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Sean woke up with a start as his alarm blared through the dim light of their bedroom. He had forgotten to turn the damn thing off for the week and this was his reward. He stood up and brought a hand down hard on top of the large button on top of the clock to silence it. As he fell backward into his bed, he heard his wife stirring from her own slumber as he lay flat on his back; half uncovered, one leg hanging off the side of the mattress, and one arm over his itching and aching eyes.

"Sorry, babe." He said as he rolled over to kiss her lightly on the cheek. "I forgot to turn it off for vacation."

His wife, Melissa, rolled over before he could reach her to steal a kiss on his lips and smiled with just a hint of exhaustion on her face.

"It's fine," she said, pulling the covers down towards her feet and turning to stand. "Could be a good way to start our time off. Get up early and make good use of our limited time."

As the covers came down and she sat up, Sean noticed her boobs–free of all restraints save for her thin nightgown–flop weightily down and bounce into their natural position. He had been unable to put his finger on what seemed so different the night before, but he thought he had it now. They had been fully engaged in a weekend-long romp through the house, having raucous and exuberant sex on novel surfaces and in positions they had never even thought to try before. Since Sunday, he had thought briefly that Melissa's chest seemed a little bigger than on Friday. Now, on Monday morning, he knew without a doubt that his dear wife was bigger.

"Err," he began, clearing his throat and starting over. "Sweetie, are you feeling...normal?"

"Hm?" Melissa stopped making up her side of the bed and looked up at him with an eyebrow cocked in the way he always found so charming. "Did last night's supper not agree with you? I told you that stew had been in there for a few days."

"No, no," Sean waved a hand in front of himself a few times in dismissal. "I mean do you, personally, feel different, or weird, or, hell, anything?"

She kept looking at him with a curious look in her eye.

"Should I? Did you change my whole world last night?"

"I'm not trying to be funny or cool, Mel."

Sean walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her from behind. He cupped her tits in his hands and gave the slightest possible squeeze he could, evoking a short gasp from his wife.

"These are a little bigger, right?" He asked.

"I don't think so?"

Melissa said it with a hitch in her voice, almost like she couldn't be sure. Looking down at herself as he held her boobs up in his hands, she put her own hands on top of his and silently motioned for him to let her go. Sean acquiesced and she walked towards the closet where their floor length mirror stood across from the doorway. Flicking on the light as she walked into the small space, she stood opposite the mirror's surface and gazed carefully at her reflection. She slowly brought a hand up to her chest and felt her right breast, followed by her left. She then turned in profile and pressed the hem of her nightgown close to her body to get a good view of their projection.

Sean looked in from the bedroom, standing at an angle so that he could see Melissa's reflection in its entirety. He looked first at her toned legs, his eyes following them up to a well-sculpted ass and relatively wide hips that were presently hidden under the loose and silky fabric of her nightgown. His gaze continued the tour up her body to see the wavy brown hair that hung to her mid-back until he was finally looking unabashedly into the reflection of her icy blue eyes, which narrowed playfully.

"How often do you stare at my tits that you know they're bigger before I do?" She asked, calling out to Sean over her shoulder; her voice slightly muffled from all the fabric that hung around her.

"I was right then?" Sean said as he walked towards his dresser for a change of clothes.

"I think so. They're not up like a full cup size or anything, but I'm sure they're a little more full or something."

She stepped out of the closet, without the nightgown, now wearing a fresh set of underwear–her bra halfway on as she attempted to fasten the hooks behind her back.

"Once I get this on I'll know for certain." She said as she adorably scrunched up her features with the effort of fastening the hooks in such an awkward way.

Sean had always thought that his wife was one of the cutest girls anyone would ever see and it was the little things like the faces she made when she tried to do simple things in an overly complex way that truly cemented that for him.

"Yup," she said as she settled her boobs into the cups. "This is my favorite bra. Fit like a glove until today, dammit."

"Any idea why that's happening now after all these years?"

Sean and Melissa were only 27 and 25 respectively, but they had been dating since just after college, had moved in together after dating for six months, and had been married for over two years now. They knew each other well enough after so long together.

"No clue, but there are some women who grow out a little more as they get older. Rule number eighty-four of the Woman's Handbook: 'Never get too comfortable with any one bra, because something will randomly change.'"

Sean laughed at her sarcastic wit, but continued to privately press down his excitement. Melissa was his one and only, but he had a definite thing for boobs. He didn't really care that his wife wasn't particularly busty at a 34C, but a little bit more never hurt in his mind. If she continued to grow a little more, say up to a full D-cup, he wouldn't mind it at all.

"Well," he said. "I won't complain."

"I know you won't," Melissa pouted, mockingly mumbling to herself. "But finding that one bra that truly fits is like seeing a blue whale out in the wild; perfectly plausible, but still a rare and magical event."

"I know, I know." Sean said disarmingly as

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Written by thepfeffernusse
Cargado July 11, 2021
Notes Maternity is the story of a young woman, her husband, and their struggles with a rare condition that she develops as a result of her long-awaited pregnancy. What begins as a bit of swelling in her breasts turns out to be a precursor for a much, much bigger problem.

Contains themes of pregnancy and breast expansion. It was written to be a fetish story, so she's going to get pretty huge.
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