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I was a little bit irritated. Not with Mary, just generally irritated.

Well, maybe more than a little bit, in fact quite irritated wouldn’t be overstating it.

Yes, all right, it was about Mary, I was irritated with Mary. There, I’ve admitted it, OK?

Trouble is, it wasn’t her fault. I knew that in my mind and accepted it, but it didn’t change the way I felt.

She had worked late last night. And the night before that. And most of the last month.

It wasn’t a surprise, I’d known it would happen. In fact she had told me it would happen a year ago. When we talked about me moving in with her, she matter-of-factly told me there would be times when I wouldn’t see much of her. She was an IT project manager, and when a major deadline approached, everyone worked insane hours. It was just the way it was. But yesterday had been a major deadline and maybe things would start to improve now.

There were compensations, of course. She was very well paid, and very generous. I could never have afforded to live in a place like this, go on expensive holidays, eat at fancy restaurants. But it didn’t feel like she tried to control me. She just liked nice things, and liked sharing them with me.

So I didn’t blame her, I knew I was being unreasonable. And I knew why. I was horny as hell. We hadn’t had sex in weeks, she was either too tired or not there at all. Oh sure, I had an array of toys, and they did the job, but it wasn’t the same. I missed the connection, the warmth, the love. And, of course, I missed her gorgeous body.

But coffee fixes everything. Well, no, not really, but it should improve my mood while I waited for her to wake up. After weeks of missing my girlfriend, it wasn’t going to help if I was grumpy with her when she did have time for me. I brewed the coffee and took a sip. Ahhh, feeling better already.

“Hello darling.” Mary kissed me on the lips and sat on a stool at the bench.
“Hello beautiful,” I replied. “Coffee?”
“Oh, you’re an angel.”

I poured her a cup and she took a sip. “Oh, that’s good.”
We sat without speaking for a few minutes. I spent the time admiring her. Her dark hair was tousled, and her eyes still a little sleepy. I looked at the swell of her breasts under the silk pyjamas, and I felt my pussy start to get wet. I didn’t want to rush her, so I didn’t do anything, but I promised myself that before the day was out I would have my hands on those gorgeous boobs.

Mary met my eyes. Her look was full of love and concern. I felt suddenly guilty being feeling annoyed with her. She worked so hard, and never complained.

“Jenny,” she said, “I want to thank you. I know you’ve been frustrated with me being away so much, but you’ve been nothing but supportive. I thank you, and I love you.”

My eyes watered a bit, but I managed to say, “I love you too, and I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit irritable.”
“You’ve done really well. And things are going to be different now. With that job finished, I have time to take on another project.”

I must have looked doubtful, because she continued “I’m not going to tell you about it just yet, but I think you’ll like this one.”

“OK,” I said, intrigued, but willing to wait till she was ready. “So, what do you want to do today?”
“I think we need to start the day by talking about your scandalous behavior.”

My ears picked up. There was a glint in her eye and a hint in her voice that told me exactly what direction this conversation was going.

“And what scandalous behavior would that be?”
“The way you’re dressed. Those skimpy panties that show off your long legs and your shapely ass. That singlet that clings so snugly to your breasts. It’s so thin I can see your nipples through it. Your attire is really quite provocative.”

I smiled. “Do you have a problem with me being provocative?”
“Not unless you have a problem with me being provoked.”
“I don’t see any problem with that.”
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

She reached out and cupped one hand over my breast. We looked at each other for a few seconds and she began to caress me. My nipple hardened under her skilful fingers. She brought her other hand into action and I savored the delicious stimulation.

But I wasn’t going to let her have things all her own way. I slowly undid the first button of her pyjama top. Then the next one, and the next. Once I had all the buttons undone, I took off the top and admired her full breasts.

“So, who are you to talk about provocative clothing, standing there topless, flaunting your boobs at me?”
“In my defence, I must point out that I’m only topless because you have just taken off my top.”
“Don’t make excuses. You have beautiful breasts, they’re on display right in front of me, so they have to be fondled.”
“I abandon my defence and submit to your impeccable logic.”

I put my hand beneath her breast, cradling it, feeling its weight. I slowly moved upwards till I could take hold of her nipple, gently pulling and squeezing, feeling it harden in a most satisfactory way. Wanting to increase the pleasure, I moved in front of her so I could use both hands. I remembered how I had said to myself that before the day was done I would get my hands on her breasts. Well, that was one goal ticked off early!

Mary let me caress her for a while and then she said “While we’re on the subject of being provocative, you have a very pretty face. And a lovely mouth. Soft, delicate lips, very kissable.”
“Well I can’t go around with my mouth covered all the time, can I?”
“No, so you’re just going to have to accept that I will kiss you lots.”
“Sounds fair.”

Mary pulled me against her and kissed me. Gently at first, just touching lips. Then the passion broke. She put her tongue in my mouth and I met it eagerly. Our arms were around each other, holding our bodies tightly together while our lips and tongues worked frantically.

We broke apart, both breathing heavily. I stared at her for a second, then dropped my mouth to her breast, li

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Cargado July 22, 2021
Notes What is Project FJBO? * Can it succeed? Only if everyone involved is totally committed!

Jenny is feeling frustrated. Her girlfriend has been working all hours and they haven’t had time together for weeks. So she is intrigued when Mary tells her that she is setting up Project FJBO. What could it mean?

* Spoiler alert – the last three words are “Jenny’s Brains Out!”
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