Playing With Brooke Nature Calls

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Have you ever met somebody and you just simply clicked? Of course you have. Almost everybody has felt that perfect love, that perfect relationship where everything just feels amazing and nothing could ever go wrong.

Now have you ever had the perfect sexual relationship? Where anything goes, that person will do anything and everything for you while you will do anything and everything for them. Every touch, every experience is electric. Time or place doesn't matter. That person is willing to let down their guard and cross their own boundaries with you. If you have, you're as lucky as I am.

For the sake of not getting in trouble with my lady friend, we’re going to call her "Brooke". I'd like to share a few experiences that Brooke and I had together. Of course, not every experience we had together was some down and dirty fuck fest. However, it didn't matter whether it was passionately making love or fucking her in the front seat of a car, it was amazing. Neither of us is really sure why. I say it's because she's just that damn good. She says it's because I’m just that damn good. Safe to say together we simply know what makes each other tick.

Brook and I were typical love birds. Wanting to spend every available second together. Not wanting to leave when our time is up. Regularly we would take long walks, the majority of them being in a park that became a very special place to us. Most days we would walk and talk, other days we would get lost in the woods. Occasionally we would find ourselves in interesting situations. This particular one opened our eyes to what we would become.

It was a typical fall day, walking and talking as we usually do. We decided to explore a bit and wandered deep into the woods. Only stopping to maybe kiss and hug for a minute or smoke a cigarette and just relax and enjoy the day. One stop we made was at a downed tree that just seemed to be the perfect place to rest. The branches were laid out in such a way that they made a little bench to sit on. We sat and talked for a few minutes, smoked another cigarette and laughed at the fact that I fell in some of the nastiest mud you could possibly find.

Finishing up, we stood as though we were going to continue on. Brooke stopped in front of me pausing for a moment. She then turned around and looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and grabbed me by my belt, pulling me in close for a kiss. Slowly at first. Softly, passionately. Her lips quivered and her breath was unsteady. As we kissed our bodies came together. Our hands moved over each other as the intensity built. Grabbing and pulling at each other's clothes.

Brook's body told me exactly what she had on her mind. As she tugged on my clothes she ground her hips against me. She was breathing so hard she couldn't kiss for more than a second or two at a time. Essentially standing there dry humping each other, I couldn't handle it anymore. I reached down and grabbed her perfect round ass and picked her up. Her legs wrapped around me while she worked her hips, grinding her pussy against me. I could feel her heat through our clothes. She was more than ready and so was I. Leaning back against the tree, still holding her, she gyrated her hips sliding her ready cunt up and over my bulging cock. At that rate, the party would be over before it even started.

Standing back up I turned around and placed her on the tree. Kissing her with an insane amount of intensity I slid my hand between her legs. She gasped the second I touched her. Never in my life had I felt a pussy so dripping wet her pants were soaked through. Pressing and rubbing her cunt more and more aggressively until she stopped me. She was ready to cum before any clothes came off.
Frantically she clawed at my belt. I did the same as quickly as I possibly could, finally opening up my fly. She grabbed onto my throbbing cock and stroked it softly, which I found odd given how hungry she was. That quickly changed the second my finger slid between her dripping wet pussy lips. One and then two fingers spread them apart. Barely moving at all, she could hardly handle it. The look on her face was hungry. Almost angry. She didn't just want what she had in her hand. She craved it. My thick cock was going to be inside her whether I liked it or not.
Picking her up, I slid her pants down to her ankles. She kicked off a shoe to release her legs. Spreading them, I moved her panties aside. Touching her softly, her back arched against the tree. I couldn't handle it. I wanted to taste her. My tongue teasing her perfectly pink pussy. Playing with her, I began to move in for the kill. She stopped me again. Puzzled, I rose back up. She had other things in mind. For her it was a race. My pants couldn't come off fast enough. Quickly sliding them to the ground she pulled me in tight while kissing me passionately.
Placing her just right on the edge of the tree I moved her panties aside once again. One last touch to make sure she was ready. She was there, her juices practically flowing down her legs. Leaning in as we kissed my cock slid against her pussy. Her hips moved, begging for it inside her. I pushed. Slowly. Though she was soaking wet it took some effort to penetrate. Gently I pushed through. One inch at a time, I slid my massive cock inside her tight cunt. Every inch she moaned and breathed deep. Every inch she arched back harder. Grabbing me by the back of my neck she pulled me in close as I buried every inch inside. Balls deep, she worked her hips, enjoying the thick warm cock that now filled her. Shaking with every move I made.
Deep inside we moved together. She wrapped her legs around me and picked herself up off the tree. Only her shoulders were touching as I held her up. Thrusting my bulging cock inside her, she moaned like an animal. She was enjoying every slap of our skin together. Completely oblivious to the world around us, we fucked each other like it might be our last. Louder, harder, faster, I slammed my

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Notes A fun and Spicy short of how 2 love birds fount their sexual chemistry was more than they bargained for.
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