Pole Dancing For Girls

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My arms were killing me. So was my stomach. In fact, most of my body hurt. Not surprising really. I was hanging off a pole, my legs raised, and my whole weight hanging from my arms. But there were only a few seconds left in the routine, and I was determined to finish. The music reached its crescendo, and I held my legs high in the air. As the last chord faded away, I lowered my legs to the ground and stood up. The class erupted in applause.

I bowed, and then smiled self-consciously. It was odd for me to be accepting applause, and I was not entirely comfortable with it. But I did think I deserved it. Two months ago, I would not have been able to do a fraction of this. “Well done Helen,” said Jenny, “that was a great routine.” I resisted the urge to say it was nothing. She seemed genuine, and she seemed really pleased for me. Jenny was the teacher, so it was gratifying to receive her praise.

As I drove home, I thought about how I had got to this point. I had been talking to Georgia, my wife. We had married as soon as it was legal, though we had been together for 10 years before that. Her birthday was coming up, and it was a big one. She was turning fifty. I wanted to do something special for her. Partly because it was a special birthday, but also, I felt we could do with a bit of a kick in the pants.

We were still fine together, entirely comfortable, but perhaps too comfortable. We knew each other well. I still loved her, and I was sure she still loved me, but I felt we had got a little stale. For the last few years, things had got a bit routine. Not bad, just a little ho-hum. And, to be honest, I wanted more passion. We still had sex, but not that often, and not that exciting. Of course, it was still nice, but there was not the excitement that there used to be.

I had been talking to Lisa. I told her about Georgia’s upcoming fiftieth, and how I wanted to do something special for her. I had known Lisa for a few years. We weren’t bosom buddies, but we were friends, and I felt I could trust her. Over a couple of wines, I told her how I was feeling. She nodded. “I know exactly what you mean,” she said. “And I know exactly what you should do about it.”

“You do?” I asked.
“Tricia and I had exactly the same issue a couple of years back. So I did something about it.”
“What, what, tell me.”
“I did a pole dance class,” she said. “And I got a pole for the house, and I did a special dance for Tricia. Then I taught her some moves, and we still perform for each other every so often. And I think you might be able to guess what happens at the end of the performances.”
“A pole, in your own house?”
“Yes, you can get removable ones. You put them up when you want, and put them away again when you're not using them. No one has to know anything about it.”

My mind was racing already. It seemed like the perfect answer. I knew I was getting unfit. This would help me get my strength back, and also put a spark back into my marriage.

Today had been the last class. I had told Georgia that I was going to do something special for her, and that I was going to need to be out regularly for a while. She was intrigued, and quite happy for me to do it. It was adding a little spark for us already.

The class was on Wednesday, and the performance was on Saturday. By good fortune, Georgia's birthday was on the Saturday. And I was going to give her a special show.

Saturday arrived. Tricia taken Georgia out for the afternoon, so we could set up the pole in the house. We had bought it several weeks ago, and had set it up in Lisa's house, so we could try it. It worked perfectly. Tricia’s partner, Anne, helped us set up, and we had also invited Amanda and Paula. It was part of pushing up the tension. I was going to perform for an audience!

Tricia returned with Georgia at five o’clock, as agreed. They came through the back door, into the kitchen. We had set up the pole in the lounge, and we didn't want Georgia to see it yet. We would have a drink in the kitchen, and then adjourn for the show!

I was dressed smartly, but quite conservatively. I wore a nice dress, showing a little cleavage, but not too much. My shoes were higher than usual, but then I didn't normally wear heels at all. When Georgia came in, we all applauded. I had champagne flutes lined up on the bench. Georgia hugged and kissed me, and then hugged and kissed the other girls. I opened the champagne, and poured a glass each. We all raised our glasses and toasted Georgia. Her eyes were a little moist as she looked at me. “Thank you darling,” she said, “this is wonderful.”

“You're welcome sweetheart,” I said, “but this isn't the present. This is just the warm-up.”
Georgia’s eyes widened. “I can hardly wait,” she said.

We sipped our drinks and chatted, then I excused myself. I went to our bedroom and changed into my performance outfit. I knew Lisa would refresh the drinks, and then take everyone into the lounge.

I stayed just out of sight as the others went into the lounge. I was looking forward to Georgia’s reaction, and it didn't disappoint. There was a sharp intake of breath, and then she said, “What is that?”

Lisa said, “It feels like stating the obvious, but it's a pole.”
“And what is it doing in my lounge?”
“It's there for a performance,” replied Lisa. “That is the stage, we are the audience, and guess who the performer is?”
There was a silence. Then Georgia said, “Seriously, Helen is going to do a pole dance for me, for us?”

I could hear people taking their seats. There was a bit of shuffling around, and then Lisa’s voice, “And now…, ladies and other ladies, we present, for your excitement and amazement, the fabulous Helen Pole-Hugger.” The music started, and that was my cue. I took a deep breath and walked into the room.

The lights were down, apart from a spotlight we had rigged up to shine on the pole. I was wearing a tight, low cut t-shirt, and snug satin leggings, both in brigh

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Cargado July 22, 2021
Notes Helen has a problem. Her wife, Georgia, is about to turn fifty. Helen wants to do something special for her. And she wants to do something hot! While they are still good together, they have got a little stale. A pole dancing class will improve Helen’s fitness, and give her some excitement as well.

Does Helen succeed with her plan? Will Georgia appreciate the present? And, most important, what happens after the performance? Read now to find out.
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