I Win You Loose ( The Bet-part 2. )

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I Win You Loose.
(The Bet. part 2 )

They are pulling a body out of the water. Every one in the bay is watching from the shore line. Who is it they ask each other? I know it's Susie. Everyone in the bay has it in for her.

She's a con artist, a home wrecker and a user. She's meant her match and ended up dead in the water. Best of all I will win the bet. Fuck ! He yells. It's Susie.

Ha ha I win You loose I sing while dancing around. You are going to be pegged with a big fucking cucumber! He looks up at me then he moves his eyes back down to my boobs which have fallen out of my loose top.

He speaks to me like a school boy answering a question that he knows will see him sent straight to the Headmaster. Do you want to replace that missing nipple ring ?

He hoping by talking about buying nipple rings it will distract me from using cucumbers. He loves my nipples and my piercings. Yes I do ! We can straight after I buy a cucumber for you.

The day we go shopping. I think he's hoping I buy a carrot as we walk near the fruit and vegetables isle. No I thought , he's not getting his way again.

I bought the biggest cucumber, told him it was for me only so he wouldn't freak out in the shops. I want to scare him like how it might feel to be a first timer in jail. Jail is scary even in the women's prison.

On the short drive home I joking say let's see how much you like this cucumber in your bum. Fuck off he replies.. that's not going anywhere near me.

Oh well no cucumber no anal with me again and more no videos of us. This will test him. Will he agree to a cucumber instead of a little carrot. I want him to feel like a loser of the bet.

We are home now from shopping he puts the cucumber quickly into the freezer, along with the much smaller carrots. As I like my toys cold and his cock hot.

A couple of days go past, not much is said about the bet. We do our normal stuff. He wakes up early, goes for a walk, while I sleep until 10 am. He makes me coffee as I rise from my long sleep.

I kiss him as he hands me my morning coffee. I roll a smoke filled with fresh chop chop. I love morning smoke and the taste of his coffee. We sit outside under a tree.

He feeds the wild butcher birds and magpies he has trained to eat from his hand. We are like a family, the birds stand on our small outdoor table waiting for their turn to eat.

While I enjoy the taste of coffee mixed with my rollie. He watches me as I run my slender tattooed finger around the inside rim of his coffee mug.

I slowly lick the creamy froth of my finger, without taking my eyes off him. I can feel his cock expanding as my other hand gently strokes his cock. God, I love his coffee every morning.

Later that day. We are watching a normal movie. Not a porn movie starring me, just a mainstream movie. I think he's hoping I forgot about the bet.

Can you massage my back please I ask him. He seems relieved.

I position myself on our couch with my face firmly in his lap. I can feel his cock against my face. He has great control and focus as he gives me a deep tissue massage around my neck and shoulders.

As usual the massage goes on for an hour, without him wanting sex or complaining.

I tell him to take his pants off and ask him to massage my fingers with plenty of coconut oil. I can feel his cock growing against my face while he gently massages my fingers and hands.

Where's your phone? I ask. Here at the coffee table. Well how do you think you can make a video of us if you don't have it in your hand. I have only two hands he replies to.

We'll wipe those hands of yours and video I ordered. With his right foot resting on a cushion on the coffee table with his knee raised and legs slightly apart. His left leg is stretched out, which allowed me full access under his balls.

I say to him to lean forward over me so you can video my face and my hands on your cock.

Probably not the best angle for a porn video. However, I do like amateur porn videos more than professionals. I started to finger his arse while resting my lips on the tip of his cock.

I could feel his cock throbbing and the taste of his pre cum on my lips. I felt his bum hole relaxed, letting me push two fingers deeper inside him.

No way will he be able to take a cucumber. A carrot maybe, I thought. I wanted him to be scared not to arouse, so I stuck to my plan.

I looked up and told him to play our video back. It was purely amazing. The picture was shaky, not like the ones I was in.

I have never been filmed from that angle before. It's always just close ups of me being pounded. It turned me on to see my face expressions while watching my slender fingers work his bum.

This was about him paying up on a bet, not a repeat of the last time I fingered him as he enjoyed it too much.

I asked him for a drink, as he got up with his dick standing proud. I quickly sent him one of my professional porn videos.

I ordered him to watch it. It was titled " close up hard anal " and I believe it was hard and very close up.

He asked if I came as he watched another man's come spill out of my bum hole. I think I replied.

What's the difference between me having a cock in my arse and you having one? I asked. No reply from him.

I have decided that you would like a carrot in your arse, so the bet has changed.

What the fuck he replies! With a slight terror in his voice.

Finally, I'm going to make him feel like he lost our bet. OK, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to peg you with a cucumber like how you guys fuck me in the arse.

If you resist, I will never let you give me anal again. Because I love you. That's not fair. He cries. It's more than fair, it's a bet that you lost ! I replied.

I walked over to the freezer to fetch the large cucumber. On your knees bitch ! I told him, as I lubed the frozen cucumber with coconut oil in front of him.

No fucking way you

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Notes I Win You Loose
( The Bet-part 2. )

We are home from shopping. He quickly puts the cucumber into the freezer, with the much smaller carrots. I like my toys cold and cocks hot. Let me collect my winnings.
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