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Baby, do you know how much I like you. You Yingying a grasp of the small breast, in my hand trembling shaking, sensitive nipples, with my tongue up and down. I hold you affectionately, so hard, as if to squeeze you into my body. Your fragrant black hair gently strokes my body. I kiss you 💋, On the tip of the tongue came bursts of numb pain, but mixed with excitement. Turning, caressing, circling, your teeth. The red lips opened slightly, and their lips were intertwined and sucked hard. The slurries flow and fall into each other's mouths. Your warm little hole is shaking up and down regularly, opening and closing, and sucking tightly. I'm in tune with your rhythm, and I'm gently up and down. Honey acupoints and meat sticks are so close together that they seem to melt into one. Along with my solid meat stick, the Zizi sound of the lubricant we secrete, and the sound of your lips and my thigh lips touching each other are the witness of our combination. Ah, how wonderful, Han. Your eyes are like silk and your voice is soft. We look into each other's eyes and know that each other is about to reach climax. As you licked my nipple and rubbed the other one with your hand, I let out a short and joyful roar. Hum, sample. I hold up the two lips of your butt with my hand. You seem to be at a loss. I smile at the corner of my mouth and kiss your lips heavily. Ha ha, you seem to be angry. I turned you over, your hands supported on the top of the sofa, legs slightly apart, revealing a tender and juicy honey hole. I play heart big, meat sticks in your honey hole rub each other but not into, you shake your powder milk with your hand, but I suddenly turn, meat stick straight round rolling and tight chrysanthemum. Glans touch suddenly a tight, and then as if came to another world: rectum veins around my dragon root, the tight virgin land oppression glans. You close your eyes tightly and immerse yourself in it. I pull back and forth, pull out the stick, Zi, you also ease down, adjust a more comfortable posture, waiting for me to enter. I'll turn your head around and face my stick. You skillfully hold the root with one hand, touch my testicles with the other hand, and hold my huge root with vermilion lips. I lay down comfortably, because I know you are the one who knows me best. For a while only hold the glans, lip friction, while the tongue around sucking; Hold it all in your throat for a moment. Ah, how sensitive the glans are. Every cell is carefully wrapped. Or lips, or fingers, touch your head, adjust the frequency, here music, teach immortal envy. At last, your lips gently point glans, lying on the sofa, hands open honey hole, as if to say, dear, come on in, I can't wait. I'll put my finger in first, and you'll sing and roll my meat stick with your hand. Stop the hand movement, insert the meat stick, you make a satisfied cat cry. I lift your legs, vigorously, quickly pull in, we have entered a good situation. Smelling the smell of your feet, you also rub your chest with your hands. There's a tremor in your honey hole. I understand. I'm almost there. I put down your legs, they tightly around my waist, and I hold you tightly. At this time, we seem to be integrated, the speed of the meat stick is further accelerated, and your butt is also cooperating with me. Fast, fast! I looked into your eyes and got a positive answer. Crashing, splashing. The heat gushes out of your uterus. Little hole, meat stick, quivering, fusing. Ah, ah. You are happy to nestle in my chest, I gently stroked your hair. Looking into each other's eyes, they are full of love“ Han, I love you. "“ I love you, too

Written by li22333
Cargado July 16, 2021
Notes The story between me and my girlfriend
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