New Neighbors Part 3: Girls Weekend

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A few weeks after Robyn's adventure with me in the truck, I was getting ready to head back out on the road, Lyssa had been helping me to get supplies for the truck, I was preparing to be gone at least 3 weeks again. I didn't like those long runs like that, but sometimes it's necessary. Since that trip with Robyn, things with Lyssa, Robyn and Steve and I really heated up. Lots of time spent in our hot tub, and lots of hot sex. When I was home, we'd have nights where we were all at our house, or at Robin & Steve's, and occasionally, Lyssa would go to their house with Steven and Robyn in our house with me, or vise versa. Every so often Camryn would even join in the fun....those were so fun times. During my next trip, I was going to be gone, and Steve had to travel for his job, he worked in sales and sometimes required him to travel either for doing something with sales, or his job required him to travel for workshops or something of the sort. And it happened that both Steve and I would be gone which Lyssa & Robyn decided to plan a girl's weekend while us guys were away, and of course, they were going to invite Camryn along too.

The night before I left, Robyn & Steven were over for dinner, and most likely some fun. Lyssa and Robin had been working hard in the kitchen to make a nice dinner for us guys before we had to leave. We had a wonderful dinner, pasta, with salad, and a fruit salad for dessert. We all shared a couple of bottles of wine, I drank the least being I was going to be leaving in the morning with the truck. After dinner, we went to the living room, where Lyssa sat with Steve, and Robyn with me, we were all pretty loosened up by the wine, and we were kissing and fondling when Robyn whispered in my ear, “can we take this to the hot tub?” And gave me a naughty wink. I excused myself saying, “I'm going to get the hot tub ready.” Robyn came with me. We went downstairs and took the cover off, and got it going to get it warmed up, and then went to the shower to get ready. I barely stepped into the bathroom and she had my shirt off and was unbuckling the belt to my jeans. I helped her out of her blouse and short skirt, unhooked her bra releasing her big beautiful breasts. She pulled my jeans and boxer briefs down in one pull. I bent her over and slowly pulled her panties down off her beautiful ass, kissing the cheeks of her beautiful behind as I did. After I had her panties down, I had her bent over and buried my face into her wet pussy, making her moan as I licked her pussy, my goatee tickling her clit. She pulled me up and into the shower, getting the water right, and started soaping me up, starting with my chest, and working her way down, purposely avoiding my hard cock, she then went to my ankles and started washing up to my waist, and going really slowly with her scrubbing of my cock and balls. Taking the removable shower head she rinsed me off, and then got on her knees, and started sucking my cock. Still having the showerhead in her hand, she aimed it at my asshole, which was making my cock even harder. After a bit, she handed the showerhead to me, and I rinsed her body as much as I could as she was sucking my cock. As she was sucking my cock, she reached around and had her hands on my ass cheeks and started spreading them, then with one finger, started to probe my asshole, slowly working a finger into my ass, until she had a finger against my prostate. Her massaging of my prostate made my cock harder than it had ever been, not knowing that at this point Steve and Lyssa were watching us in the bathroom and started playing themselves. From her master technique with her mouth and tongue and her finger massaging my prostate, I knew I wouldn't last long, and she could feel it, keeping up the intensity of the massage and her sucking my cock, I couldn't hold back any longer and blasted probably the biggest load of cum I've ever shot in her mouth and down her throat. It was so much it started leaking out the sides of her mouth. The orgasm I had was so intense my legs started to feel wobbly. Robyn wiped the cum from the sides of her mouth and licked it off her fingers, looked at me, and said, “maybe we should give Lyssa and Steve a turn in the shower and let you get your bearings.” So she opened the shower door, and we saw Lyssa and Steve making out, Robyn said, “shower's yours,” and led me to the hot tub. I sat there recovering from the most intense orgasm I've ever had.

Robyn cuddled next to me, kissing my cheek and neck, asked me, “did you enjoy that?” I looked at her, and said, “I think you know the answer to that, as much as I had cum, I wasn't sure you were going to be able to handle it all.” She giggled, and said, it was a bit more than I'm used to.” And we both laughed. She asked me, “have you ever had that done before tonight?” I said, “only once, and ironically enough, I was in the shower then too. Only she wasn't giving me head when she did it, she fingered my ass and rubbed my prostate without even touching my cock, and I came so hard I hit the wall of the shower.” Me telling her that just got her even more turned on.

A few minutes later, we were joined in the hot tub by Lyssa and Steve. Lyssa came to me and whispered in my ear, “did Robyn finger your ass?” “Yes she did,” I responded, “and massaged my prostate too.” “No wonder you came as hard as you did...I've never seen you cum like that.” I told Lyssa I'd only had that done one other time before I met her, and it was at that time, the most intense orgasm I'd ever had.” I gave her a naughty look and said, maybe next time we're in the shower, we can try it.” She got turned on by the sound of that. “Maybe you should try it with Steve, just to see how he responds. Robyn said she does it to him on occasion.” That really got Lyssa turned on. She leaned in and gave me a deep kiss, and started stroking my hardening cock, and said, give it to her good, but save one for me before you have to go.” “Of course my darling,” I

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Written by bigcountry57103
Cargado July 25, 2021
Notes The continuing story of Bryce, Lyssa, and their new neighbors Robyn & Steve as the girls have a girls weekend with Lyssa's friend Camryn.
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