Female Marathon Runner

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This story begins after college graduation. I was living below a mountain resort with only my clothes and touring bike. Extreme mountain sports is what I was into at the time. Car ownership was not part of my lifestyle. Once, sometimes twice a week, I was biking into the nearest town that was twenty five miles away. Their were times I would cry from being so tired. One day, I was going to the only gas station that was five miles away. Their was a fit blonde woman running that I would see either in the morning or evening doing her workout. I finally got a chance to talk to her. She was Russian and a competitive marathon runner. My offer was I would be her running partner if she could give me a ride to the grocery store once a week. I explained I took a running class in college. I was placing in the top ten in the local 5k races. A Native American was beating me by a minute and a half. He was getting first place easily. She liked that and knew I was already doing something pretty extreme with my touring bike. Marathon running was her livelihood. Her placement in the marathons had to be in the top five. We met up every morning and evening to do eight miles runs. Besides taking me to grocery store, she would take me to the 5k races. It was almost like she was my mother or something. That Native was starting to have to take the races more seriously. Especially at the last half mile, he was only beating by thirty seconds. As for the Russian, we started having meals together. Drinking pasta and rice water from the meals we were making. The touching and feeling started, then short sex sessions. We were always tired from running. The sleep after sex was always good. If we ever missed a running session. She would be on top of me fucking my dick for about an hour and a half. Just about as long as our running sessions were. At the time, I was working as a waiter at the resort. After a while, I was finally was able to buy a car. My plan was to move back into the town where I went to college. We stopped seeing each other because it was inconvenient. I started driving the Tuk Tuk tricycle for tips. My smoking weed, drinking and preying on the ladies at the bars picked back up. Fucking a Russian marathon runner will always be one of my best sexual trophies.

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Cargado July 17, 2021
Notes Don’t pass up a marathon runner.
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