Lecturer likes some fun in the sun

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Since our date night we have become so much closer than I expected and its been nice, we talk on the phone constantly and we both have some fun either on the call or in person, he makes me feel relaxed when I see him and he's always smiling.

I decided to stop over at his house while this heat wave was going on, I personally don't like the heat but for him I crawled out of bed and into a shower to freshen up before I met him, when I got out I let my hair dry naturally as I was walking about naked trying to organise what I would wear, I really could've just put on a pair of shorts and a vest top but even that was making me to hot, I decided to go with a strapless gypsy style dress that sat above my knees, no need for a bra and I would wear a thong, it hugged my tits nicely even though there not massive but they looked good in this dress, and put on a pair of sandals and off I went.

When I turned up at his door I was already feeling the sun burning and just wanted to sit in the shade to cool down, when I knocked on the door I was relaxed and relieved to be there but when he opened the door I had the instant ache between my legs, he always had that effect on me and I loved it still, he was only wearing a tshirt and some knee length shorts but his smile and his eyes made my insides ignite with lust, he grabbed me and hugged me and gave me such a nice kiss like he hadn't seen me in years, I couldn't stop myself and I was running my hands up and down his body already, he pulled away from me and laughed, taking me by the hand to the kitchen, "you really are happy to see me today... I've missed you" he said while getting me a glass of water, he smiled as he handed me it, "i have missed you, but I can tell you've missed me just as much" I giggled and pointed to his crotch, he looked down and saw the bulge in his shorts, "well i have missed you in more than one way thats for sure, I loved our chat the other night with how it ended but I still want the real thing".

We walked outside into his garden it was like a suntrap but there was some shade with the trees and some chairs with a parasol overhead, we grabbed our drinks and sat in the chairs and relaxed, it was lovely and peaceful and very quiet, the trees at one side of the garden blocked off anybody trying to look in and it felt like you were in your own bubble of paradise, I made my chair go flat out so I could lay out on it, I lifted up my dress to show off my thighs and let the sun at them, and he took off his top and we both relaxed, it was amazing.

I mustve dozed off but when I woke up he was sitting between my legs, rubbing them gently with some sun screen, "don't want you burnt after falling asleep on me" he joked as he kept rubbing my legs, creeping up my thighs, I looked at him and his face had changed to that cheeky look and I knew instantly that he had other plans and I felt my thong get wet, I snapped back into reality though, "were outside remember, why don't we go back in and cool off first?" My mind was swaying between going with the flow and stopping him but I wanted to show him I would do anything to make him happy still, "I know were outside, thats why I'm taking care of you... plus no one can see us remember" he said confidently as he slide his hands down my legs to open them up wider, he gave me my drink and I was sipping at it while he slipped my skirt up to my waist and showed off my thong, he rubbed his fingers over the outside of it feeling how wet I was and how excited I was, I couldn't help but moan and squirm already at his touch but I tried to hold it in.

He slipped his fingers under my thong and slipped it off me, lifting my legs up and together to help him as I parted them again and showed my puffy bald pussy, just how he liked it, he leaned over and started to flick his tongue over my clit and I melted even more, I couldn't get enough of his tongue against my pussy, he licked and kissed every inch of me, hearing the noises of my juices, the wetness of his lips kissing mine, his tongue lapping up everything, I just lay there and enjoyed it even though I was still nervous someone would catch us, he grabbed onto my hips to hold onto me when he was between my thighs, I loved how it felt like he was pinning me down and taking control, he came up for air and I just looked at him, his face shining from all my juices I was tempted to kiss and lick it off him but I stopped myself, "are you not finished yet?" I teased, taking a drink of water, he looked at me stunned and smiled, I put my glass down next to me and used my cold hands to rub my tits through my dress, my nipples getting hard and I slipped the dress down to show them off, licking my fingers I played with my nipples until they were rock hard.

He crawled up towards me, still between my legs and kissed my tits with his hot lips that sent lightening through my body, I was undoing his shorts feeling how tight his cock was in them, ready to explode out of them, as soon as I undone the zip he flopped out rock hard and throbbing, I rubbed it against my wet pussy lips and without a thought he thrusted straight into me and I yelped so loud he had to put a hand over my mouth, "just because people can't see us doesn't mean they can't hear us" he laughed as he fucked me slowly but every thrust was aimed at making me cum all over his cock, I was beyond turned on at this point, I felt myself ready to orgasm and I had to say to him to stop, he stopped thrusting into me and kissed my passionately and rubbed my tits which didn't stop me from wanting more from him, he lifted my legs up above his shoulders and began to fuck me again but really slow this time, he hasn't fucked me like this before and my body was loving it, my g spot was getting all the attention it deserved and my pussy loved it, he kept kissing me and I ran my hands down his back holding onto him for life, I grabbed his bum and squeezed and tried to speed him up but he wouldn't, his rhythm he was

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