Alien Nymphomaniac

Story 1: Ethel’s Magical Tongue
  • Story 1: Ethel’s Magical Tongue
  • Story 2: Exquisite Sexual Adventure
  • Story 3: The Amateur Hot Sex
  • Story 4: Outdoor Sexercising
  • Story 5: Lesbian Orgy!
  • Story 6: Gluttonous Pussycats
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Descending from the outer realm, an ethereal goddess entered planet earth with the sole objective of obtaining the semen of virile men. Along with her inhumane atomically generated body, Ethel’s possessed a spectacular tongue that no human had ever seen before; this was one of her deadliest weapon of giving sexual pleasures. Ethel’s dangerous tongue was capable of reaching over three feet long if she desired it to stretch that far.

Unfamiliar with the earth’s environment, Ethel only left her secret hideaway at nights to observe the ways of humans. She was an adept shapeshifter, one who could easily camouflage into whoever she desired to be.

At midnight, Ethel roamed the streets, bars and clubs seeking to fulfil her salacious objective and at the same time, satisfy the unquenchable sexual thirst fizzing inside her body. A goddess of sex she was, one on a mission. Whenever she absorbed men’s semen, it strengthened various parts of her spiritual tissues that would evolve her nature after reaching a certain capacity. Ethel wore several names, moreover, sported numerous identity by the way she carried herself.

Donning the meat suit of an alluring ebony beauty, Ethel ventured out on her hunt for semen. During her nightly escapade, she crossed path with a group of horny young men who were eager to have a good time. They invited her into a nearby pub where they spent the little money they had on liquor hoping to entice her sexually, however, to no avail.

Ethel became board at the young men’s kind gesture and them trying to impress her. Of this, she had no interest, all she desired were the men to ejaculate their milky essences into her mouth so she could have a nice feast.

Ethel put down the empty glass on the counter harder than usual with a bit of anger inside then stood to her feet and exclaimed, “All you guys! Let’s go fuck right now! This is my only reason for being here. If you can’t please me sexually then don’t follow me, just turn and go the other way. However, if you have the ability to perform well, you’re invited.”

“What? Is this chick serious…?”

Two other intrigued men inside the pub joined the already group of six men and Ethel didn’t mind the added company; the more the merrier for her since she was getting exactly what she wanted. Coming out of the pub, she took them to her secluded love nest that was hidden by day but revealed by night. There the lights were dimmed and sported different colours. This was her love nest for the time she was here on earth; she didn’t intend for her secret spot to be known to unwelcome intruders.

Among the small group of men who followed Ethel to her love nest, two were African, one Oriental, one Spanish, one German, one British, one French and one American.

The two intrigued men who joined the group was somewhat overly anxious to get down and dirty with Ethel. Their eagerness compelled them to spank her juicy buttocks of which she didn’t care. Her ecstasy hub was bubbling with delight at the many delectable sausages that she observed surrounded her.

Succumbing to her created nature, the sex goddess rid herself of the unnecessary clothing and beckoned the men to start shagging her, otherwise, she would screw their balls off. There were no escaping the wrath of her sexual onslaught because just after Ethel invited the horny men inside her love nest, she made sure to seal the door. None of the men was aware of this fact.

As they began fondling the squishy tenderness of Ethel’s beautiful skin, one man saw what wasn’t intended for him to see. Her tongue resembled that of a snake’s tongue which had a split right down in the middle, yet, her speech wasn’t hampered. Realizing this, the African male made a move for the door. Ethel saw him making for the sealed exit and decided she had to devour him first.


Somehow Ethel magically escaped the surrounding groping of the many men and appeared right next to the fleeing man. She abducted his legs; brought him to her bathroom and told the others to wait until she returned. Freakiness was her sexual appetite’s desire; only fresh semen could partly refresh her unquenchable thirst and her unconscionable seductive mind.

While rubbing down the African male’s naked body, Ethel questioned him. “Alabak, what did you see out there that alerted you to become intimidated?”

Hearing this, made him veritably surprised. “H-how do you know my name?”

“It doesn’t matter, just answer the question.” She urged him.

Very nervously, Alabak said, “I noticed your weird tongue when our dicks were being exposed out there.”


Ethel rent Alabak’s clothes off him with her adroit tongue that had the capability to function like fingers. His once firmly erected penis was now hanging low due to his increasing fears.

Seeing this, Ethel lowered her head and whispered in Alabak’s penis, “Come on now big fellow don’t be scared of me.” She turned the shower on, causing the water to trickle down his body while her tongue caressed him all over.

“Relax, Alabak. My tongue won’t hurt you. I’ll just use it to get you excited again.”

Ethel’s split tongue began caressing Alabak’s flaccid pecker with pure undiluted pleasure. He could hardly contain himself at the sumptuous way she was unleashing her oral foreplay all over his body. Then she tarried at his pelvic region, sucking and licking his penis and testicles like a spherical sweetie bouncing to and fro into her mouth. She dined on his big cock until he became firmly erect and ejaculated inside her mouth. She swallowed every last drop of his spunk in a jiffy.


Next, Ethel started feasting on Alabak’s muscular rump; she parted his butt cheek and gave his ass a proper tongue massage while peeling back his ripe banana. Ethel later placed Alabak over the edge of the tub where she fingered and tongued his butthole before turning him over to climb on top of him. She slid her dripping cunt on his big black cock that was

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Written by Suzy Ferret
Cargado July 27, 2021
Notes An otherworldly beauty broke her homeworld’s divine code just to pay earth a provocative visit. She could not resist succumbing to her nymphomaniac persona which let loose her lust on the planet’s inhabitants. Her created nature made many men ecstatic at a glance, even some rigid women became captivated by her mystical allure. The main reason for her visit to earth was to acquire the fresh ejaculatory fluids of virile semen.
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