Race To The Bottom

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She had a nice bum. A really, really nice bum. Gorgeous in fact. Firm, tight, shapely. And the skimpy running shorts showed it off so beautifully. She was ahead of me. Not far, just a few feet, just enough to give me a beautiful view of her ass. But I couldn't let her get too far ahead. It was very important that I won this race.

It wasn't a big race. There weren't many participants. In fact, the field was limited to two. One was me. The other was Kerry, my girlfriend. The importance of the race lay in the prize. We had agreed that the winner got the power of command, they could command the loser to do whatever they wanted. I desperately wanted to win, because I knew just what I would command her to do if I did.

We did this every few weeks, just to keep things interesting. When I won, I would sometimes make her dress up in a sexy waitress outfit, and bring me beer while I watched sport. When she won, she might make me to go to a girly movie with her. But the commands inevitably turned to sex.

I knew she was expecting to win this. She was small, slim, well suited to running. I was large, six foot two, and solid. I usually beat her at swimming, she was better at running.

But I had a cunning plan. I had been getting a bit behind her, breathing heavily, making it look like I was in worse condition than I was. She was ahead of me, but she wasn't that far ahead. I was banking on her not trying to beat me by too much. She sped up a bit, and I let her get ten yards ahead.

I was right. I knew she could have run faster, but she didn't open the gap any farther. We were nearly home. I sped up a little, trying not to make to see too much noise, so she wouldn't know I was catching her. I was only three yards behind when she glanced back and saw how close I was. The look of alarm in her eyes was very satisfying. She turned, and tried to speed up, but I was good in a sprint, and I had energy left. I put my head down and raced for the line. I overtook her and won buy a yard.

“You bastard.” Kerry glared at me. “You were tricking, I should have known you had more energy left.” I answered her with an evil grin. Then I dropped my eyes to her breasts and had a good stare. They were small, but beautifully shaped. She was wearing a running singlet and a sports bra, so there wasn't much to see, but I anticipated taking her top off very shortly.

“All's fair in love and sport,” I said. “And even if I did have to cheat, the prize makes it worth it,” and I had another good leer at her body. “And now you are mine to command.” She rolled her eyes, but there was a twinkle in them. She liked being commanded just as much as I liked commanding her. We both liked changing things around, trying different ideas. Keeping it fresh.

We got into the house and went straight into to the bedroom. “Come here,” I said. She came over to stand in front of me. I put my arms around her, and got my hands right on her butt. It felt fabulous. I found her ass cheeks through the thin shorts. My shorts were equally thin, and my erection was straining against the fabric. I held her close and rubbed my cock against her tummy. Fondling her through the shorts was nice, but it wasn't enough. I quickly slipped my hand down the back of her shorts, and into her knickers. That felt even better.

I was massively turned on by the sweat on her buttocks. There was no question I was going to fuck her right away. For me, there was something immensely arousing about fucking straight after exercise. The sweat, the energy, There was something animal about it. I caressed her buttocks. Time for a little preview. I slipped my finger between her cheeks and gently rubbed her bud.

Kerry moaned and panted. She knew from the way I was touching her that I was going to fuck her in the ass. Not that there had ever been any doubt about that. I loved her ass, and whenever I had power of command, I was always going to fully enjoy it. Fortunately it wasn’t a problem. She loved taking it just as much as I loved giving it.

We kissed, nothing subtle, just tongues writhing passionately together. I was very tempted to rip her clothes off and fuck her on the spot. But I pulled away. I wanted to spin it out for longer. I took off my singlet, and then my shorts. I stood there proudly, my erection standing out in front of me. I looked at Kerry. “Well, what does an obedient slave do when her master has got his cock out?” Kerry lowered her eyes, attempting to look submissive, but the twinkle was still there.

Still, she knew what to do. She knelt in front of me and reached for my cock. She stroked slowly up and down, getting me harder and harder. Then she leaned forward and took me in her mouth. It was fabulous. She sucked me slowly and carefully, bobbing her head up and down. She tickled my balls with one hand, just the way I liked it.

“Look up,” I said. She looked up. I loved this, her gazing into my eyes while she obediently sucked my penis. I let her continue for a while and then said, “Stand up.”

I went and laid on the bed. “You may continue.” She came and got herself into position, and started sucking my cock again. I lay back, savoring the sensation. This was the life, just relaxing and enjoying the afternoon, while a gorgeous girl sucks your dick.

Kerry was excellent at giving blowjobs. It was quite tempting just to let her continue until I came in her mouth. In other circumstances, I might have, but there was a lot more of her body I wanted to use. The way she was on her knees with her head down, I could see the top of her ass, and I wasn't going to miss out on that.

“OK, that will do for now,” I said. “Up you get.” Kerry got off the bed and stood in front of me. Take your shorts off.” She pushed her shorts down to her ankles and stepped out of them. I rolled my eyes. “You should know better than that, of course I want your knickers off as well.”
“Just following my master’s instructions to the letter.” She smirked, she was t

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Cargado July 22, 2021
Notes It was a race. A two-person race, but it was still important. Because the winner got the power of command, they got to command the loser to do whatever they wanted. And after half an hour of watching her tight butt wriggle as she ran in front of me, I knew exactly what I would command. But first I had to win!

Does Matt win the race? What will he command if he does? Can he claim the bottom prize? Read now to find out.
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