Sex At The New Restraunt

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There was a girl called Midora who loved sex! She ran into guys who grabbed her enormous tits, smacked her arse and stripped her in night clubs, had sex on the floor and licked her big pussy! As a result, she grabbed their dicks and kissed and snogged them! Midora was hungry and felt like some fruity snacks. She saw herself walking towards a restraunt so she decided to walk in. She was confused when she got asked if she had an appointment and soon realised she was in a doctors reception. She walked to the restraunt next to it and ordered pizza. She found a table and decided to search around to see if anyone she knew was there. She didn't find anyone so, she sat down at the table she had found. She needed the toilet before she ordered her food so, she excused herself and went. She was walking towards the toilets, which were unisex toilets, and she found herself be pushed towards a wall; by a guy! The guy stripped himself before he she stripped Midora and started to have sex. Midora was trying to exit before she got into I herself. She was dripping with cum and even got dressed, went home with him and had hardcore sex for 5 hours. She also asked him to do something before they stopped their sex marathon:
If he could impregnate and cum inside her for an entire day! He did and they were an official couple.
This is a true story and it happened to me!
Except, my name is not Midora, my name is Raven
Hope you enjoyed!!?

Written by ravenwantssex
Cargado July 13, 2021
Notes I wrote a story about sex in a new restraunt in Japan and I hop you all like it!!!
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