All work and no play? No chance!

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So it was getting close to classes starting back up again but this year for me I'll be in a different building from my lecturer, I still don't know what to call him, friend? Companion? Fuck buddy? Plus we haven't spoke about it either, but I like what we're doing and don't want to spoil it with a "serious" chat just yet.

He was always busy lately, since we had fun in his garden we haven't really spoke to be honest, its been hard to not talk to him but he did tell me that this would happen as he sets up his new classes and prepares for online and class time this year, plus he's worried about me and him going back to the "real world" after all that's happened in the last year and a half.

I decided to phone him, haven't text or talked in a couple of weeks and I miss him and want him to know that, "hey... how are you? I hope you are ok with work stuff and not stressing out to much, I've missed speaking to you and seeing you, please just give me a call when you have time ok, there's nothing to worry about, speak to you soon, bye" I left the voicemail and started to get a little upset but before I could shed a tear my phone buzzed, it was him!!

"Hey, get your ass outside in 10 minutes I'll be there to pick you up!" He shuts down the call and im in shock, don't know if I should feel upset still or worried or excited? I just threw on a tshirt my trainers and my skinny ripped jeans for comfort and grabbed my bag to be on the safe side incase we went for a coffee, I was just about to walk out the door and the rain came down, "fuck sake..." I huffed and went back in to grab my umbrella, when i got outside and locked my door he had just pulled in and beeped me with the horn.

I ran over to the car and jumped into the front seat, I put my umbrella down and shut the door, he looked tired and over worked but still looked cute, I gave him a huge cuddle and a kiss and he sighed in my ear, we mustve sat like that for atleast 5 minutes before he said, "let's go for a drive, ive missed you and hated that voicemail you sent me, I know ive been distant and im sorry, I just hope you understand..." I just looked at him, with my arms still wrapped round him and my lust decided to kick in, he was sweet and caring and I wanted to just cuddle him but I also wanted to fuck him there and then.

We ended up just driving round the city for a bit and went and grabbed a coffee and a tea for us before heading off to the hills just outside the city, it was peaceful with it being rainy and was quite relaxing with the sounds and the trees dripping water onto the car, we sat and spoke for a while and typical me I got upset and told him how I felt, "I've missed you a lot to be honest... I had a thought the other day you had ditched me and then started thinking if you would find someone else when you started back, so just tell me of thats the case?..." he gave me the look, the look that says your a fucking idiot, he held me in his arms and cuddled me, "if you ever say that again to me I will walk away... I have no reason to leave you! I'm happy with what were doing and im happy with you, I told you its stressful this time of year so please don't ever think that, ok?" I just nod as he continues to hold me and he squeezes me a little tighter.

We just relax and watch the sun set behind the clouds while it is still raining, we end up in the back seat with music on the radio and just having some fun, it was great. We kept kissing and holding each other and he was smiling which I loved, but the kissing kept edging me closer and closer to the point were I'll end up begging him.

He looks at me as I try and compose myself, panting from the intense kiss we just had, he grabs me and trys to position me on top of him and I just go with it, I straddle him and kiss him as I hold his face and he grabs my ass like he would if we were fucking, he's rubbing me against him and I feel his bulge getting there, I lift off my t-shirt and show him my tits sitting in my bra, its one he bought me a while ago and he loves the colour. While we kiss again I unbuckle his belt and his jeans and try and slide my hand in to feel his cock but its a tight squeeze, I get off him and he slides his jeans down to his ankles and his cock springs to life in front of me, I bend over sitting on my knees and start to suck on it, making him nice and wet for later, he's moaning louder than normal and smacking my ass and rubbing it every time I hit that sweet spot.

I don't want him to blow his load just yet so I stop, I guide his hand to his wet cock so that he can keep it hard for me, I spin round and sit in the chair as I undo my belt and take my jeans off so I'm near enough naked, I don't have any knickers on and I'm already dripping with the huge wet patch in my jeans, I straddle him again and let him slide into me as we both moan, he's using my hips to slide me up and down his length, as deep as he likes, as slow as he likes, im his own fuck doll just now and I love it! I can't help but moan and quiver with his touches and his thrusts into me, I feel him getting thicker and bigger inside me and his moans sound heavenly.

Luckily the back of his car is very spacious, ive never fucked outside before like this and its a huge turn on how he has me, he holds me down onto him every now and then and whispers in my ear, " grind on me baby... let me feel your clit" it sends shivers down my spine but I do what he asks, I hold him close to me and thrust my hips back and forwards rubbing my clit against him makes me want to cum so bad, he feels me struggling and starts to bounce me again and I forget were I am and I hear him telling me to be quiet, but I can't help it, he has me on such a sweet place right now, he lifts me off quickly and gets me to turn round.

I straddle him but in reverse cowgirl position, he's almost on his back and im just on the edge of the seat, "this isn't going to work!?" I giggled, he was frustrated and looked ready to burst so

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Notes I've missed him since he has been so busy lately... but didn't expect him to do what he did!?
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