Accident Prone

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I looked in my bag. Towel, check. Sunscreen, check. Book, check. Other possibly required items, check. I took my bag and walked down to the pool area.
Mike was cleaning the pool. He was wearing long shorts, showing off his flat stomach and muscular chest. Mike was my, I don’t really know what. I had never managed to find a good word for it. He was sort of a lover, sort of an employee, sort of a toy boy. He did odd jobs for me. He didn't stay, but he spent a lot of time here. But I was very clear on what his main duties were, and he performed them with enthusiasm.

Six months ago, I had made an important decision. I had decided that a good lawyer was better than a bad husband. The lawyer navigated my divorce, and got me an excellent deal. To be fair, my husband was an unfaithful prick, so he had a lot to work with, but even so, he did well for me.

Unfortunately, James the lawyer was about 70 years old, and as far from exciting as is it possible to be. He certainly wasn't going to satisfy all my needs. And so, I found Mike. Mike was young and strong and vigorous. He wasn't going to satisfy all my needs either, but he certainly did a good job of satisfying some of them!

I was not interested in any sort of relationship for the moment, but I wasn't going to be celibate either. I had met Mike in a bar. I made it clear that I was interested, and he was interested too. We had a good week of fucking each other's brains out, and then I proposed the current arrangement. He would do various odd jobs for me. I would pay him for the work he did, and he would be available when I needed him. And I really needed him now.

Mike smiled when he saw me. I was wearing a rather small bikini, in fact much too small to cover my large body. I was a big girl. No arguing with that. Big boobs, big butt, big everything. And that was absolutely fine. My ex-husband had badgered me about losing weight, but I have never been a small girl. If he wanted a skeleton, he should have married one.

Now, I was happy. I could do whatever I wanted to. I was past caring what other people thought. Lying down on one of the sun loungers, I took some sunscreen from the bag and smoothed it over my face and shoulders. “Mike,” I said, “would you help me here? I need some help applying my sunscreen.”
He grinned. “Of course, madam. Where do you need it applied”?
“Well, I can't quite get the right angle to cover my boobs properly.” Mike’s grin widened. I knew I wasn't being very subtle, but then subtle wasn't really what I was going for.

Mike squeezed some sunscreen onto his hands and began stroking the upper slopes of my breasts. I lay back and enjoyed the feeling. Then I sat up again. “I think it's probably time for some topless sunbathing.” I reached behind me and undid the bikini top. My big breasts sprang free. “Now, with parts of the body that don't often see the sun, it's even more important to get your sunscreen right. I need you to be quite thorough.”

“Absolutely boss,” said Mike. He put some more sunscreen on his hands and began rubbing it onto my breasts. With the sunscreen acting as a lubricant, his hands easily slid over my boobs. He took hold of my nipple, squeezing and caressing it. My nipples hardened as he worked his magic. But there was a problem with this arrangement. Mike was getting a serious hard-on. I could see his cock straining against his shorts.

“You're going to do yourself an injury if we don't get those shorts off,” I said.
Mike quickly untied the drawstring on his shorts. He pushed them down and I looked in awe at his gorgeous cock. I reached out to stroke him, quickly bringing him up to full erection. “What was that you said about body parts that don't usually see the sun needing to be well protected?” he asked.

“Don't worry about that,” I replied, “it's not going to be out in the open for very long.” And I leaned forward to start licking him. I loved sucking his cock, feeling the thick shaft filling my mouth. But this position was a little awkward. I let go of him and moved to an air mattress which was beside the pool.

In theory it was there for fun in the water, but in reality, it was there for sex. “Lie down,” I ordered. Mike complied with a grin. I lay down between his legs, getting myself into a good position, and went in for an extended period of cock-sucking.
A penis in your mouth is all very good, but I had a pussy in urgent need of attention. I stood in front of Mike. “These bikini panties don't fit all that well,” I said. “Would you adjust them for me please?”

“With pleasure,” said Mike. He reached around behind me to fondle my big buttocks. “If you’d like to turn around?” he said. I turned around so I was facing away from him. He fondled my ass and then pulled the bikini bottom into a thin strip, so that it could easily be tucked into my crack.
“Much better,” he said, “looks amazing now.”

I turned around again. “How about the front?
“Not bad,” said Mike, “but I think we can improve on the look.” He pulled the panties off to the side so that my pussy was completely exposed. “Much better.” He let go of the fabric and it slipped back. “Hmmm,” he said, “looks like they're not going to stay in position.” He squeezed the fabric into a small line and tucked it in between my pussy lips.

“Yes, very nice,” he said.
“It might look good to you, but it's not very comfortable to me,” I replied.
“Are you sure?” he asked with a grin.
“I'm going to assume that you've never had a bikini bottom half-way up your vagina,” I said, “so you're just going to have to take my word for this.”
“Well then,” said Mike, “I guess we better take them off.” And he reached up and yanked the bikini panties down to my knees. “To be honest, this is the best view of all,” he said, staring at my pussy.”

“Are you just going to look or are you going to do something about it?”
That was one of the things I loved about Mike, he could take a hint. He grabbed my ass and pushed his face int

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Cargado July 22, 2021
Notes Some accidents are a good thing!

Sasha carefully packs her bag for her trip to the pool house. Towel, sunscreen, book, glasses. But when she gets down there and empties it in front of her handsome pool boy; what’s this? A butt plug and a bottle of lube have accidentally fallen into her bag! Oh dear. And then Mike accidentally spills a whole lot of lube onto the plug! What to do?

Well, wouldn’t want to waste it…
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