Payback Time

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The alarm went off. Fuck, I thought to myself. By strange coincidence, that was also what Jon was thinking. Before I could move to get out of bed he had put his arm around me, cuddling up, his front to my back. It was comfortable and cozy, nothing sexual so far, but I knew that wouldn’t last. Sure enough, his hand crept slowly up my tummy till it nestled at the base of my breast. When I didn’t object, he started gently caressing.

Jon loved my big boobs. Though they could be inconvenient at times, there was always this consolation, I could turn him on any time just by flashing my tits at him.

He moved his hand higher, finding my nipple and gently squeezing through the thin nightie. I could feel his hardening cock pressing against my ass. My nipple was also hardening under his skilful fingers. It was a lovely way to start the day.

But the alarm hadn’t been set for sex, it had been set for work. The time was carefully calculated; a quick burst on the exercycle, shower, dress, get the kids breakfast, and then off to my job as an IT manager. Jon had a day off today, so I had expected him to sleep in, but clearly he had other ideas. Oh well, the exercycle could wait till tomorrow.

There still wouldn’t be time for anything but a quickie. I decided it would be better to just look after him, I take a while to warm up and I didn’t want to be disappointed. My time would come, so to speak. I also didn’t mind the odd quickie. Even if I didn’t come, it was still rather pleasant, and it certainly made for a happy marriage. A husband who is regularly shooting cum up his wife’s cunt is generally a happy husband.

I rolled onto my back and reached for his cock. He quickly rose to full erection as I stroked up and down his shaft. Taking his cue, he lifted my nightie and slid his hand into my panties. For a short time we lay kissing and caressing. I was starting to get wet, but probably not enough. “Honey, I do have to get to work,” I whispered, “how about we just have a quickie now, you can make it up to me another time?”

“God, you’re fabulous,” he said. I pulled off my panties and got the lube from my bedside drawer.
“Here you go,” I said, handing him the lube. He squeezed a blob onto his fingers and rubbed it on my slit. Another blob, and he opened my pussy lips with one hand and carefully worked the lube into my vagina. It felt oddly intimate and clinical at the same time. “My turn,” I said, taking the lube. I smeared it over his hard cock, getting him well coated. We could, of course, have each done ourselves, but it was more fun this way.

I lay on my back and Jon got on top of me. I separated my lips and guided him to my entrance. He looked into my eyes, doing his best to be devoted and loving. Then he burst into a wide, smug grin. I smiled back. No point in pretending this was a deep, romantic moment. It was a quick fuck and we were both fine with that.

Jon pressed carefully forward and I felt his thick head start to open me up. He took a couple of short, slow thrusts, just a couple of inches in, and then pushed deeper. Soon, he was right in, the lovely cock filling my pussy. He started slowly, full, careful thrusts, making sure everything was sliding nicely. Then the big grin came back. I smiled up at him. He was a wonderful husband and father, devoted, loving, considerate, always ready to listen, supportive of my career.

All in all, a sensitive new age guy. But he also made it clear that I still turned him on, and sometimes all he wanted to do was get my knickers off and fuck me in the pussy. I thought this was an excellent thing.

Jon settled into a good rhythm. I enjoyed his obvious pleasure. But he knew it couldn’t last too long. Getting up onto his hands, he increased his speed. He was still in good shape, and when he wanted to he could really give my pussy a pounding. Soon, he was over the edge. With a strangled groan, he came. I could feel his dick pulsing inside me as the warm cum pumped deep into my vagina.

As the spasms faded, he kissed me on the lips. “God you’re fabulous,” he repeated. I smiled smugly myself. He was a good man and I took great satisfaction in pleasuring him.

Jon rolled off me and I got out of bed, heading for our en-suite. “Wait,” he said, and I turned to face him. “Take your nightie off,” he said, “give me something to remember through the day.” I lifted the nightie off and stood in front of him naked. He ran his eyes up and down my body, lingering on my breasts and pussy. “You are so beautiful,” he breathed. I waited a few seconds before going into the bathroom. It took a lot of effort to refrain from fingering myself in the shower.

It was a long day at work. My mind kept drifting. I would be immersed in the technical details of an installation, and then I would find myself thinking about the hungry way he looked at my body, the feel of his thick cock opening me up, the rapid thrusting inside me and, damn, sorry, just go over that point again please.

The three o’clock team meeting was usually pretty boring, and today was no exception. I abandoned the attempt to keep my mind on work and gave myself over to daydreaming. As I looked around the room I was struck by the thought, how many of these women have a fresh dose of cum swimming around their vaginas right now?

I looked at Fiona. Middle aged, like me. Had she felt the wandering hand this morning? Glanced at the clock and calculated the timing? Rolled onto her back, opened her legs and welcomed a stiff cock into her pussy?

Or Georgia. Early twenties, smart, ambitious, athletic. Firm young body and very pretty face. I knew she had a boyfriend. Was she the initiator? Did she wake her man up and suck his dick, getting him nice and stiff before climbing on top and guiding him into her tight little cunt, riding him hard, rubbing her clit as he thrust into her until they exploded in orgasm together?

Or maybe it wasn’t all pussy. I noticed Vicky, and the bright red lips

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Cargado July 20, 2021
Notes Quickies are fun, but sometimes a girl needs a long, slow, thorough session.

When Sandy wakes up to a horny husband, she knows they only have time for a quickie. She looks after him and says he can pay her back later. But all day she can’t stop thinking about how it felt, and looking forward to the next time.

When she gets home, Jon has arranged for the to have a sleepover so they have the house to themselves. And he is going to pay her back in the most delightful way!
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