The Bet

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The Bet

I'm a 31 year old tattoo model from Aotearoa. Moana is my name. Im a indigenous New Zealander. Aotearoa is the indigenous name for New Zealand.

Some of my tattoos have been chiseled on in the traditional way. When I model I apply makeup to hide the tatts on my face. Each tattoo tells a story. Not always a pleasant story, as only indigenous people would know.

I'm now living in Australia in a over 50 retirement village. Far away from my people. At lease it's close to the sea. I'm Moana , I love the ocean. I'm proud to be a indigenous Aotearoa woman.

Why I'm living here, well that's a long complicated story why I'm here. I was living in a penthouse and having lots of cash and endless flow of people dropping in for their fix.

I'm now living a basic life, where every day seems just like the last. Where sleep is more important than the rush of a deal or being center of attention.

The people here are like zombies, they move slowly like they are trying to prevent time moving, as they know their time is nearly up.

I got to break free from here I think as I watch my favorite TV drama. I look up at my partner in crime who is turning 56 this year.

Fuck he looks good for a old cunt. Hes a freak ! I think while I watch him do two finger pullups and then skips rope like he's training for a boxing match.

He's a white Australian. Nothing wrong with that.

He says he doesn't see colours only people. He could of been black in a previous life.

I ask him " who do think has died ? " He says Mac ! (Referring to the tv show we watch every night.)

I think it's Susie. No way, she's to smart to be killed ! he replied. Ok then let's bet on it.

What are we betting for he asks. Well since you don't have any money. I'm the bread winner, I make the cash. I will need to think about it I replied to him. I knew what wanted.

I knew I will win the bet. Like most tv drama shows they drag it out, so I had a few days to condition him to what he will need to do to pay the bet off.

Today we are laying on the couch watching TV. Im on social media going through my messages...same old stuff .. send me your pictures .. luv your tatts. I want to fuck you and on and on it goes.

Some of my clients are requesting some of my older pictures and videos for a premium. I send a few and send some to my partner.

I tell him I always feel weird watching them with you. I want you to watch them now. Thinking I could start preparing him for my bet that I will win.

I could see his cock starting to bulge as he watch a video of me with my ex girlfriend/ partner kissing and playing with each other.

Tipical fucking guy, guys always get horny over girl on girl action.

The next video he watched was one of me alone with a vibrator. He pulled me over to him, I didn't want to watch the video with him so I pulled his pants down to give him a handjob.

I told him to keep watching my videos, knowing the next one will be me playing with a cucumber. I didn't feel like giving him a blow job or fucking him as I was still bleeding from my period.

He just finished hand washing the blood off my PJ's without being asked. He really does look after me. I'm going to start his preparation..I'm going to enjoy it ..he probably won't.haha

He gently moves my face to his and kisses me on my red lips and says he wants to video me playing with a cucumber and then give me anal while I fuck my pussy with it. That way we both can watch the video together.

Of course we can I replied in a few days time. Meanwhile I reach over for the coconut oil to lube his hard cock I love so much. We have jars of coconut oil everywhere, it's good for everything.

I proceed to give him a handjob, running my slender tattooed fingers over his balls and around his anus. He's moaning and wanting to me to engulf his cock with my mouth.

His cock his leaking pre cum now from the touch of my hands soft and moist from the coconut oil.

I look up at him and said you know that bet we have ? Yes ! He replied. Well if you loose I get to pegg you with a carrot !

This seem to turn him on more. But he said thats a bit unfair as he guilded my finger to his bum hole.

Was he gay ? Why is he wanting my finger in his bum. I knew he spent time in maximum security jail. I meant others who knew him from those one ever said he ever took it up the ass in jail. They respected him.. maybe because he was twice their age and a old crazy cunt...

I don't really want to peg him with a carrot now I'm thinking, as Im fingering him while I'm sucking on the head of his cock just how he wanted .

Why can't I fuck his ass hard like he does to me. Fuck his cock is much bigger than a carrot. I take his cock in my ass so why can't he or does he want it. I want to ass fuck him, but I think he will like it and then what ?

Will he make me use a strap on. This is getting weird even for me. This pose to be a payment for loosing a bet not for him to get his rocks off.

Maybe I should just buy a strap on and fuck him hard, like to see him not being able to shit without feeling pain for a week. This is not fair I will win the bet but he will enjoy loosing.

The next video starts playing, oh this is going to be interesting I thought to see his reaction. He asked is he a ex or a client ? I looked up at him, he's smiling with his eyes firmly fixed on the video playing of me with a throat full of cock.

He's a ex I replied. I thought fuck its my bet, I'm the winner and I'm going to loosen his bum hole wether he likes or not. More coconut oil I thought, that will work.

He's moaning as I work my finger in his bum, he's asking me to keep going. He pushing my mouth down on to his cock.

My red lips are tight around the head of his cock, my tounge is flicking all over the tip of his cock licking up his pre cum.

My other hand is jerki

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Written by missink31
Cargado July 14, 2021
Notes A word, all of my stories are based on realife experiences.

Living a simple life doesn't mean not going without or a boring life. We like to bet on everything. Not having a great deal of money, so we challenge ourselves. I love sex and pushing the boundaries.

I hope you enjoy my story. Missink31
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