Does My Bum Look Big In This?

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I peered over my shoulder, trying to get a good look in the mirror. It was hard to tell, no matter how much I maneuvered, I couldn’t quite get a good view. I had bought new trousers. They looked fine in the shop, but now that I was home I was having second thoughts. Time for a second opinion.

I marched into the lounge and found my boyfriend. “Simon, I need your help on a matter of vital importance.” I turned away from him and said “Does my bum look big in this?”

I had always been a bit sensitive about my bum. It is, not to put too fine a point on it, big. But no need to advertise the fact unnecessarily. Yes, I am on the buxom side, curvy, well endowed, rubenesque. And I am entirely comfortable with that. I just like to present myself well.

There was no reply. I looked back to see Simon making a close study of my ass. Finally he nodded his head and said “Yes, your bum does look big in those trousers. Better take them off.”

My ears picked up and my pulse started to increase. He had that tone in his voice which made it very clear what was on his mind, regardless of the words he used. Combine that with the fact that he had just asked me to start taking off my clothes, and there was only one direction this was going.

“OK,” I said, “if you think I should.” I undid the trousers and slid out of them, wriggling my bottom a little more than was strictly necessary. “How’s that?”

Again there was a silence as he studied my butt. He reached out and touched me, gently fondling my buttocks through the thin panties. “Yes, much better, fabulous in fact.” He stood up and turned me round to face him. “But we have another problem,” he said gravely. “Your tits look big in that shirt, better take it off too.”

This development was entirely unsurprising. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, leaving me in bra and panties. Simon had a good stare at my boobs. He traced one finger across the upper slopes of my breasts, and then slid it down into my ample cleavage. He moved his finger in and out. The symbolism was crudely obvious, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t effective. I was getting horny as hell.

Simon moved lower, using both hands now. He found my nipples and rubbed gently, pulling and squeezing as they hardened. “Hmm,” he said, “I’m afraid your boobs still look big in that bra. Perhaps you should take it off as well?”

“Yes, I definitely think I should.” I reached behind me to unhook the bra and tossed it aside, leaving my large boobs happily on display. He put his hands underneath them, lifting them up, measuring their weight.

“Right, I have reached a firm conclusion.” He paused for effect. “I believe it is indisputable that you have big tits.”
“Well, I won’t attempt to dispute something that is indisputable.”
“And you know the rules about big tits?”
“They have to be well fondled?”

“Correct. I am therefore obliged to do my duty to your tits by giving them a comprehensive fondling.”
In fact, he had already started. While he was speaking he was caressing my breasts, homing in to rub my nipples and then cupping his hands over my boobs, enjoying the way they spilled over his hands.

This was all very well, but there was another problem. “Ahem,” I said, “in the interests of fair play, I feel I must point out that you appear to have the same problem with your clothing that you have just been assisting me with.”
“And what might that be?”

“Your cock looks big in those trousers.” I stroked the bulge in his pants, feeling it harden even more. “Yep, feels big too.”
“So I should take off my trousers?”
“I really think you should.”
He took the trousers off. “How’s that?”

His cock was straining at his briefs. I caressed it more through the fabric and said “no, that’s even worse, definitely makes it look like you have a big dick.”
“So I should take off the briefs.”
“Only thing left to try.”

He took off the briefs and stood there smugly, his erection sticking out hard and proud. I wrapped my fingers around it and stroked up and down, thrilling to the feel of the lovely penis in my hand.

“I think we have to face facts,” I said, “there’s no getting around it. You have a big dick, and we just have to accept it.”
“Are there any rules for big dicks?”

I looked at him sternly. “Don’t pretend you don’t know. You know perfectly well that big cocks have to be well sucked, so don’t try to wriggle out of it.”
He raised his hands in supplication. “I give in. I apologize most humbly, and I promise not to make any effort to stop you sucking my cock.”

“I should think so.” I got onto my knees in front of him. Starting right at the base of his shaft, where it joined his balls, I slowly kissed and licked him. I worked my way up his shaft, till I could lick round the edge of his head. He panted and gasped in a most satisfying way. I leaned back for a second just to admire the magnificent sight. Then I moved forward and took his penis right into my mouth. It felt fabulous. The thick shaft and bulging head filled my mouth as I bobbed slowly up and down.

I was getting hugely turned on, but also a little sore in the knees. I stood up and said “Don’t think you’re getting away with that. There’s lots more cock-sucking to be done, but I think we should move to somewhere more comfortable.”

“Good idea,” he said. He took off his T-shirt. He looked at me. “But before we go, I think one of us is over-dressed.”
He came to kneel in front of me, reaching round to fondle my ass through the panties. He held the waistband and slowly pulled my knickers down, till I was standing there naked in front of them.

He leaned forward and gave me a little kiss, right on the pussy. A peck on the lips you might say. “I seem to remember there’s a rule about gorgeous pussies,” he said.
“They get well fucked,” I replied. “Now stop fooling around and let’s get on with it.”
“Your wish is my command.” He took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

We lay on the bed, side by side, kissing a

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Cargado July 22, 2021
Notes Does my bum look big in this? What if the answer was “yes, and that’s a good thing”?

Sally has a problem with her new trousers. She thinks they make her bum look big. Simon agrees, so he suggests that she take them off. And he has that look in his eye. The one which says he loves her big bum, and would be thrilled to prove just how much he loves it. What could possibly happen next?

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