The Run

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I leaned on the fence, panting for breath. It was a tough run up the Wentworth Trail to the lookout, but the views made it worthwhile. It was spectacular, looking out over the green bush, hills rolling away into the distance. Far below, I could see the houses of the small village where we were staying. I was proud that we had run the whole way. Of course, we had to run back again, but that wouldn't be too hard as it was mostly downhill.

Alex was leaning on the fence beside me. Then he moved behind me and put his arms around my waist. I felt his crotch pressing against my ass, and my mind went back to when we had started the run.

“Run up to the lookout?” he had said.
“You're on,” I replied.
“It's a tough run.”
“I know.”
“There’ll be some sore muscles afterwards.”
“There will indeed.”
“So we’ll need to stretch very thoroughly.”
“I suppose we will,” I said with a smile.

We were on holiday, almost a second honeymoon. Although you could hardly call it a second honeymoon, when we hadn't had a first one. We had married early, straight out of high school. People told us we were too young, that we should get out and see the world. My friends told me I should try other partners before committing myself for life. I know his friends said the same.

But I knew he was the one, and I wasn't going to risk losing him. And he said I was the one for him, that he would always be there for me, and he wanted to marry me. And of course, our names were so perfect together, Alex and Zoe, A to Z. It was meant to be. So marry we did.

At least our families were supportive. They helped us all they could with the wedding. Which wasn’t much. We had a service at the church, and a bring-your-own supper at my uncle’s house. There was no question of a honeymoon.

But we managed. We had each other. And in short order we had three children too. We worked hard, but looking back, I still don’t know how we did it. But somehow, we kept putting food on the table and clothes on the children.

And now, fourteen years on, things were very different. Alex's work had paid off and his business was running well. So much so that we could consider ourselves comfortable. And we could actually take a holiday! Both sets of grandparents were happy to have the children for a while, so we did some research and made the bookings.

Of course, we chose somewhere we could go running. We had both been athletes in school, that was the thing that first brought us together. Through all the tough times, it was what kept us together. Whatever stresses came upon us, they seemed smaller after a run. Of course with the children around, we often couldn't run together. So we would take turns. One of us would go out first, then the other once they returned.

Sometimes we could go to a park, and run around a field while the children played in the middle. It wasn't the same as having a proper run, but we got some exercise, and the kids had fun.

But the reason I smiled at Alex's comment, was that stretching was a code word for us. He used to say that stretching after a run was very important, so out of his concern for my health, he would help me stretch. And he insisted that one particular stretch was the most important of all.

I had my doubts, because I’d never seen this stretch in any running guide, but Alex was a good athlete. So when he assured me that stretching my vagina was vital, I took his word for it. And, of course, the best way to stretch a vagina is to put a penis in it. So when one of us smiled and talked about stretching, we knew what it meant.

Now, when Alex held me from behind, and pressed his crotch against my ass, I knew exactly what was on his mind. He just held me for a few seconds, but I could feel his erection growing, pressing against me. His hands moved slowly up my ribs, until they rested over my breasts.

He gently rubbed and stroked, finding my nipples through the thin running shirt. I leaned back against him, enjoying the feeling. We were in a public place, and the fear of getting discovered added an extra dimension to the sensation. I was surprised how quickly I was getting turned on.

“Alex, you are being a naughty boy,” I said.
“This isn't naughty,” he replied, “this is just being friendly. Naughty would be if I put my hand down your shorts, like this.” And in a second his hand was down the front of my panties, resting on my pussy.

“Alex, don't, someone will see us.”
“No they won't, it's a tough climb, we’ll hear anyone coming before they get close enough to see us. And even if someone did arrive, they’ll only see a couple having a friendly cuddle.”

All this while, he was rubbing my pussy. My breath had calmed down from the run, but now I was panting again. The fear of being seen was adding to my arousal. There was a feeling that I should tell him to stop, but I was enjoying it too much to want to stop.

Alex probed between my lips, and discovered how wet I was. His finger slipped easily into my vagina. He took it out and rubbed some of the juice around my clit. I gasped with pleasure. It seemed to have been a long time, but I was sure it was only a couple of minutes. I couldn't believe it was happening so quickly, but I was on the edge of coming!

Alex's probing and rubbing became more urgent, and soon I was over the edge. I stifled a moan as the orgasm took me. Alex held me tight as my body shuddered.

Once I had recovered, I turned to face him. “You are a very naughty boy indeed,” I told him.

“I am,” he agreed with a smirk. I looked down. His shorts were thin, the type of special running shorts that you wear without underwear. The type of shorts that make it very obvious if a man has an erection. And boy, did he have an erection! His cock was pushing the shorts out, leaving a gap at the waist. I was captivated by the sight.

“Well, you're not going to run very far like that, are you?” I said.
“So what are you going to do about it?” he replied.
I move

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Cargado July 22, 2021
Notes It’s important to stretch well after a run. But which stretch is the most important?

Alex and Zoe are on a second honeymoon. They go running together, as they have always done. And when they come back, they stretch. But there is one part of Zoe’s body that really needs a good stretch. And it’s a part that’s difficult for her to stretch by herself. Alex is happy to help, even though it’s hard for him too!

Do they find the perfect way to stretch those hard-to-reach spots? Read now to find out.
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