Gia Goes For A Boat Ride

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The next day after Gia fucked the waiter in the wine cellar. They exchanged texts back and forth trying to figure out how to meet up again.

Gia-What are you up to today?
Waiter-Going to spend the day on the lake with my 2 buddies
Gia-Want some company?
Waiter-Can I fuck you again?
Gia-Of course
Waiter-My buddies might be horny 2…are you into that?
Gia-Maybe…we will see
Waiter-So there is a chance that you would fuck me and my 2 buddies?
Waiter-Ok lets meet up for lunch drinks at Sparkys and take it from there
Gia-Ok we will be there at noon. Jim will bring me over, hang out and if we head out somewhere he will probably drop anchor, enjoy a few beers and read a book.
Waiter-Ok perfect see you at noon

Gia told me about her lunch plans and I was on board. She spread her legs and masterbated to what will probably happen this afternoon just as she was about to cum I put my head between her legs and helped bring her to an orgasm. After she came she thrusted my hard dick inside of her and I pounded her hard until I came inside of her. Looking at the clock she hopped up took a shower and cleaned my cum out of her vagina, put on her 2 piece swim suit and headed off. Over lunch we munched on apps and consumed too many shots and drinks. Gia was getting very comfortable with all 3 and they were getting comfortable with her. She made it a point to carry on a conversation with each of them. Since we were in a secluded part of the bar she wasn’t bashful if one her boobs popped out or if her bottoms were pulled up or rode down a little bit too much. By the end of the lunch everyone had seen her perfectly manicured bush and all of her boobs.

Gia and I had worked out a signal just in case she wasn’t up for it all three. She would incorporate the way that she was feeling (great, spectacular, so so, or not sure) into a sentence about the weather. She told me that the weather was perfect. At that point I told the guys that would they mind taking Gia for a boat ride over to Kellans Point (a secluded beach), I am going to drop anchor, drink a few beers and read, if a boat decides to venture past me I will call them on channel 14 to give them a heads up. They all agreed. We paid the check and headed down to our boats. The dock was down a path not in the sight line of the restaurant patrons. Once we got to our boats I took Gia’s top and bottoms off, smacked her cute little ass and helped my naked little fuck buddy into the boat with the waiter and his 2 friends. She was slightly embarrassed until one of them put his hard dick in her mouth then she was right at home.

We pulled away from the dock. The waiter, his 2 friends and my naked little fuck buddy, took off a tad bit faster than me. After a 20 minute run I positioned my boat outside of Kellans point where I could have a great view of Gia having fun but also if any boats decided to venture into the area. After about 2 or so hours. The waiter and his friends pulled up next to me. She was giving them good bye kisses and gropes and promised to stay in touch. Gia hopped into my boat and I could tell by the cum dripping out of her pussy that she had let one or all of them cum in her.

She gave me a deep kiss and said that was probably the best afternoon of her life. As I navigated back to our house she gave me the best blow job EVER. Once inside of the house she grabbed her phone and looked at the naughty pictures that they sent of her getting fucked….she was proud, happy and very sexually charged. She then laid out on the couch and gave me a blow by blow accounting of how much fun she had. She then asked if I wanted to cum in her or on her. I said in of course. She said even though all 3 guys had blow their loads in her. I said yes. I then rammed my hard dick inside of her and made her scream louder then she ever had before and when I released my sperm inside of her she started to scream in ecstasy. At this point she could barely walk so I took her to the shower and cleaned her up and then to the hot tub where we relaxed and she fell asleep in my arms.

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Notes Gia goes for a boat ride and makes a few waves of her own
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