy tastes better!” He nearly spit out his drink and said, “Well, I am not sure how to respond to that” and I said, “Well, I do. You have been down here all week and I love our conversations. Especially your flirting. How about after work, I come up to your room?” He said, “Well, I guess that would be fine but I think you may be scared of me when you get up there.” And I asked, “What could scare me?” And he said, “I’ll leave the surprise for later but if you’re up to it, I am too!”

We flirted a bit more heavily that night. Probably because we knew we were likely to be two consenting adults who were preparing to fuck each other hard. The bar grew empty and the ball game ended and when I asked for last call, Scott ordered two Blanton’s and one vodka soda for me for the room. I cashed him out and he walked away. I was eager with excitement and cleaned the bar up and balanced my drawer quickly before I punched out. I went tot he ladies room and cleaned up a bit before sneaking into the elevator on my way to his floor. The hotel management frowns on use bartenders fucking their guests.

I knock on his door and he says, “Just a minute.” And seems to take a while before opening the door. When he does, he is standing there in pink satin panties, a matching bra and garter set and white stockings with a pretty little bow on the thigh that is something I instantly envy. I am a bit shocked but try to hide my surprise when he says, “You like the surprise?” And I say, “Yes, I had no idea you liked panties!” He twirled around and I must say the outfit looked awesome on him and one that I would love to show up in for my lover in as it was very erotic and sexy.

He let me pass him before he closed the door and he walked over to the mini fridge and pulled out my drink. “Sexy”, I said when he bent over and revealed his hairless ass crack. He came back with the drink and said, “You sure you are okay with the surprise? Many women run right about now as they can’t fathom a guy in panties.” “No, I like it. Really.”, I replied and he came in for a kiss. He smelled like lavender and I loved it. Our tongues danced with each other and I could taste the Blanton’s on his breath, the vanilla hints overpowering the alcohol.

I put my drink down and pushed him toward the bed. He fell backward and stared at me and I said, “I seem to be overdressed” and I unbuttoned my black vest and white blouse and pulled them off me. My black satin bra held back my c cup tits and I undid my pants button while he casually stroked his cock through the satin panties. I shimmied my hips and my pants fell down to the ground and I pulled them off. I stood in front of him in my black satin panties and bra and he motioned for me to come to the bed. I slid in next to him and we embraced in a kiss while we tossed around on the bed. I felt his boner slide across my satin panties and must say that the feeling kinda excited me.

I rolled on top of him and kept my pubic mound from against his stiff pole while I kissed him. I slid down a bit and let his cock straighten out in his satin panties. His tip sticking out the tip of the panties and the pretty pink bow resting just under his cock head was super cute. I spread my legs and let the outline of his cock slide between my satin covered labia’s. The frictionless satin providing a great sensation as he speared me open slightly. My wetness began the soak the satin panties as I grinded him in between my labia’s. I loved the feeling his cock was giving me and it sent electric waves through my body and I felt my nippled harden with each glide. I pinned his hands back and rode him gently while I felt myself get wetter and wetter. I saw his pre-cum oozing out of his tip and had to control the urge for me to go down and suck him off.
Grinding him up and down and watching his pre-cum leaking out of him had me super excited. He pulled his hand away from my grasp and pressed his thumb against my satin panties and quickly found my clit where he pressed harder. I came quickly as I was waiting anxiously for that touch and felt a release of wetness fill my cunt.

I rolled off him and he quickly pulled my panties aside and began fingering my slushy hole. I grabbed his stiff cock through his satin panties and stroked him. My wetness has absorbed a little into his panties and the outline of his veiny shaft was present as I stroked him with increased i

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Notes End of a bartending shift turns erotic
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